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Vijaywada Muslims rampage as Hindu boy weds Muslim girl

Posted by jagoindia on August 7, 2008

Communal clash in Vijyawada after Hindu boy married a Muslim girl

11 hurt in communal clashes in Vijayawada
Thursday August 7 2008 03:01 IST
Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: The volatile area of Wynchpet here witnessed pitched battles between groups of two different communities for the second day on wednesday, notwithstanding heavy police presence.

Eleven persons, including a DCP and a circle inspector, were injured in the continuing clashes.

Trouble broke out after a girl belonging to the minority community married a boy of another community of the same area. After overnight clashes and a relative lull this morning, violence erupted in the afternoon as youngsters, armed with stones, sticks and glass bottles, of both the sides tried to make surprise attacks on each other.

Despite heavy police presence, the violent youth clashed on the streets, strewing the roads with broken glass pieces and stones. The police, who remained, for the most part, passive finally swung into action after Commissioner of Police KV Rajendranath Reddy arrived on the scene and drove away the trouble-makers.

Police teams identified the instigators and arrested them. Later, they clamped down prohibitory orders under Section 144 and went round the locality warning people not to venture out of their houses.

The commissioner had held discussions with elders of both the groups last night and formed a peace committee on wednesday to settle the issue. But the youth of the minority community are sticking to their demand that the cops get their girl back.

Residents of the area, who are not part of either group, had a tough time in going out for work and bringing their children back from schools. Clashes between the two communities have become a routine affair every year.

Six injured in communal clashes in Vijayawada
Wednesday August 6 2008 21:34 IST

VIJAYAWADA: At least six people were injured Wednesday in clashes between two groups in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh after a boy and a girl belonging to different communities eloped and got married.

Tension prevailed in Vijayawada, about 300 km from here, as two groups threw stones and soda bottles at each other and attacked shops and houses. They also pelted stones on policemen and journalists.

Police said the trouble began Monday night when two groups came out on streets and pelted stones, injuring three people including two policemen. Unidentified people also cut the throat of a youth, seriously injuring him.

It started with a youth making a provocative remark to another youth belonging to the other community following the elopement and marriage of the young couple.

An auto rickshaw driver of Wynchipet area eloped with a girl of the same area but belonging to the other community. They married and returned to his house Monday.

The girl’s family alleged that the boy misled her and married her against her wishes.

Police refused to intervene saying the girl had attained the minimum legal age of marriage.

Though the situation was brought under control by police late Tuesday, tension continued in the area. Shops and business establishments remained closed in the area on Wednesday.

Many people from the two communities once again gathered on the streets, leading to clashes. They indulged in large-scale stone pelting and even used sharp-edged weapons.

A large number of policemen were deployed in the area to prevent further violence.

Police officers were holding talks with leaders of the two communities to bring the situation back to normalcy in Vijayawada, known for communal harmony.

67 Responses to “Vijaywada Muslims rampage as Hindu boy weds Muslim girl”

  1. Truth said

    The truth is that this is case of abduction and has been perpetrated in collusion with the Hindu-Nazi police elements.

  2. GV said

    Truth is Muslims call it kidnapping when muslim girl is involved with hindu boy, other wise they raise allahu-akbar slogans when hindu girl weds muslim boy. They are really parasites of this society. I am happy she realized very soon that doesn;t belong to that crap. Peace!

  3. Rajit said

    Actually Muslim girls prefer non muslim men any day particularly Hindus. But their Muslim community threatens them and hence they end up eloping to escape the tyranny of their intolerant Islamist culture.

  4. raj said

    Well muslims converted hindu girls at the sword end
    but hindu guys are converting muslim girls by love
    so there is a lot difference.

    Even I studied with lot muslim girls and they prefer to marry hindu guys
    cause muslim men do not know how to respect women.
    No women likes that.

    Well if this continues muslim guys wont have left any of their females one day

  5. rajesh said

    muslim girls will have to marry hindu guys because hindu guys treat them as the respectable citizens of the society whereas muslim men see their women as just the breeding machines of their community.

  6. Kamala Ram said

    Truth is Muslims call it kidnapping when a Muslim girl is involved with a Hindu boy. Otherwise they raise allahu-akbar slogans when a Hindu girl weds Muslim boy. They are really parasites of this society. I am happy she realized very soon that doesn;t belong to that crap. Peace!

    Actually Muslim girls prefer non-Muslim men any day particularly Hindus. But their Muslim community threatens them and hence they end up eloping to escape the tyranny of their intolerant Islamist culture.

    Well Muslims converted Hindu girls at the sword end
    but Hindu guys are converting Muslim girls by love
    so there is a lot difference.

    Even I studied with lot Muslim girls and they prefer to marry Hindu guys because Muslim men do not know how to respect women.
    No women likes that.

    Well if this continues Muslim guys wont have left any of their females one day.

    Muslim girls will have to marry Hindu guys because Hindu guys treat them as the respectable citizens of the society whereas Muslim men see their women as just the breeding machines of their community.

