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Muslim Mob Attack Hindus demonstrating against cow-slaughter in Agra

Posted by jagoindia on April 18, 2008

Clashes in Agra over cow-slaughter (2 articles)

Vijay Upadhyay | Agra
Efforts of a Hindu outfit to prevent cow-slaughter in Agra’s Muslim dominated areas have resulted in widespread violence and arson on Wednesday. Hindu activists, who were demonstrating against cow-slaughter, were attacked by a large mob carrying soft-drink bottles and stones.
In the violence, at least eight persons, including a Press photographer, were injured due to stone pelting by the mob. A large number of private vehicles were burned or damaged by the violent crowd while some shops and stalls were ransacked.
To prevent the spread of violence, police had to order lathicharge. But this could not contain the violence and the police fired in the air to disperse the crowd.
By evening, the situation was under control in Naubasta-Lohamandi area of the town where a large contingent of police and Provincial Armed Constabulary jawans were deployed to prevent a fresh outbreak of rioting in the area, though certain areas are still tense. Seven people have been arrested in connection with the violence.
According to Agra District Magistrate Mukesh Kumar Meshram, there had been reports of regular cow-slaughter in Naubasta and Syyedpada and police team led by a group of Bajrang Dal activists carried out a search in some suspected households at 10 am in the morning.
The raid revealed that large number of cows and calves were being slaughtered and when the police tried to arrest culprits, one of them attacked a police constable with a knife, forcing the raiding party to withdraw and call for backup.
Some Bajrang Dal activists, led by its regional convener Shyam Bhadoriya, began protesting against delay in conducting raids at about 12 pm and took out a demonstration in Lohamandi crossing. While they were demonstrating, the activists were attacked by a large mob carrying knives, stones and soft-drink bottles forcing them to run for cover.
The Hindu activists launched a counter attack, further deteriorating the situation and forcing the police personnel present on the location to call for reinforcements, which promptly arrived and brought the situation under control.
Meshram said there are no chances of imposing curfew in the area. He said the situation had been brought under control and would soon become normal. The DM said about half-a-dozen people had been arrested and others were being identified through video footage and photographs made available by the media.
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Mysterious death of cows sparks off clashes in Agra

Agra, Apr 18 : Clashes broke out in Agra between two communities following the mysterious death of seven cows.

A Hindu outfit took out a demonstration in the Loha Mandi locality after finding the carcass of seven cows in the area. Rival communities indulged in stone pelting, which injured several people.

“We carried the carcass of the cows to the police station and asked the police to file a case. The police was reluctant. We took out a peaceful procession when Muslims pelted stones on us. Several of our members were injured,” said Indrajeet Arya.

Several rioters were detained following the incident.

“We are trying to identify who all were involved in inciting the situation,” said Agra’s District Magistrate Mukesh Meshram.

5 Responses to “Muslim Mob Attack Hindus demonstrating against cow-slaughter in Agra”

  1. Truth said

    Why do Hindus worship Cows, Snakes, monkey and rats too i guess. these guys have no clue who is their lord. Living in darkness and persisting upon falsehood.

  2. jagoindia said

    We Hindus believe the presence of God in all his creations. But it may be too much for the Muslim mind to understand such exalted thinking.

    After all their very own prophet is a prime example savage rapist, mass murderer, pedophile specialist, mega liar, robber, butcher of non muslim and a shining prophet of Islamic terrorism.

  3. vikram said

    Truth..worshipping cow,snake,rat etc is better than worshipping an unknown God whom only one person saw..that too inside one cave, came out and declared that he met GOD..and following are the rules..he said all muslims to follow!Hence your all existance and belief relies on one person..who himself was engaged in war mongering,loot and rape throughout his life!At least we Hindus have choices…so many Gods and forms..and practices…we apply our brain and decide.But no logic can convince they are tauhgt right from the begining that whatever that guy said is right!Think seriously and ask yourself..rather than doing foolish discussions around!

  4. Joydeep Banerjee said

    Hindu or a Muslim, if you loose your life in a riot you are finished. It hardly matters which religion u follow as long as u are good. No religion can be bad. People are bad.
    We need to understand that religion is not more than our life. Somebody does a nonsense somewhere and somebody else gets beaten or killed.

  5. hindu militant said

    Muslims say,Cow is not to be worshipped, it is to be eaten. Wel, well, well, I will worship a pig,(third avataar in dashavtaar) will the muslims eat it?

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