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In Taliban Kerala, Prominent Muslim Leader’s Film Scene Gets Deleted Due to Hue and Cry From Muslim MLAs

Posted by jagoindia on July 20, 2008

Ex-minister cut out from film
20 Jul 2008, 0446 hrs IST, Ananthakrishnan G,TNN

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A film-maker decided to delete a scene featuring a prominent Muslim leader because he thought Muslims acting in films was un-Islamic. This did not happen in Taliban country, but in India’s most literate state – Kerala.

At the centre of the furore is the yet to be released Malayalam movie ‘Chembada’ (red army) directed by noted filmmaker Robin Tirumala and his friend and senior Muslim League leader M K Muneer. The former Public Works minister, also a good singer, features in a dance and song sequence in the film.

On Friday, Robin announced he was pained by the controversy which was affecting Muneer and decided to drop the part from the movie. His was referring to the demands made by three Muslim MLA’s raising questions about Muneer’s role. Only a few days back, the legislators – K T Jaleel, P M A Salam and PTA Rahim – all of whom are Left-backed independents, had raised questions over the propriety of Muneer’s film role vis-a-vis Islam and asked him to clarify his religious stand.

Robin’s announcement came two days later leading to speculation that the Muslim League had prevailed on Muneer and the director to make the cut. But Robin denies this. “I consulted my producer and we decided to drop the scene on our own as we did not want a leader like Muneer to get caught in controversies like this. There was absolutely no pressure,” he told The Times of India. Muneer said he was pained by the allegations. “There was nothing obscene in it,” he said.

A doctor by qualification, Muneer is the son of former Kerala Chief Minister C H Mohammed Koya. Party sources said the League leadership was under pressure given the sensibilities in its constituencies in north Kerala. Muslim groups supporting the League were of the view that Muneer’s act was un-Islamic. However, senior ML leader and former education minister E T Mohd Basheer said the matter had not come up for consideration of the party at all.

The demand by the MLA’s came at a time when the state was witnessing heightened protests by the Congress led opposition of which MLA against school text books getting a communist tinge. A panchayat ruled by the League had even decided not to teach the book inviting sharp reactions from the Left government.

Jaleel admits that the strategy was to corner the Muslim League. Jaleel, Salam and Rahim had defeated heavyweights in the last assembly elections in the Muslim-dominated districts considered strongholds of the Muslim League. Many, however, feel the controversy could have been avoided. “Malayalam superstar Mammotty is a Muslim. His brother Ibrahim Kutty is also a film actor and leader of the Muslim League, but no questions are raised about that. This is only a political stunt,” exclaimed a movie buff.

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