    Well in my words to all these statements is that all the Muslims who have been living in India are actually Hindus who have been converted as Muslims by the marauding and massacaring Turkish tribes. This fact has to be understood for by the Indian Muslims as well and they have to give way to coming to the path of Hinduism and becoming a Hindu anyway. There should be a clear understanding for this and that has to be appreciated. Even religiously the Hindus and Muslims are connected by way Pir Baba Tajuddin Aulia and Shirdi Sai Baba, and the Chaluva Narayanaswamy (Selva Narayanaswamy) of Melkote, Karnataka and Shri Ayyappa Swamy of Kerala.

    So it would be better if people have a clear understanding that there are cultures that which promote the feeling of being a “Human with Love” more than all these religious sentiments.

    Kamala Ram

  7. akhter said

    here is the truth,according to your own brother!!

    Muslims grab 1 lakh hindu women each year in India
    By Sujesh 23/02/2003 At 15:01

    Muslims grab 1 lakh hindu women each year in India

    The following is from israel, where 300 jewish women a year elope with muslim men and produce muslim offspring
    The israeli jewish population is 6 million, out of this 300 women a year are seduced by muslim men
    This inspite of the daily islamic terror
    In israel thanks to the smaller population , each islamic bomb blast has a higher impact and there is very
    bad relations between jews and muslims
    Despite this the muslims manage to snag 300 jewish women a year
    Muslims are 30% of the israeli district of Galilee and many of their villages are
    NO-GO riot prone muslim ghettos, right within 1967 israel

    India has 820 million hindus, by extrapolation we come up with a minimum of 50000 hindu women a year
    eloped to muslims
    Next this has to be multiplied by the bollywood khan factor, the Sultan Mian factor and the psec factor
    ( a lot of dumb psec women married muslims , teesta setalvad, mira nair, kavita ramdas )
    So the VHP estimate of 100,000 hindu women a year lost to making muslim babies is very conservative

  8. K T said

    I know a certain Christian man and his Muslim wife were killed by the girls family. This, after the couple had a baby boy. The girls family made good with the newborn after killing the couple in their very home. This happened a few years ago in Chennai. Such cases are common in India, whilst most go unreported.

  9. Amaan said

    Great post Akhter Bhai.. Our Hindu brothers may not be accept this…

  10. ayesha said

    hi i am a muslim girl and would be marrying a hindu boyfriend of mine and would be converting to hinduism, what i really feel is that its time muslim girls should marry hindu boys in large numbers and should come out of purdah. it is in the interest of muslim girls that they marry hindu boys because hindus give freedom to their womens and dont confine them in burkhas

  11. rajesh banerjee said

    i think muslim girls prefer hindu boys than muslim. because hindu knows how to give respect the women.and hindu gives more freedom than the muslim a muslim girls must maary a hindu boy.

  12. Rajeev Kumar said

    My cousin in Dehradun married a girl from Qatar. The girl got pregnant but needed to Qatar to see her dying father. Her brothers burned her passport, kicked her in the stomach until she aborted, and married her off to a much older male relative with whom she now lives as a prisoner and a breeding vessel. Now this girl had problems (including a severe borderline personality disorder) and I really cannot say that I miss her drama and manipulative nature. But nobody should have to endure such cruelty. Only in Islam can this happen.

  13. manoj yadav said

    hindu duniya me pahle aya aur duniya me sabhi muslim hamari hi paidaish hai jo pahle ata hai wo baap hota hai aur baad me paida hone wala beta islam ko manne wale hamari hi aulaad hai duniya janti hai ki hindustaan ka 95 persent muslim hindu hi the jinko talwaar ki nok par islaam kabool karaya gaya ya phir jajiya jaise kar lagakar aaj bhle hi hamari aulaade islaam kabool kar chooki ho par khoon to wo hamara hi hai ye hi karan hai ki afganistaan pakistan aur iran ke alawa kai muslim desho ka mool aarya hi the tum sabhi muslim hum aaryo ki aulaad ho tum khud ko kitna bhi alag sabit kar lo tum khoon hanara ho hamne hi tumhe paida kiya hai hum hi tumhare baab hai tere alaa ko bhi hamne hi paida kiya kiyuki hamara parmpita parmeswar ka gyan duniya me pahle ayaa jo pahle aata wo hi sabka baab hota hai aur duniya is baat ko jhutla nahi sakti ki tum hum aaryo ki hi aulaad ho. tum muslim kooye ke mendhk ki tarah hote ho jo apne dharm ke shiva na to kuch janana chate ho aur na sunna teri kuran jin achi bato ko batati hai hai wo to hamare dharm ganto ne bahut pahle hi bata di thi bhagwat geeta duniya ke sabhi dharm garntho ka saar hai agar tum kooye ke mendhk(muslim)kooye se bahar ayange tbhi tumhe pata chalega ki duniya kitni bari aur mahan hai jiske aage tumhara islaam aur tum bhoot choote ho.aur baat rahi bacche paida kar population increas karne ki to boudh,shikh,jain,parsi, hindu dharm ki shakhaye(ang)hai aur inhe bhi joint kar liya jaye to ssyed hindu dharm duniya ka sabase large dharm ho jata.hame mitana islam jaise nali ke keedo ke bash ki baat nahi. KUCH BAAT HAI KI HASTI MITTI NAHI HAMARI SADIYO RAHA HAI DUSMAN DOURE JAMA HAMARA…. itihas gawah hai ki islaam logo ko talwar ki nok par kabool karaya gaya jabki hindu dharm insan apni margi se kabool karta hai tum muslim me bacha paida hota hai to uska khatna karte ho muslim banane ke liye iska matlab to ye huwa ki ki muslim gharo mai paida hone wala bacha hindu,isaai,yahudi,shikh hota hai lekin muslim nahi.bhagwan ne jish insaan ko pura banakar bheja tumne use katuwa bana diya. ish duniya me ham aarya pahle aaye hamane puri duniya ko apne kadmo tale ronda hai islaam kitna bhi jore lagale hindutwa ka mukabla nahi kar sakta islaam duniya ko dukh dene ke liye paida huya hai tum log jihad ke naam par masoom bacho aurto aur logo ko mar dete ho agar hinduwo ne bhi apne dharmki raksha ke leye hathiyar utha liye to ram kasam muslmano ko bhagne ke liye puri duniya kam paregi……………

