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When godless Marxists and religious Islamists got together to hate America

Posted by jagoindia on July 13, 2008

When godless Marxists and religious Islamists got together to hate America
Tavleen Singh, Sunday, July 13, 2008, Indian Express

Of all the objections to the nuclear deal the most mystifying and intriguing is that the Prime Minister should desist from going ahead with it because it offends Indian Muslims. First information of this came from of all people a supposedly godless Communist MP by the name of M K Pandhe. Commissar Karat was quick to disown his comrade’s comment, but by then it had been picked up by other people, including the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the Indian Union Muslim League whose representative in Dr Manmohan Singh’s government is E Ahamed, Minister of State in the External Affairs ministry.

This newspaper quoted one of his party colleagues as saying, “The Muslim community is worried about the deal. The IUML would ask the Congress to consider the community’s concerns while going ahead with the deal”. If you surf the net, as I did to research Muslim sentiments on nuclear matters, you will come upon various Islamic organisations who state that they do not approve of the deal. This has nothing to do with some ancient injunction in the Quran or the hadith, thereby above the realm of debate, but to do with the more modern phenomenon of anti-Americanism.

The world’s Muslims hate America, the argument goes, because the American government has been killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, for the Indian Government to get close to America in civilian, military or strategic terms would be seen as a direct affront to Indian Muslims. The Muslim organisations who take this view appear not to have noticed that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan are Muslim countries and all very close to the United States. How do they explain this? They do not. Just as Commissar Karat does not feel the need to explain why he hates America so much that he was ready to blow the only chance the Communists have ever had or will have to control a government in Delhi.

He and his comrades have said on more than one occasion that it’s not just the nuclear deal that is a problem for them, it is that they see it as a cover for India and the United States to come to a secret strategic alliance. So? So what? Commissar Karat’s personal hatred of the United States is so intense that during one of his angry press conferences last week he sneered at the Prime Minister for being an ‘admirer’ of America. As if the very idea was strange and incomprehensible. It is not.

If he stepped out of his politburo and wandered through the streets of Indian cities and towns the Commissar would discover that the average bourgeois Indian is a huge admirer of the United States. The old anglophile brown sahibs with their phony Oxford accents that were a leftover of the Raj have disappeared except perhaps in West Bengal. Everywhere else they have been replaced by a new generation of Indians who generally think of America as a good country. They watch American films and TV shows, eat American food, wear American clothes, go on American holidays and stay on if they can find a job. And the first chance they get they send their children to study in American universities. Oxford and Cambridge are no longer the first choice they once used to be.

Personally, I think the war on Iraq will go down as the worst strategic mistake made by an American government, but most polls in India reveal that the average Indian does not think of Iraq as a burning issue. Nor are there strong feelings about the attack on Afghanistan. Mention the Taliban, though, and you are likely to provoke a torrent of abuse. Mention anything to do with Islamism and jihadi terrorism and strong feelings surface.

Islamism is hated because it has directly affected the lives of so many ordinary Indians in the form of terrorism. Last week, days before the second anniversary of the train bombings in Mumbai, the Indian embassy in Kabul was attacked. Two months ago, nearly a hundred people lost their lives in the attack on Jaipur’s bazaars and temples. Two days after the attack, I wandered through the bazaars in which the bombs had gone off and the anger against Bangladeshis, who may or may not have been behind the bombings, was frightening.

So, if Muslim politicians and community organisations are encouraging anti-Americanism they need to be careful because they could well be laying the grounds for a dangerous divide: A divide in which the only people on the side of anti-American Muslim groups would be Marxists with an ideological hatred of America. Politics makes strange bedfellows as can be seen from the new alignments in Delhi. But godless Marxists and passionately religious Islamists? How strange can bedfellows get?

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Asha Patil: Marries a Paki, converts to Islam but still keeps blaming Bharat for her miseries

Posted by jagoindia on July 13, 2008

Asha upset with cold High commission
By: Vitusha Oberoi

Date: 2008-07-12,   New Delhi

“We have Pratibha Patil, a woman, as our President. She comes from the same state as I do and she is a Patil like me. Even then nobody from the Indian Government tried to help me when I was like a destitute in Pakistan – a pregnant Indian girl, a widow of eight days and maltreated by my in-laws after my husband’s death,” says Asha Patil, the Mumbai girl who returns to India today after the tragic death of the Pakistan national she married over the internet.

