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Indian Muslim militant Yaser held, to face narco test

Posted by jagoindia on July 18, 2008

Yaser held, to face narco test
Thursday July 17 2008 12:51 IST
Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Months after arresting Raziuddin Naser, an alleged Hyderabadi militant who underwent training in Pakistanoccupied Kashmir (POK), the Special Investigation Team of the Hyderabad City Police arrested his elder brother Muqeemuddin alias Yaser on Wednesday.

Police said 26-year-old Yaser, a diesel mechanic, was wanted in a case of conspiracy, rioting and attempt to kill policemen in front of the DGP’s office here in 2004. It is likely that he would undergo a narco-analysis test.

Yaser is the son of Moulana Mohammed Naseeruddin, an accused in the assassination of former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya and is currently lodged in the Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat.

Naseeruddin is the founder-president of the fundamentalist outfit Tehreek Tahfooz Sharia-e-Islam (TTSI). Sources said Yaser, a resident of Jeevanyaar Jung Colony in Saidabad, was actually nabbed last night at Mallepally.

Police said Yaser was involved in the large-scale violence that broke out while the body of Mujahid Salem, who was killed in police firing in front of the DGPs office, was being carried in a procession. He was also accused of trying to kill policemen near the DGP’s office.

Sources who interrogated Yaser told this website’s newspaper that he reportedly confessed to meeting cadres of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Saidabad a few years ago. He also confessed that he was aware of the visit of several SIMI leaders, including Safdar Nagori.

Yaser also spilled the beans on the distribution of money received from Pakistan by some residents of Saidabad and other parts of the Old City. His neighbour, Mohtasim Billa (arrested recently) was aware of the activities of Yaser’s brother, Raziuddin Naser, who was arrested in Karnataka a few months ago for conspiring to trigger explosions in Karnataka and Goa.

Naser is one of the suspects in the case of twin bomb blasts that rocked the city last year. End

Ex-Simi activist arrested

17 Jul 2008, 0411 hrs IST,TNN

HYDERABAD: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Tuesday night arrested Moulana Naseeruddin’s eldest son Mohammed Muqeemuddin Yaser from his residence in Saidabad area.

Muqeemuddin Yaser, 26, of Jeevanyaar Jung Colony, Saidabad, is pursuing MBA in the city. His father Moulana Naseeruddin, founder president of Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Shaan-e-Islam (TTSI), is presently lodged at the Sabarmati jail in Ahmedabad for his alleged role in the assassination of former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya.

Yaser’s younger brother Raziuddin Naser, who is a suspect in the twin blast cases, was recently arrested by the Karnataka police for planning terror strikes in Karnataka and Goa. According to an official release, “Yaser is an accused and wanted in a case of conspiracy to wage a war against the government of India in 2007, involved in a case of rioting during the procession of Mujahed Saleem’s dead body in 2004 and named in cases of rioting and attempt to kill police in front of DGP office in 2004.”

Police said that they have evidence against Yaser on his jehadi activities. “Yaser was an active member of SIMI. Now, he along with some other former SIMI activists of the city have formed a group which downloads jehadi material and religious killing videos from the internet and distributes disks to extremist religious groups in the country,” a SIT official said.Yaser was produced in court on Wednesday. “We are planning to ask for police custody to know more about his activities,” additional commissioner of police N Narasimha Reddy said.

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Israel Can’t Buy Peace

Posted by jagoindia on July 18, 2008

Israel Can’t Buy Peace
by Craig Chamberlain, July 17, 2008

It doesn’t matter how many prisoners it releases for hostages, or how many rounds of talks it holds with its enemies Israel will never be able to secure a lasting peace at the negotiating table. Israel is surrounded by people that want it gone. Period. End of discussion. The destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its citizens is not open to negotiation.

Yet, ever since Ehud Olmert came to power he has acted under the assumption that giving the terrorists everything they want will somehow give his country peace and security. The problem is that in order to negotiate peace, the people you are negotiating with must be trustworthy. To the Islamists it is perfectly permissible to lie to a non Muslim. They negotiated a cease fire with Hamas in the Gaza strip, Hamas broke it in less than 48 hours. Hamas never had any intention of keeping their word because to have done so would have meant turning their backs on their religious duty of Jihad.