  14. Vashu said

    Hey all of u present there i just want to ask one Q
    Why r we allways asking and talking all about religion ?
    Cant we talk about love which is most important cos every religion emphisise most on it. cant we all youth follow one religion a religion of love…….
    this is how we can defeate hate in between us….
    Jai hind…..

  15. Pavan Urs said

    what about lakhs of hindu women who were forcibly carried away, raped & converted to Islam during 800 years of Muslim rule in India when they cannot take 1 muslim girl marrying a hindu guy…. I think we Hindus should riot for next 100 years to avenge against them.
    but that suituation can never arise as we are moderates not butchers like them…. If freedom is given to muslim girls…. there will be Hindu rastra next 200 years down the line…

  16. good one manoj g but probs with foolish girls who are eloping with these mean people how can they forget their parents who gave them birth made them study,and name in society .it is lutere kind of community which is still looting our girls then it was forced ,now it is brainwashing. shame on these woman who don’t think about their beloved one .these woman should be stoned to death to honor killing.then only some one other “ll think twice to take such heinous decision.

  17. IMRAN AHMAD said

    dear manoj

    first i want clear your myth adam & eva who came first in this earth and both are muslim not hindu you also know . can you tell me birth date of rama , krishna . and other god and godess . never because they are all is myth . hindu living in myth. you should read your four veds . veds clearfy cow is not mother whenever visnu orgenige a party in his darbar he slayed a cow and serave her meat to his guest and also such happen in rama darbar . if you read ramayan from differince nation as thiland, shrilanka laos, malashia, indonshia you found ramayan is changed in thiland ramayan said sita was wife of lakshman and ravan his brother in malashia ramayan said ravan offered to rama visit sri lanka and marry my daughter sita. then ramayan is not one how you can say hindu is truth. in the world almost 15000 average non muslims converting to islam in one month. because they knowing the truth. in india muslims rise with pride and no any hindu origanation have caurage to curb them.

    i married a hindu girls in the court after marriege she was living as a hindu and i as a muslim i never force her to change her religein but one day she said me i want to know about islam and i advise her pls. read holy korn she agreed and i hadiya a koran in english aftar she understand the truth she said me i want to join a beautyful nation of islam . and now she say me i m enjoying islam because this is truth not myth.

    hindu are differance mode in india as south indian do not celebrite deepawali and holy bihari hindu ovesrved chat pooja but other hindu is not bangali hindu celebrite durga pooja and other not marathi celebrate ganesh pooja other not . hindu is not similear. many type hinduism in india then how we judge which hinduism is fact . in kerala hindus eat meat of cow but north indian hindu do’nt . this is type of the hinduism in the world . be live in myth because you do’nt want to know about the truth……………………………….

  18. hindu militant said

    This is EXACTLY the kind of garbage given by Imran Ahmed that makes my blood boil. And makes me a fanatic. What religion you follow, or what different forms of hyinduism are practised in other parts of India or south east asia is OUR problem. who the hell are you bloody muslim to tell me my religion is false and your third grade terrorist cult is true? I think, ALL religions are truth and Islam is the ONLY false religion.

    And talking of hindu girls, believe me, I go seeking “talak shuda” divorcee muslim women, to bang without the benefit of marriage. What do you say to that?

  19. ARJUN SHARMA said




  20. viz said

    helo evry one……….i am not getting wid the islam principles. it doesn’t mean dat am a defender of islam.dey r realy supperssing other religion.thier quran says a girl frm somother religion can mary a muslim guy but no girl frm islam…….what is this?…..does it looks fair? …actly wat u muslims want?…….only one religion evrywer?……if so… wid whom will u compete?….i jus cant bear the situation wen i come to know abt a hindu girl marrying a muslim guy, sry dey may be in luv…..but wat is the necissity of changing herslf as a muslim …..wont u girls look ur parens?…….do u knw how much dey feel if their son/daughter marrying to a person without their permission…..will u bear if ur children do the samthing to u?….whoever u…..either muslim or hindu or christian…….do respect ur parens….dey are the livin gods……qurans, bible, bagavadgita are jus nothing infront of them……….

  21. pavan naidu said

    islam is not at all a religion, its a selfish group which spreads hatred against other religion., they are all evils n mean minded..,

    they just want to grow their religion by destroying other religion.., they want everyone convert to ilsam n spread jihad around the world an total evil field..,

  22. Interfaith said

    I think inter-faith marriages are fine, if the man and woman are willing to accommodate and there is mutual respect towards each other religions.