Asha is extremely bitter towards the Indian Government. She says nobody from the Indian embassy in Pakistan lifted a finger to help her while she ran from pillar to post looking for help against her abusive in-laws after her husband, Mumtaz Khalid’s death.

“Even if I married a Pakistani, I am still an Indian. Aren’t Indians living in Pakistan the responsibility of the High Commission there?” she asked, preparing to leave Lahore for Amritsar on Saturday afternoon.

Instead of the High Commission coming to her rescue, Asha was provided safety by the Pakistan government, which gave her security against her in-laws and a place to live.

However, Asha chose to live in the house of the maulvi of a local mosque at Chishtiya in Bahawalpur district while she waited for cases to be registered against her in-laws. “The police offered me a place to live but I told them only God could take care of me. I went to the mosque where the maulvi, Maulana Azim ul Rehman, took me in,” she says.

“I am leaving Pakistan with a heavy heart. Both my husband and my son are buried here,” she said. While Khalid, whom Asha married over the internet following a cyber love affair, died of a sudden heart attack recently, she miscarried at eight months last year. “The graves of Khalid and Ahmed (the name the couple had decided for their unborn child) are in Pakistan. How can I ever be happy?” Asha asked.

The Mumbaiker discovered she was pregnant for a second time just before Khalid’s death. “The child is due in February and I want to be with my parents for the delivery. But even if he is born in India, he will be a Pakistani. He is Khalid’s son,” Asha said.

She is convinced that the child will be male and calls him Ahmed. “Before he died, Khalid decided to give our second child the same name as the first,” she says.

Asha, who fought a long and bitter battle to marry Khalid, is prepared for another struggle in life. “My parents’ lives are ruined because I have become a widow at such a young age. But Khalid is still with me. His love is my ‘junoon’ and even if his physical presence is not there, his spirit is with me every second of the day. I have given all the tests, which true love demands. I buried him and have yet not cried to my heart’s content. I am now determined to bring up his child like a true Muslim because that’s what he wanted,” she said.

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India says loud and clear: time to destroy ISI

Posted by jagoindia on July 13, 2008

India says loud and clear: time to destroy ISI
Agencies, Sat, Jul 12, 2008

Kabul attack: Govt was warned about terror strike
Intelligence sources say information was specifically related to an attack on a consulate.

New Delhi: India has “no doubt” that Pakistan’s spy agency the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was involved in the bomb attack on its embassy in Kabul, National Security Advisor M K Narayanan said on Saturday.

“We not only suspect but we have a fair amount of intelligence (on Pakistan’s involvement). We have no doubt that the ISI is behind this,” Narayanan told TV channels.

“The ISI needs to be destroyed. We made this point, whenever we have had a chance, to interlocutors across the world. There might have been some tactical restraint for some time (but) obviously that restraint is no longer present,” said Narayanan.

“The people of this country deserve to know the facts rather than being carried away by people who make statements that these are insinuations. There are no insinuations.

“I think we need to pay back in the same coin. We are quite clear in our mind,” he said. Asked who should be paid back, he replied: “Those who are responsible.”

“I don’t think the ISI has ever been a part of the peace process. I think we need to make a distinction between the two.”

Narayanan admitted that the dialogue between the two countries had slowed down but believed talking is better than fighting. “…in some way we haven’t arrived at the decision that we should go for fight-fight so let talk-talk continue for the moment,” he said.

Afghanistan has blamed a “foreign intelligence agency” for the bombing of the embassy—a veiled accusation against the ISI.

Pakistan has firmly rejected the allegations with its Foreign Minister saying he was ”baffled” to hear people alleging that it was responsible for violence in Afghanistan.

As many as 58 people, including four Indians, were killed in the suicide bomber attack on the embassy on Monday.

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