The prisoners they release aren’t going to go home quietly and spend the rest of their days earning an honest living and taking care of their families. They have an obligation to fulfill, and that’s to die as in the work of jihad. Paradise awaits. Why show some self restraint when paradise with all of its luxuries and indulgences awaits the blood thirsty terrorist?

Olmert can negotiate all he wants but his efforts are going to be in vain. He can talk to Abbas all he wants, it’s not like the palestinians have a long track record of keeping their promises. The ink on the Oslo accords wasn’t even dry before they went on the rampage. Assad of Syria will be the winner in any negotiation with Israel. He’ll get the golan heights back, and can promptly start shelling the northern parts of the country, with Hamas firing rockets into the south.

Israel has to surrender territory and release dangerous terrorists in exchange for a few prisoners and the promise of good behavior. Sounds like a suckers deal to me. Not only is it allowed to lie to a non Muslim, a Muslim views the offer of peace as weakness and a sure sign that the enemy will break under the next attack.

Olmert should know this. Israel has been living with these tactics since 1948, and it’s not going to change because they exchange prisoners, or (maybe) sign another useless peace agreement. The price of liberty is constant vigilance, and that’s doubly true for Israel, being that it is under constant threat of destruction.

Such tactics strengthen the terrorists and only make them more committed. Israel could release every prisoner it has in its custody and surrender all the territory it has except the city of Tel Aviv, and they would still be threatened by their enemies. If they want real peace they must destroy the terrorist organizations, not negotiate with them.

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Majority Europeans Think Islam is Dangerous

Posted by jagoindia on July 18, 2008

Europeans Think Islam is Dangerous

Sunday January 27,2008
By Jason Groves
AN “overwhelming majority” of Europeans believe immigration from Islamic countries is a threat to their traditional way of life, a survey revealed last night.

The poll, carried out across 21 countries, found “widespread anti-immigration sentiment”, but warned Europe’s Muslim population will treble in the next 17 years.

It reported “a severe deficit of trust is found between the Western and Muslim communities”, with most people wanting less interaction with the Muslim world.

Last night an MP warned it  showed that political leaders in Britain who preach the benefits of unlimited immigration were dangerously out of touch with the public.

The study, whose authors include the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, was commissioned for leaders at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

It reports “a growing fear among Europeans of a perceived Islamic threat to their cultural identities, driven in part by immigration from predominantly Muslim nations”.

And it concludes: “An overwhelming majority of the surveyed populations in Europe believe greater interaction between Islam and the West is a threat.” Backbench Tory MP David Davies told the Sunday Express: “I am not surprised by these findings. People are fed up with multiculturalism and being told they have to give up their way of life.

“Most people in Britain expect anyone who comes here to be willing to learn our language and fit in with us.”

Mr Davies, who serves on the Commons Home Affairs Committee, added: “People do get annoyed when they see millions spent on translating documents and legal aid being given to people fighting for the right to wear a head-to-toe covering at school.

“A lot of people are very uncomfortable with the changes being caused by immigration and politicians have been too slow to wake up to that.”

The report says people have little enthusiasm for greater understanding with Islam and attempts to improve relations have been “disappointing”.

And with the EU Muslim population expected to reach 15 per cent by 2025 it predicts: “Any deterioration on the international front will be felt most severely in Europe.”

But leading Muslim academic Haleh Afshar, of York University, blamed media “hysteria”  for the findings. She said: “There is an absence of trust towards Muslims, but to my mind that is very much driven by an uninformed media.

“To blame immigration is much harder because the current influx of immigrants from eastern Europe are by-and-large not Muslim.

The danger is that when people are fearful of people born and bred in this country it is likely that discrimination may follow.”



25.05.08, 9:34am

The problem is that it is getting too late to do anyhting to stop the colonizattionof europe by Islam. The British goverenment has doen all it can to turn the country into a polyglot dumping ground for all races, and amongst these many thousands are those who wish us nothing but hram. But when you opn the folldgates as we have done, how do you close them again?

An open plea to the politicians: When can we have our country back?