    However, I find less acceptance among muslims, especially muslim men in hindu-muslim marriages. Muslim expect the non-muslim to convert. When muslim girl marries a non-muslim, hell breaks out among the muslims esp muslim men. Generally, women are more likely to adopt the man’s religion in interfaith marriages. Hence the fear among muslims. Muslim will threaten the muslim girl, with violence, even death, telling people its against their religion to marry a non-muslim. we have all read newspapers reporting death of muslim girl killed by her father, brother, uncle, etc. because she fell in love with a non-muslim … its all too common. But when a muslim men marry and non-muslim, they celebrate, just like akhter on his previous bulls**t post. Some Indian Christians are no different, but most are flexible.

    Anyways, times are changing. Muslims are getting a rude awakening… as time progresses more and more muslims girls are keeping their options open and marrying non-muslims. Muslims and Christians have to realize conversion is a two way traffic… This is a fear of muslims, despite the laughter and mockery displayed by akhter and muslim posters. If they are so confident of their religion, why do muslims have to threaten the apostates with death especially women. Are they that insecure? The muslim flock is getting smarter …the grass is looking greener on the other side (non-muslims).. some are already jumped over the fence .. some are considering it. only matter of time. No one can fight CHANGE … as humans we have to accept it.

  23. cruel hindu - nazi said

    All muslims said killing nonmuslims is path to heaven, you will get jannat. So these people are mentally retarded and paranoid.




  24. Satyavan said

    Islam came to survive, not only in India, but also in each and every corner of the world.Enemies can continue their attack on Islam. But the result will be many right minded people embracing Islam, by the Grace of God.

  25. truthful said

    these muslims dont realize once for that the bamyan statue in afghanistan was destroyed it proves that the buddhism once ruled afghanistan and all of bangladesh.and india also.all were non muslims in this part of the world . these muslims always marry other faith women but when asked about giving thier females they dont come forward.they r concerned about the childrens faith . then let me ask me one more thing one may become muslim then its ok when one muslim tries to convert to other faith this is sin(according to quran).how unfair .now not letting thier gals marry other faith men bcoz the children will be of other faith and also not letting convert muslims to other faith these two things proves islam only concentrates on increasing its numbers.why other faith dont care when they see thier females marrying muslims
    and muslims r so careful to convert the man who wants to marry thier females .this also proves it only concentrates only upon growing its numbers.never mind muslims will never will be able to do this entire world 100% islamic.thats for sure

  26. hindu militant said

    I KNOW islamic hypocrisy. ALL muslim men are more than willing to marry hindu women, but when reverse happens, all hell breaks loose. Well,knowing this hypocrisy I ACTIVELY go seeking out muslim females to bang without the benefit of marriage. NO muslim ever threathened me. HE! HE! HE!

  27. HINDU HITLER said

    start reacting against these mentally retarded muslim extremists.

    At interview in company I rejected two muslim extremists.

    I removed Muslim servent from my home.



  28. ms said

    Muslims are always in a state of fear. That is why world over they simply want to increase their population using various means. Be is USA, UK, France, Serbia, Russia, all Tan’s like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Khazakastan, Turkmenistan, Phillipines whereever there are muslims they are creating problems and terror. WHY. This religion has problems. They are perverts and are taught to hate everyone and humans. I ask, if all the world converts to Isalm will it put an end to terror and problems. NO. Look at Iraq shia Sunni, ahmedias..the problem is with the origin of this religion which was born out of FIGHT and hatred..all religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, are born out of love and respect.

    All Inidan muslims must know that their parents or forefathers or foremothers were Hindus and who were forcibly converted to muslim. They did not connvert willingly and with love or respect. They were made to suffer too much pain, maybe rape, killings by the moghuls, turks, persians etc. How come they don’t have the blood boiling against the religious bigots who made their fathers and mother suffer so much.

    All Indian muslims should realize this and abondon this religion.

    This world would be a better place without this religion of hate and terror.

    It is bad luck for world and especially India. We partitioned to remove the cancer of Islam but the roots of this cancer was left inside because of Nehru who was a selfish man..and Indira ( Indira Khan, She married Feroze Khan, who was adopted hurriedly by Gandhi and give this surname ). All this so that Nehru/Gandhi dynasty is formed and appeasement of these scums staretd for votes.

    Today the only way to eradicate and cure this cancer of muslims from India is to get the gandhi name and dynasty out of this country. Make uniform civil code and declare India a Hindu Country.

    They have pakistan, bangladesh, saudi arabia, uae, qatar, malasia, indonesia,bahrain, kuwait, and so on as purely islamic countries..WE MUST HAVE A HINDU COUNTRY WHERE WE CAN PRACTISE OUR RELIGION FREELY WITH NO PROBLEMS AND FEAR FROM THESE SCUMS ( MUSLIMS )

  29. muneer said

    NO Muslim girl who believes in ALLAH and his Rasool Muhammad(PBUH) will marry the non-muslims and will prefer to marry the Muslim men,and my advise to all my Muslim sisters that purdah protects you from unknown and known men..and keeps the women protected…well ISLAM is the only religion which protects women from behayai…well I urge not only muslim girls but all the women in this world to wear HIJAB ….. bas ALLAH se yeh dua hai ke jitne bi galat raste par hai,Aey ALLAH un sabko Neik raste par chalayea…AMEEN..

