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Muslim Extremist NDF men hack RSS activist in Kerala

Posted by jagoindia on April 27, 2008

NDF men hack RSS activist, condition serious

Pioneer News Service | Thrissur

A group of masked NDF men hacked an RSS worker, Biju on Sunday afternoon. He was admitted to a private hospital in Thrissur in a serious condition.The incident occurred when a group of NDF activists entered the internet cafe where Biju was working and hacked him seriously inside the cafe in Pavaratty. There had been ongoing issues between the NDF and the RSS in the area.
The NDF had been trying to kill and injure the RSS and BJP workers for the past some months and the RSS leadership have accused the CPI(M) led LDF Government for supporting the NDF from the outside.
The CPI(M) State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has on Sunday in a party programme denounced the NDF and has said that it was a communal organisation and was heavily funded. The statement of the CPI(M) State secretary was taken seriously by the State Home Department and there were several complaints on the attacks carried out by the NDF men in all parts of the State.
The NDF is accused of having involved in the Marad killings in which eight people lost their lives including seven fishermen and one person from the gang which carried out the killings. The Marad killings were linked to the NDF, however the support extended by the CPI(M) and the IUML has helped the NDF to bail out of the situation.
The NDF was also accused of lynching RSS leaders Ashwini Kumar in Kannur and Sunil Kumar in Thiruvananthapuram. The NDF which had recently floated the Popular Front connecting the Islamic movements in South India was considered as a dreaded outfit.
The Intelligence agencies had already reported the presence of the NDF in the communal clashes in the State and the possibility of creating a communal frenzy among the Muslim community of the State which was hitherto living in peaceful conditions.
The recent arrest of Yahiya Kammukuty a software engineer and product of the National Institute of Technology, Kozhikode had also led to the intelligence agencies increasing its probe into the State .
As the NDF was based in Kozhikode and the public speeches of the leaders of the organisation had led to the agencies monitoring its activities closely in the State.

March 27, 2005

NDF terrorists strike again
RSS activist in Kerala killed brutally
By Kavalam Sasikumar

KANNUR (Kerala): The proclaimed aim of Islamic terrorists of Kerala is slowly getting revealed. To convert Kerala into another Kashmir is their ultimate aim.

T. Ashwini Kumar (30) is the latest prey of these anti-national forces. Ashwini was RSS Kannur District Bauddhik Pramukh and Hindu Aikya Vedi District Secretary. He was hacked to death by a group of NDF (National Development Front) terrorists brutally in a private bus, near Iritty, rural area of Kannur district.

Ashwini Kumar, who was on his way to a private college where he was a teacher, boarded a local bus as usual on March 10, 2005. A group of NDF murderers following the bus in a jeep exploded a few country bombs to scare away the people. And after that the killers entered the bus and killed Ashwini using swords and knives.

His head was also hit to disfigure him. The killers did not allow the local people to take him to hospital. The terrorists went on to attack the houses of several RSS leaders near the incident spot. They caused extensive damage to the properties and businesses of Hindus there.

The incident happened on the eve of the RSS Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha at Mangalapuram (Karnataka) three hours from the scene.

The Hindu Aikya Vedi called for a district hartal on March 11 and the entire Kerala observed a black day. Both RSS and ABPS condemned the attack and murder.

NDF is a terrorist organisation working with full-fledged militant facility in the state. They are targetting RSS people and Ashwini is the fifth victim of these organised killers. And there are so many cases of attack and attempt to murder by this group all over Kerala. Almost all the sections of the society have demanded a ban on this organisation but the appeals fall on deaf ears. When the NDA government was in power central home ministry asked the then state government of Kerala to send a report on the NDF activity. But the Left Democratic Front regime, which has a good relation with these anti-national forces declined to respond to it.

The genesis of NDF is in the banned SIMI and other similar organisation. Almost all the former leaders of SIMI are associated with the NDF now. The leaders of banned ISS, which was under the leadership of infamous terrorist Abdul Nazar Madani who is under TADA custody in a Tamil Nadu jail for the Coimbatore serial bomb blasts, are also associated with NDF. And almost all the extremist Islamic groups are helping this NDF by all means.

The state ruling front and opposition front are helping the anti-national forces out of the way. The Indian Union Muslim League is an ally of the ruling front.

The LDF led by the CPM is also in favour of these elements. The latest political target of CPM is Muslim voters. They recently held their state party congress at Malappuram where Muslims are around 80 per cent. And the state secretary of the CPM is attending Muslim religious functions and giving calls that CPM is not against any religion. By supporting NDF left parties are expecting a support of those Muslim voters who are not satisfied with the IUML leadership.

When the brutal killing of Ashwini took place the state assembly was in session. A Left Front MLA (CPM) had given notice for an adjournment motion in connection with the incident. But while seeking permission for his notice he never condemned the brutal killing of Ashwini and also did not mention the incident, but said the incident took place in the local area years ago.

Various Hindu organisations demanded a thorough enquiry into the incident. Hindu Aikya Vedi chief Kummnam Rajasekharan demanded a Special Investigation Team to be set up for the case investigation. The RSS state Karyavah A.R.Mohan warned the state government of a strong reaction from Hindu society if they failed to take a strong and right action against the NDF.

Also check out

Wikipedia article on NDF
National Development Front, abbreviated as NDF, is a right wing, Islamist organisation in Kerala, India established in 1993, claiming to focus on socio-enonomical issues of minorities giving a focus to Kerala Muslims, Dalits and Other Backward Classes in Kerala.[1] Its slogan is Swathantryam – Neethi – Surakrsha which means Freedom, Justice and Security. In 1997 it stood behind the formation of the Confederation of Human Rights Organizations, founded in Kozhikode.

The NDF has been accused of tying up with Pakistan-backed ISI related activities in Kerala.[2][3] The organisation has also been categorised as a militant group [4], and was one among the five hardline groups that had come under the scanner of Union home ministry in 2006, for “fanning fanaticism”.[5]

Jihadi Terrorism Training Camps in Kerala
By Babu Suseelan

For several years Jiahdis and NDF have been active in Kerala. They have succeeded in bombing, murder, arson, violence and riots. Hundreds of Hindus were slaughtered and many became crippled. Jihadis have several objectives in Kerala. They want to bring about a union of all Muslims in Kerala and to create a Mini Pakistan. Towards that end, NDF is active in Muslim majority areas of Malabar. NDF’s goal is to carry out a sustained struggle for the dominance of Islam in Kerala.

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