• Posted by: saracenReport Comment


11.05.08, 2:35pm

The Islamic invasion of Europe has begun, the advance guard are here in Britain and taking over large areas of our inner cities. Seemingly immune from British law the Islamic hordes have even persuaded the simple Archbishop of Canterbury that Islamic Shari law should be practised in Britain.(Presumably he also condones the barbaric atrocities and repression of woman carried on in the name of Islam). Where the Islam invasion lands the mosques spring up, christianity retreats and evil Imams are allowed to preach hate and terror for the country whose social security benefits they enjoy.

The tolerance of Islam in this country borders on the insane. Iran would not show any tolerance at all for a christian in Tehran. Islam does not show any tolerance for infidels. Barbaric corporal punishments, stoning to death, beheadings and amputations are all carried out in the name of Islam. Fatwahs and death sentences are issued against all who dare to challenge their way of life. Islamic fanatiscism breeds terrorism and the Islamic society sheilds the terrorist from international justice. Allahu Akbar!!

Islamists do not integrate into our society , they do not accept our standards but rather seek to force their culture on us. We should not tolerate schoolgirls in the yashmak or Imams preaching violence or any suggestion that shari laws can prevail in this country. Islamic aims for world dominance and Islamic terrorism are a clear and present danger and the warning signs are everywhere. The inbred hatred has been intensified by the illegal war in Iraq. We are all in danger from the growing invasion . The army of Islam is swelling too fast in this small country of ours and it is time to close the door to people that do not like us.

• Posted by: DorsetramblerReport Comment


11.02.08, 2:56am

Any radical Ideology or faith imported wholesale from abroad will inevitably clash with that of its host nation, simply because it uses different teachings and techniques that are altogether alien to the perceived normality of the bygone eras and ways of indigenous society.
Islam is dangerous in the respect that it is thought by many to see itself as superior to that of other faiths and therefore seeks to implement its ways into our culture regardless of whether we want it or not.
Our politically correct and appeasing government do nothing to allay public fears by constantly pandering and gerrymandering laws to ensure Islam can openly flourish, unquestioned and unhindered at a brakeneck pace.
In my mind the case of the red squirrel serves as a poignant reminder as to what can happen if a new and vibrant outsider is introduced and left to go unchecked.

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Pak desecrates 300-yr-old Krishna temple for ‘relics’

Posted by jagoindia on July 18, 2008

Pak digs up 300-yr-old Krishna temple for ‘relics’
Amir Mir, July 07, 2008,

Authorities excavate temple courtyard without permission

ISLAMABAD: The desecration of Hindu temples goes on unchecked in Pakistan without any reprimand from the government.

On July 2, the courtyard of a 300-year-old ancient Krishna temple situated in the Shorkot town in Punjab was excavated on the orders of a senior government official, who wanted to dig out precious relics. They carried out the excavation without taking permission from the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), which looks after Hindu places of worship in Pakistan.

Case details reveal that Zubair Khurshid Bhatti the district coordination officer (DCO), Jhang district, forcibly entered the temple, broke all the ETPB seals and began digging the temple’s courtyard, which they claimed would unearth relics and statues of ancient gods and some holy books.

While Bhatti claims that locals asked him to excavate the temple’s courtyard, no local confirmed this. On the contrary, when Aman Das, a Hindu from the same vicinity’s main bazaar area was asked about the episode, he expressed feelings of deep hurt and mistrust. “We do not have much say even about issues related to the sanctity of our religion and places of worship,” he said.

“But when the authorities would not think of producing a relic by evacuating any ancient Muslim mosque in Pakistan, then why us?” asked Aman.

According to sources, the assistant administrator of the ETPB requested Bhatti time and again to stop the digging at the temple’s courtyard, but Bhatti snubbed him. Bhatti finally gave up after he could not find any relic. He then instructed his staff to fill up the 10-feet pit in the courtyard.

“This is sheer goonism. The senior government official misused his authority to dig out the temple courtyard. He did not pay heed to the Hindu locals who stood helpless in front of his authority,” expressed Shanti Das, Aman’s wife.

“Being a Hindu in a Muslim dominated society does not expel our right to go to temples or to protect them against demolition,” she added.

Prior to this incident, some statues of the Hindu gods were stolen from the Katas Raj temple, an incident which deeply hurt the sentiments of the Hindu minority in Pakistan.

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