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Jammu anger: Religious or regional?

Posted by jagoindia on August 12, 2008

Jammu anger: Religious or regional?
Supriya Sharma, Radhika Bordia

Tuesday, August 12, 2008, (Jammu)”The issue has taken 35 days, and still going on. My question is, why it took just seven days to resolve an issue in Kashmir while it’s not been resolved here. Isn’t it discrimination? Jammu is not being given adequate coverage, which it deserves. I want the nation to know what exactly the situation is, so people also know what’s happening here,” said Raghav Agarwal, Jammu resident.

Just outside Jammu airport this is the compelling appeal of a 20-year-old that Jammu’s voice be heard and heard right.

Across the country slogans like this on national television have convinced many that this is a religious movement, spearheaded by Hindutva groups battling over land for a Hindu shrine.

However, listen closely, there is more being expressed.

“They have always discriminated against Jammu. Jammu has a much bigger population than Srinagar, but we have less seats,” said a Jammu resident.

“This agitation is a reaction to the ill-treatment of Jammu,” said another Jammu resident.

And this isn’t simply the voice on the street.

“This time people of Jammu decided it was the end of it. They will not tolerate this type of treatment that we are considered as second class citizen,” said Jagdish Singh Jamwal, retired Major General.

“As a bar association member and a Jammu Muslim, I have taken a very strong decision to support the movement by the Sangharsh Samiti,” said Sheikh Shakeel, lawyer.

“The leadership has come up on its own. Forty different organizations have joined together and they are not political,” said General Jamwal.

“This is not a communal agitation. Firstly, when you focus on this religious issue, it happens to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. And at the base of it all what is now coming out is actually a manifestation of grievances over issues that are rather secular in nature. You have a region that has suffered a lot,” said Dipankar Sengupta, Economist.

The current standoff may be totally unprecedented but observers of history say it fits entirely into a pattern, a pattern where the state has experienced the competitive pulls of the politics of religion and the politics of region.

The two often collapsing into each other perhaps because identities overlap. And so if the Valley is overwhelmingly Muslim Jammu predominantly Hindu but it isn’t that simple.

To understand the conflict it is important to understand the state’s topography, which very naturally divides the state into three distinct regions: Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh.

Each of which has a unique demography.

If Muslims are concentrated in the Valley in Jammu they form 35 per cent of the population. In half of the six districts they outnumber Hindus.

But like Hindus, Muslims too are diverse by language and ethnicity. So if there are Kashmiri speaking Muslims, there are also Pahadi Muslims and in the plains of Jammu they speak Dogri.

In fact, the most celebrated Dogri singer is Muslim: Ghulam Mohammad.

Another distinct presence is that of tribes like Gujjars and Bakkarwals.

Nomadic shepherds, mostly Muslims, migrate between Jammu and Kashmir and are uniquely placed to observe the contrasts of both religion and region.

Here, in the mountains of Rajouri 100 kilometres outside Jammu, a family of Muslim Gujjars told NDTV that they support the agitation.

NDTV: The slogans make this seem like a Hindu-Muslim conflict. It’s being said that Hindu sentiments have been hurt. Sentiments of all have been hurt?

Gujjar Muslim Sentiments of all have been hurt. When the land was given once, why was it taken back?

They are powerful voices that reaffirm the regional colour of this upsurge. But then take a look at this:

There are reports that Gujjar huts have been targeted, a shocking reminder of the dangers of the protests turning communal. Something NDTV witnessed directly in Kalakot.

Here, as Friday prayers take place inside a Masjid, slogans outside swing from regional to provocative.

“All the money that comes from the Centre for the state goes to Kashmir. They don’t allow for the growth of Hindu or Dogra power,” said a Jammu protester.

NDTV: If there is regional discrimination, even Muslims here are affected. So why shout slogans that will intimidate them? Even Muslims here support this cause.

Jammu resident: Even Muslims here support this cause. We are against the discrimination faced by Jammu, whether it is the disparity in college seats or employment. But we are also against the attempts to give this agitation a communal colour.

NDTV: Do you feel fear?

Jammu Muslim: Yes, they were trying to provoke us with slogans, questioning our loyalty to the nation.

NDTV: As leader of the Sangharsh Samiti here, don’t you see it as your responsibility to ensure peace, especially at the time of prayers?

Naveen Chadha, local leader, Sangharsh Samiti I had gone away for lunch. When I returned I ensured everyone had quietened down. There has been no violence. Muslims here have nothing to fear.

We have lived together for years. Hindus have raised Muslim children, and vice versa. We don’t want any disturbance. We want this brotherhood to remain intact. Political parties, who want to grab votes, have created the issue.