  30. rehan said

    If muslim girl marry hindu boy infront of me i will cut her neck.

  31. arun -the hindu son said

    i myself have loved a muslim girl and she wanted to marry me terribly and accept my religion and she loved god krishna very much.she even came with me to lot of temples.she cried a lot saying that she was tortured in the name of religion and wanted to escape from that.but her parents parted me from her and took her sumwhere.They even destroyed her education in the name of religion..i want her..i love her..lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveee

  32. abhimanyu said

    ha ha lol happening on this site man.we should be proud that the youth of india who are making it’s country as the next economical superpower in a few years spends a lot of time on this sort of bullshit.common man just because we changed our religion it’s not that we don’t become indians.see if the girl had faith in islam and if she had really loved the guy that he respect her views then she remains a muslim after the marriage too.i read all the messages atleast to find one secularist nope no chance at all.common guys this country shouldn’t be a an another pakistan drowned by religion fundamentalism.ya that’s what happened in pakistan due to partition hatred or something else they conflicted with the minorities (hindu,buddhists,christians etc some jews too).later the aggression went on too ahmedies and now on won’t stop once it started.with this narrow mind forget about superpower we will be looked like dogs and our country as some manic hippos residence.common guys and girls religion is second.all true faiths reach god and god is one.u need not be swami vivekananda to understand this.just throw the hatred from u and start loving others(don’t confuse me with a baptist father for using the word love many times ..:P).for this case get the girl the solution is to follow the indian constitution not from some sharia or some hindu law book etc.and this should be regularised.those who identify them \selves as indians regardless of their faith can stay here in india and others fk out to hippo maniac countries (i suggest pakistan).and exclusively for hindus as i am a hindu(muslims don’t worry i will teach u too)don’t worry that the hindu population is decresing day by day.if u wanna spread hindu faith with equality,universal brotherhood(even ambedkar wished for this kind of hindu society but he was unable to do as the society then is terrible with differences)(never bring cast identity or some kind of identity into them.caste is just an ancestral say nomenclature to identify people it had nothing to do with high or low(this is what gandhiji dreamt off))do it by telling the people need of retaining their ancestral culture.i read one girl telling to wear burakha before in comments common because u changed ur religion doesn’t mean u need to change ur attire too.that is not our tradition we don’t need to change.those may be helpful in the deaert areas of the arabia but need not require here.i will end like this if u wanna spread ur faith do it by love not hatred or war they don’t sustain or if u r just exited reading some so called facta on this internet just calm urself our visionaries for the country didn’t expect this from can be strong in mind with peace and calm than hatred and try to attain the position the whole country feel proud of u.
    JAI HIND(this doesn’t mean hindus rather hindustan mean india it iia a old name and don’t contradict ok if it’s a problem then)
    JAI INDIA(it’s awkward right)

  33. kavitha krishnamurthy said

    Religion is always a region based one, to understand this better you should visit the places where religions originated. example Christians are from colder region thus they find drink is not as crime as it is required to keep yourself warm system, and it is a crime because it effects in hot region. Islam advocates saving of water because of shortage of drinking water in the area where it originated.
    All Muslims and Christians in India have their great grand parents as Hindus and only Hindus because of forceful conversion by Islamic kings and Christian missionary. Today you people talk of Islam and Christianity. No Hindu king forced Muslims or Christians to converted into Hinduism that is the greatness of Hinduism. Live and let live, tolerance are essence of Hinduism. Vedas teach us how to live, Vedas teach us medicine, Vedas teach astronomy, Vedas teach low to highest thoughts of life they teach from atom to universe and galaxies and many more Vedas cannot be learnt over night,
    People like Dr. Zakir Naik misinterpret Vedas and Puranas.
    You can find your self in or draw parallels to characters in two Indian and Hindu mythologies. You people rethink and act to become one of us.

  34. kavitha krishnamurthy said

    hinduism is religion of tolrance which survied saluger of islamist and chirstiany’s capatialism

  35. hindu militant said

    I banged many many muslim girls without the benefit of marriage. You gonna cut my neck? he he he

  36. JAMEELA said

    eventhough i am a muslim girl i hate muslims they like to increase muslim population no safe to muslim women,my father is a muslim but my mother is a hindu he will always hurt my mother due to she was a hindu,so my request to all hindu girl not to marry any muslim guy their aim is not to protect u but to increase population

  37. kashpand said

    To akthar and ameen. Yes brother you may be adding some thousands of men women to your cult religion. But i too want to talk about the figures.
    indian army killed 1 lakh+ muslims in kashmirs.
    The 2004 Tsunami swept away close to Million Indonesian Muslims.
    Israel Army killed and kills on daily basis. More than 200000+ muslims killed by them.
    USSR(my favorite) killed close to 3 million muslims
    US/Uk war on terror killed more 2.5 Million+ in afghanistan and more than 3 million in Iraq and still continuing. Now muslims are killing muslims in Iraq.Soon this trend will follow in other countries. More than 2000 casualties in Uighuir province of CHina. Rapes go on daily basis on uighuir muslim women( because they are one of the beautiful womens on this planet)by chinese mandarin people. Soon Iran will also join in this list. This list will be swelling like anything. So you be on your mission and they will be in their mission.
    So my friend adding hundreds,thousands and loosing in millions may not be a good arithmetic for followers of Mohammed the Piglet.So clearly Its the victoy of Infidels. Mohammed the Looser. good only to have sex 9 year old.

