Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Chronology of major Islamic terrorist attacks in India

Posted by jagoindia on May 14, 2008

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Chronology of major bomb attacks in India
13 May, 2008, 2334 hrs IST, AGENCIES

NEW DELHI: The following is a list of recent major bomb blasts in India that police suspect were linked to sectarian groups:

— May 13, 2008: At least 60 people killed and 150 wounded in what police said was a terror attack in the popular tourist city of Jaipur in the western desert state of Rajasthan.

— November 23, 2007: At least 13 people were killed from serial blasts outside courts in three north Indian cities and 40 people wounded following a threatening email sent to television channels just minutes before the blasts.

— August 25, 2007: At least 43 people killed and more than 70 others injured as two bombs rock a crowded outdoor auditorium and a popular eatery in the southern city of Hyderabad.

— May 18, 2007: At least 10 killed and more than a dozen injured in blast at 17th century Mecca mosque in Hyderabad. Five more killed when police fire at Muslim protesters.

— February 19, 2007: Sixty-eight people killed and dozens more injured after four explosions on board the Lahore-bound Samjhauta Express.

— September 8, 2006: Thirty-eight people killed and more than 100 injured in three nearly simultaneous blasts, including one in a mosque, in the town of Malegaon in Maharashtra state.

— July 11, 2006: Seven bomb blasts in a period of 11 minutes on Mumbai’s suburban trains. A total of 186 people were killed and more than 800 injured.

— April 14, 2006: Fourteen people, including a woman and a girl, injured in two explosions at New Delhi’s Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque, after Friday evening prayers.

— March 7, 2006: Twenty-eight killed and 62 injured after three bombs rip through the holy city of Varanasi. The first blast hit a Hindu temple, the second a railway station and the third a train.

— October 29, 2005: More than 60 people killed and nearly 200 injured when three bombs explode ahead of the major Hindu festival of Diwali in New Delhi.

— August 25, 2004: Six people die in two car bomb blasts in Mumbai.

— March 13, 2003: Eleven people killed in a bomb attack aboard a commuter train in Mumbai.

— September 24, 2002: At least 31 people killed in a militant attack on a Hindu temple in western Gujarat state.

— December 13, 2001: Fourteen people die, including five gunmen, in an attack on India’s parliament.

— October 1, 2001: Forty people killed in an Islamic militant suicide attack on the Kashmir state assembly.

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