6 Responses to “Jammu anger: Religious or regional?”

  1. lakhan said

    jammu discrimnation is totally based communal agenda bieng carried forward by some forces working there. Jammu has always got tyhe lions share where as kashmir and ladakh have always been deprived of all basic aminitiies and other infrastructure in the name of loyalty and pro azaadi slogans.
    kashmiris would be very thankful to the poeple who started this movement, bcoz a common kashmiri has always been cought in the cross fire and other stress and didnt had the time to go through discremantion factor.
    till 1947 J&K state was ruled by Maharja ( jammu Dogra Ruler) and the kashmiri muslims were given petty jobs( and even it is said that Mahaja would use Kashmiri Muslims in place of horses to carry the load). now lets discuss the so called discrimnation on Jammuiets——
    01. For last two decades the budget allocation given to all three parts of state.. from kashiris portion a hefty amount is spent on maintianing Law & Order,( becoz it is a disturbed state), its only last year that two parks were maintianed by state government with the aid from J&K bank. this is developmental work bieng here. According to a computation made by the General Administration Department (GAD) in 2005, for submission to the Sachar Committee, the state had roughly 3,52,000 employees. The Department worked out the percentage of employees to the total strength of respective communities. Hindu employees represent 4.61 percent of the 30 lakh Hindu population in the state whereas Muslims have a representation of 2.85 percent for the 68 lakh Muslim population. So relative to the respective populations, Hindus outnumber Muslims in the State government. This should question the ‘assertions’ of discrimination effusing from the winter capital. Ridicule them. Deflate them.
    Scanning the composition of the State administration, the claims of discrimination do come home, indeed. The irony, though, is that the victim of this discrimination is not the ‘Pro National’ Jammu wala as we have been made to believe but the ‘Anti National’ Kashmiri, to put in the latest Right wing lingo. One, which is being endorsed by our wannabe Prime Minister L K Advani as well.
    Starting with the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the total cadre strength is 94 with 24 officers belonging to the Kashmir division, 27 officers belonging to the Jammu division and two from Ladakh. The other 41 babus are from outside the state. So where exactly is Jammu getting discriminated in all this? Delusion, but nothing! Further, most of the core developmental departments like Planning, Finance, R&B, PHE and Irrigation are headed by non-Kashmiris. Even the all important departments of Agriculture, Revenue, Social Welfare, Health, Home, CAPD, Industries and Commerce, Information, PDD are ‘endowed’ to non-Kashmiris. The trend is the same for Science and Technology, Transport and Culture. No Kashmiri components!
    Another ‘discriminating’ fact, for the record. Since 1947, out of 26 Chief Secretaries of the State, only 6 have been Kashmiri Muslims. How’s that for discrimination for the only Muslim majority state of ‘secular’ India. But no one has ever stood up for this. Makes sense, in a way. Why would a Kashmiri Muslim civil servant take the ‘risk’ of speaking against discrimination engineered by a minority and be branded as ‘anti national’. Not worth it! Never was.
    Now comes the real shocker. The Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS). This is where scores have to be settled, intriguing serious questions have to be asked, discrimination has to be debated and alienation of Kashmiri Muslims has to be addressed. Out of the 338 KAS cadre officers in the state, 155 officers belong to Kashmir division, 151 to Jammu division and 22 to Ladakh division. 10 officers are from junior KAS. Now how can this representation be fair, even ethical? This is unfair by any account of economic management or population distribution. The ratio is 55:45 in favor of Muslims but why has everything been worked out and settled at 50:50? It is not supposed to be that way. Kashmir outnumbers others in terms of population, but why is that they are outnumbered when it comes to Administration, Judiciary, Police and even Private enterprise? This preposterous idea of 50:50 distribution is absolutely fake, senseless by all parameters. Save your disappointment, resentment and protests for now though. Save them for the ‘administrative genocide’ I am about to illustrate.
    From 2001 till date, 478 KAS appointments have been made. Kashmiris are at 106, Ladakh at 12 and Jammu at a staggering overpowering figure of 360. Discrimination? No, not by any standards. This is something far beyond the term, with devastating consequences for the majority. As I said ‘administrative genocide’, if you like. Engineering, competent and successful, has been done for the next three decades and things (read Kashmiris) have been leveled out for the ‘pro National’ Jammu bureaucrats. In fact it would not even make sense to call it KAS five years down the line. It will be, rather already can be, rechristened as Jammu Administrative Service (JAS). And here in Kashmir, we would even have to import BDOs and Tehsildars!
    And mind you, Kashmiris are not overpowered in bureaucracy alone. It’s all across. Take for example the 641 Muslims and the 1015 Hindus figuring in the tentative seniority list of 1656 Junior Agriculture Assistants as of April 2006. Or for that matter the 114 Muslim AEEs in Works Department against the 164 Hindu AEEs as of May 2005. And be assured, it only gets worse after that.
    The latest recruitments don’t show any mercy to Muslims or Kashmiris. Amongst the 429 Accounts Assistants selected by the Service Selection Board in April 2008, Jammu accounts for 334 Assistants while Kashmir gets a ‘fabulous’ 95. I am not even going to comment on that.
    Of course, Raj Bhawan, the custodian of the constitutional rights of all sections of society remains off limits for at least one community, no prizes. The last Muslim Secretary the First Citizen of the state had was when we used to have a Sadr i Riyasat. Since then it is graciously adorned by the malis of Floriculture Department who are considered indispensable for their manicuring skills and presenting a gulab every morning to the sahib of the estate. However with the arrival of the present Governor two middle level Muslim officers from the former Chief Minister’s office are now manning the secretariat outpost of Raj Bhavan.
    To conclude, all this is in complete sync with the latest branding of Kashmiris. Anti Nationals, at the end of the day you see.
    JUDICIARY: The actual composition of the J&K High Court Bench gives Kashmir 6 slots and Jammu 6. Of these two from Jammu, Justice V K Gupta and Justice T S Thakur are already Chief Justices posted on deputation. Justice Bilal Nazki from Kashmir is a judge on deputation to the Bombay High Court.
    The State Hugh Court has so far sent 3 judges to the Supreme Court, one of whom, Justice Anand, served as Chief Justice of India. The other two were justice Raja Jaswant Singh and Justice R P Sethi. You know their home addresses.