  38. analysis said




  39. hindu militant said


    THANKYOU for all the statistics doled out. These muslims need a reality check. Russia is also my favourite, because the muslim separatism in chechnya, (same like kashmir) they just carpet bombed them out of existence. Maybe we should do the same in kashmir.

    Uncle sam, is another idiot, iraq was going to blow up into shia-sunni civil war, america is trying to control it, bloody idiots, let it blow up into civil war. Iran will enter on side of shias, and saudi arabia will enter on side of sunnis, let the whole muslim world fight and kill each other.That fire will engulf the whole muslim world. Even the kashmir problem will be slved automatically. 60% sunni majority ad 40% shia minority, they will fight and kill each other. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    Britain did the same mistake when it left India in 1947. India was on the verge of hindu-muslim civil war, to avoid a civil war we had partition.

  40. pandey said

    maine v ek muslim ladki se pyaar kiya hai aur aaj v karta hoon….par wo ladki mujhe chor di kyuki usey dusra mil gaya….uske college mein…..wo v hindu hai…..main khush hoon kyuki wo khus hai…..aur main uski tarah fir kavi kisi aur se pyaar nai karunga…..i love you shahla..mmuuaahh

  41. Sandeep said

    I just saw interesting comment from akhter, when I am trying to search process to convert to hinduism for my Bhabhi, (on paper, without noise ). She is Muslim and wants to convert to Hinduism). Let me tell Akhtar that number of Muslim girls getting married to Hindu boys and getting converted to Hinduism secretly is much more than Hindu girls converting to Islam. It happens in many Ashrams every day. The girls do Not want to come out openly due to community pressure, but want good life (because Hindu boys are more reliable).

  42. Satyen said

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    Please must visit to enlighten yourself on the Hindu Muslim topics. I haven’t seen any sight like this on the topics discussed over here.

    One message to Hindu brothers. Though I am proud of that you accept Muslim girls as your better half but at the same time I am ashamed to know that sometimes you desert them after using. Pl treat them as any other Hindu girl and love them to marry to live together for ever as enshrined in our scriptures. It will save them from the cruelty of Male Muslims.

    A request to Muslim sisters. Please come to the Hindus for your well being and leave behind the burqa and male dominance for ever.
    Embrace the Hindu way of life and the whole is open to you. Then only you will feel the freedom of a human being. Sorry to say but till now, most of you have been in the prison of Islam.

    Hindu sisters, know the Islam by going the sites like before being blinded by harrowing greed with a false love on its tip. What will you get? Most likely, an imprison and begetting terrorists.

    And lastly, to my Muslim brothers. I love you my astrayed (bichhure)brothers. I know many of you will hate me but I cannot subscribe to the religion that has given so much of hate, rape and murder of the human being. Tyranny is this that the very sons and daughters of the victims who were forcibly converted to Islam, are now new marauders! So, pl just think about it and return to the religion of your forefathers to bring peace to to the whole of mankind, your family, yourself and your progenitors.

    A well wisher.
    Guys, think the above.

  43. salma said

    Iam a depressed muslim married girl
    my husband married four muslim girls and he has met me sexually 20 times only in five years.since one year he is sleeping with his last this situation what should i do ? he is a very rich man,he send money regularly and also he asks me to maintain sacredness even though i am thirsty of sex.once i have fallen sick i called my family doctor Mr Arvind he came to me and treated i was not able to
    get up from bed hence,i aked mr Arvind
    to help me to take bath .then onwards
    love started between us ,now we can not
    away from one another.every mr Arvind comes and meet me sexually everday.we got caught redhandedly once when we were meeting nakedly, But iam not afraid .so i suggest all muslim girls to get their sexual thirst from doctors,merchants and where ever they get a chance to meet stong males which ever religion he may be.i request all muslim girls to come out from burkha and wear which ever dress you need and love who so ever you want.


  44. Kanta said

    Does any one know what % of Muslim girls are married to Hindu men in India? I am sure there is some statiscal information in India or any where in the world? I had an argument with a family member about Muslims girls not allowed to marry a non Muslim or Hindu man in India? I want to know if I am wrong in thinking that Hindu girls marrying to Muslim men is o.k. but not muslims girls marrying Hindu men.

  45. amar m madikunt said

    I request all my hindu friends to avoid dirty muslims to lead a safe and healthy life.Muslims are brainless butchers,illeterate and lairs.Never trust these parasites who are dancing on our heads because of selfish nehru etc.

  46. pankaj shah said

    I do not agree with your childish statement .humanity is the only religion fruitful for humans all over the worid.Please give a positive thjnk along your statement

  47. zeeshan said

    iam proud to be muslim, oh muslim girls , dont kove any hindus, is haram in islam, if u love allah, jannat wil be yours.

