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IISC attack Meant to Kill At least 100 professionals: Islamic Terrorist Revelation

Posted by jagoindia on April 17, 2008

IISC attack: A terrorist’s stunning revelations
Vicky Nanjappa in Bangalore,

April 17, 2008 17:52 IST
One of Bangalore’s notorious traffic jams saved many lives on the fateful night of December 29, 2005. This, and many more startling facts, was revealed by Sabhahuddin, the man allegedly responsible for the Indian Institute of Science attack, during a narco analysis test in Bangalore last week.

Sabhahuddin confessed that the terror attack was botched when his associate Abu Hamza, who was carrying the arms cache, was held up by a traffic jam.

During the five-hour narco analysis test, Sabhahuddin revealed that the task had been assigned to them by Muzammil, Laskhar-e-Tayiba’s India-in-charge, who instructed them to target as many Indian professionals as possible.

Muzammil explained to Sabhahuddin that these professionals were India’s strength, and their death was bound to affect the country.

“Hamza and I met a few days before the attack and we surveyed the IISC campus. A seminar was scheduled to be held at the IISC and some professionals were meeting at the Le Meredian hotel, prior to the seminar. However, we decided against carrying out an attack at the hotel as the idea didn’t seem feasible,” Sabhahuddin told the police officials.

Hamza’s plan was to barge into the Tata Auditorium during the seminar, open fire on the crowd and also lob a grenade. We decided that we should kill at least 100 people in the auditorium. On D-day, I waited near the IISC. Hamza was supposed to reach the institute along with the weapons.

However, he got stuck in a traffic jam and by the time he reached the spot, the seminar was almost over and people had started leaving. A confused Hamza opened fire indiscriminately. He even lobbed the grenade, but it did not explode,” Sabhahuddin said during the test, which was conducted after the truth serum was injected into him.

Soon after the attack, Sabhahuddin rushed to the bus stand and boarded a bus to Chennai. From Chennai, he traveled to West Bengal and crossed over to Bangladesh. He eventually sought refuge in Pakistan.

His associate Hamza escaped to Hyderabad, and traveled on to Bangladesh from there. Hamza is presently hiding in Pakistan, according to Sabhahuddin.

“The two of us then met at the LeT camp in Pakistan. We were scheduled to meet Muzammil, who was seething with rage. He told us that we had wasted many hours of planning and man power. He warned us against repeating such a mistake in the future. We were then sent for training and I ended up in a training camp in Nepal. A few months later, I trained a youth camp in Nepal,” he said.

Sabhahuddin soon rose to the rank of a commander in LeT. He was sent to Lucknow to prepare an unit, to plan and execute terror attacks, within the country. “I influenced a couple of youths to join the camp and trained them for several months,” he admitted.

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Sabauddin admits he masterminded IISc attack
Saturday, 05 April, 2008

Bangalore: Terror suspect Sabauddin has confessed to police here that he was the mastermind behind the December 2005 terror strike on the Indian Institute of Science here which he executed at the behest of the Lashkar-e-Toiba, a top police official said on Saturday.

Sabauddin, whose custody was secured by the Corps of Detectives (CoD) from Lucknow, revealed during interrogation that he with his associate Hamza had identified four targets for the terror attack but zeroed on IISc as it was hosting an international conference, joint commissioner of police (Crime) Gopal Hosur said.

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  1. Baba 123 said

    It is time forpatriotic Indians to organize non-verbal response tothese 1000 years old activities.

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