  48. Muslims have double standards foe everything
    read there quran and you people will know that they treat their women like animals

  49. Desi said

    Dear Indians,
    Every one please visit and aware the masses about the threat of Islam. It is a old, long and ugly war. We should win otherwise our children and their children suffer for ever. No parent want this.

  50. ayesha said

    i like hinduism. i will marry to hindu. because they give us feedom. we can wear anything. muslim boys are looking only hindu girls. they like mini skirt and jeans wearing girl. but if muslim girl or their sister wear this they dont like. we want freedom not burkha. all musllim girls have to wed hindu boys. they are smart educated and we can trust on them. my brother have double standard. we are living in narak ki jindagi. look at hindu girls. they enjoy their life.

  51. sonakshi said


  52. Ashish said

    islam is the religion of peace and tolerance when they are in minority. but when they are in majority they show their colours and reality of their religion.Islam is the religion of humanity which is proved in eid ul adha by killing thousands of innocent animals in the name of a myth prophet.Islam respects the all religions which has been proved by Pakistan and Bangladesh killing hindus,by Middle east killing jews,by Indonesia,Sudan and other muslim countries killing Christians,by Iran killing Bahais.
    When Muslims were trying to conquer Europe then Europeans kings were united and repelled them ,if they have suceeded in conquering Europe then they have might converted entire Europeans into Islam ,and there have been no science and technology ,no democracy concept have been created,only sharia might have been implemented and we have to live in dark ages.

  53. RAJ said

    Don’t give crap to us. By now you are convereted and all your children will be raised as muslims.
    So shutup your mouth….who are you to give advise to hindu girls. In billion population the hindu female can for sure choose a good hindu husband and upbringing of hindu guy is always good, plus bigamy is not allowed in hindu relgiion as per law so hindu girl is protected in hindu religion…so don’t be pimp for hindu girls.
    Please advise this to muslim girls so let them marry hindu guys and enjoy a freedom of life and know the value of woman.

  54. @Sonakshi,

    We have read these comments all over the internet, bullsh1t.
    These are the comments left by muslims to fool others.
    Muslims treat their omen like cattle or whores who do nothing except producing babies

  55. ashish said

    when a muslim boy marries a hindu girl then muslim say that love is from god it has no religion and if vice-versa then muslim says allah has prohibited to marry non-muslims

  56. ashish said

    when a muslim boy marries a hindu girl then muslim say that love is from god it has no religion and if vice-versa then muslim says allah has prohibited to marry non-muslims.A riiddiculous statement

  57. Imthiaz said

    Islam is a curse on humanity.

    To learn the truth about islam please visit the following sites if you have time;

    pisslam values tyrany, oppression, wars, hate, mysoginy, pedophelia, fear, murder, genocide, hatred of some animals, and death. No thanks, I enjoy life!

    Educate the muslims (lower case intentional). muslims are victims of islam as much as everybody else.

    Remove this horrible cult and the world will be a wonderful place.

  58. matrix said

    Hi all,
    every thing is going wrong here.

    Hindus brothers are not familiar with ISLAM,thats y they are commenting like this on ISLAM.

    For ur kind information ISLAM is the only religion on the earth.other s are myth only, believe me dont get angry,its global fact u have to accept it any how,u can realized when u look in the ur surroundings,who has made SKY without hole,without support,who has made earth,who is sprinkling water from sky,just think about it.That is only ALLAH (GOD).

    u can c QURAN it is came from sky,it is open challenge to whole mankind from 1430 years to made a single worse like QURAN,no one could do that yet,just think about it,why it is not possible,since it is made by ALLAH.not by man.this is the fact of islam.

    Now come to the point, the girls who r loving with hindus they are not religious,they dont know about islam,they are lusty,just they want to fulfill their lust with any male that could be hindu,christan,sikh or any other person that is not matter for them.

    Because only islam respect women.Purda is to protect them from bad gaze of other mens.

  59. in it’s true form Islam is nothing more than an organised crime mafia. Just like you can’t leave mafia you can’t leave Islam either.


    as for Islam respect women read this Muslims treat their women like sex slaves

    have you ever seen a Muslim women in better condition then their non-Muslims counter parts. You have to keep them in purda because Muslims are here:
    Muslims raped 200 ‘non-Muslim’ women in Bangladesh
    and here
    Pakistan – Pornistan!

    Muslims are sex-addicts. Osama bin Laden was one among the 52 children of his father. So it’s make clear why Muslims have to hide their women – from other Muslims.
    Non-Muslims are not that perverts. you moron :P

  60. sanjay kumar said

    i have done great Research in field of circumcision in muslims and sex behaviour thus i am revealing all for girls:-
    1. that is true due to circumcision, man looses around 50% of pleasure point, thus always hungry for intercourse, but this is same reason which makes muslim love anal sex, anal sex is more common then any other religion in world.
    2. foreplay which is most important part in sex , is done more by hindus then muslims.
    3. where hindus are fond of oral sex, muslims do not indulge more in oral sex.
    4. size of hindu penis is much bigger and longer, due to overall body built and height difference in hindus and indian muslims, as mostly muslims are low caste hindu convert. specially hindu jats, and gurjars have much bigger size.
    5. sexual occurence is more in hindus then muslims due to confort, better economical conditions and , peace of life in india.
    6. 99% of indias wealth is controlled by hindus, thus they have much better condition to satisfy their wives then muslims.
    7. due to multi child, muslim wives loose their vaginal charm, whereas hindus wives retain most of that. thats why infidelity rate is much higher in indian muslims then hindus.
    8. if any muslim has doubt then one intact hindu boy can be seen with amazing size and sexual performance in

  61. irfan said

    No, not at all……A Hindu boy and Muslim girl can’t marry without one or the other changing religion

    Read more:

  62. Rakesh said

    well muslim girls are precious jewels….they are very beautiful, femine, fertile and romantic….ofcourse very very delicate.
    So marrying muslim girls by highly sucessful hindu guys is nothing wrong.
    Thta way both are benifited.

    to be honest I went through a bad marriage with my ex hindu wife she being abusive, fighting always and demanding me money…
    finally she filed false dowry case, DV etc on me,,…..I fought to roots and made her loose all her fake cases and came out clean with clean divorce showing nothing of my fault.
    After that I never dare to marry a hindu girl with most talking about freedom, equal rights, financial independence etc…even before we get married….I’m fine to give my wife equal rights and financial status but what is that she is giving in return?
    Is she loving and caring enough to me?……no girls were intersted in love or care but only my money….finally I gave up on marriage
    and then my love on my way…she is my dear wife saima….I met this pakistani muslim girl at a training, we did made friends, her cutural
    approch, her kindness, her caring and love made me to propose her and convinced my family.
    I got married to her and leading a beautiful life with blessed kids…..she openly accpeted my culture and religion.,…she goes to temples regularly…..I have forgotten my total past with my ex….she is more educated, she is more beautiful and in every angle she was much more then my ex wife.
    Later through her muslim firends(who are ofcourse girls) found most muslim women are very sweet and 100% fit for a family life….they are exactly opposite of muslim guys who are more cunning, cheating and involved in all bad activites.

    So my suggession to any descent hindu guy is….if you like a muslim girl….please love and marry her and not to marry her for the heck of it…..she will be most desirable wife.
    Well those threats from her community makes no sense as long as you are strong.
    Give police complaint and marry her as per special marriage act so India got recoginses you marriage and after that no big deal.
    Take care for few days that they cant get you easily and after sometime they will forget and you lead a beautiful life with the girl.

    They cook good, take care of house good and respect you and treat you as man the way you like to be treated.
    Since they are suppressed by their religion…..they would really be so thankful to you for the freedom, love and equal rights you give
    and especially every muslim woman that she will appreciate first thing in hindu religion is that we have no polygamy practice…we belive in eka patni(only one wife for one man).

    What else brothers?
    wish you all good luck to find good muslim wifes….but be daring enough as once you stand strong those guys will go back.

    Best eX:
    when you are walking in a street all street dogs come back of you barking but if you run they will come back of you and can bite as well.
    But if you turn back and stand, they will stand and bark at far distance, if you bend down take stone and throw at them they will run away barking.
    Same here……if these guys try to stop your marriage….use the above formula.
    Use police, media and your close friends….no one will come close to you

  63. Hamari tehzib ye hai ke in kanduo (hindu) ko gaali na di jaye kyuki ye dajjal ke khilaf hone wali jang se pahle musalman honge.allah inhe hidayat sha allah lal qalae par islam ka jhanda zarur buland hoga.

  64. Ayesha ban ja hindu to jahannam teri.

  65. Ayesha tu randi hai kafira tu hindu ho gayi badalne ki zarurat nahi aur ye jaan le sab agar ksa uae iran india ko petrol dena band kar de to hinduo ka saara wealth null ho jayega.

  66. Navin said

    M to bus y kahana chaunga ki hindu jiyo aur jine do m viswas rakte h.ladai nahi karte.yadi gali m ladai h to darwaje band kar lete h jabki muslim iska ulta.par iska matlab y nahi ki hindu kamjor h. Kyoki ser akela sikar karta h.aur kute jhund m v dhoke s. Aur rahi ladkiyo ki bat to yadi muslim ladki ki jaldi sadi.burke m n rake.unhe padai .aur yadi unhe akle jane v rahne her muslim ladki hindu s sadi karna chagi kyoki hindu jivan m ek bar hi sadi karta h.aur vo bhi dur ki rirtedar.muslim to apni bahan ma bati s kar lete h kyoki unhe dar lakta kahi hindu ladke s na lag jay .aur imran bhai m apko bata du hamare ek bhai n muslim jo khubsurat v paisa vali s shadi kari h aur usne hindu dharm apna kar bahut khus h.par apko bata du y sab isliy hua kyoki hamare bhai aur uske dost ladai s nahi dare aur ghar s udhakar lay.aur jaisi tume ekta h aisi agar hindu m ho jay to kisi may k lal ki mazal nahi jo hums ulaje. Ek hindu hi khaphi h .

  67. hi i am a Hindu Girl and would be marrying a Muslim boyfriend of mine and would be converting to islam, what i really feel is that its time hindu girls should marry muslim boys in large numbers and should come with purdah. it is in the interest of hindu girls that they marry muslim boys because muslim give freedom to their womens.

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