    now , industrialisation of state—– state government has framed a industrial policy for state and all benifits are diverted to jammu and that has resulted in massive industries in jammu shereas in kashmir this policy was never implemented. it is becoz of kashmiris you poeple have got the maximuma nd innocent kshmiri are bieng killed even if they ask for clean water to drink. 80% of goods produced in jammu are consumed in kshmir and there is no other market for ur goods. We produce electricity here and that is exported to other parts of country.
    Now, Dal lake— Mahaja has been doing much more that what is bieng done today to preserve it.
    India has never trusted Kashmiri, you know it very well.
    More than 500000 Muslimas were killed by jammuiets in 1947 and nobody talks about that, isnt it hypocracy.

  2. C S Sundaresha said

    Dear lakhan,

    It is the Muslims themselves responsible for their condition. Muslim women not adding any value to the family, except increasing the heads. When you don’t allow 50% population to add value to the earnings of a family, how can the condition improve? When Muslims cannot support big family, they should go for a family. See the Hindu family, even villagers have small families. Irrespective poor and rich, urban and village, entire Hindu family including girls and woman add to the family earnings. Hindus adjust themselves to the changes, they move with the time and they are flexible. Muslims think ALLAH will take care and they are depending too much on ALLAH. If Muslims condition is bad, they have to blame only themselves and ALLAH!!! If some religious teachings are not suitable today, it has to be discarded and this is what Hindus doing from several thousand years. Discord or reinterpret the old teachings to suit the modern time.

    Pakistan and Bangle Desh are Islamic countries and Muslims condition is worst there, whom you want blame? Why ALLAH is not taking care of these countries?

    Muslims should not find fault in others. They should come out of their Islamic shell and should accept the changes and move with the time. This is the only path for the prosperity. “Hum Panch-Hamara Pacchas”, “Jihad” and other rigid religious practices will lead Muslim community to the Hell!! Blaming India, USA, England and other non Islamic and democratic will not lead Muslims to Heaven!!

    Unfortunately, Islam will not allow reformers, hence Muslims has to suffer and that is ALLAH’S wish!!!

  3. Kamil said

    -> little more for those deaf ears who seem not have learnt to read and explore
    Now if you call this discrimnation let us trade it for what we get.

    JK Police was established in 1914. For nearly a century now, we have had only two Kashmiri Muslim Police Chiefs. An ‘accomplishment’ in itself, for the ‘anti nationals’, that is. The legendary and celebrated Peer Ghulam Hassan Shah was the first Kashmiri Muslim to man the Police top job. His phenomenal rise from the lowest to the highest rank, along with an incredible performance is nothing short of an epic. But he took voluntary retirement because of the treatment he could not take. Treatment, that a legend he was, rather still is, did not deserve.
    Ghulam Jeelani Pandit was the other Kashmiri Muslim head cop. Although being an upright and devout Muslim, he probably got the ‘benefit of doubt’ because of his surname. However, this memoir too had a blue ending when he was transferred with the eruption of militancy in the state. Obviously, for ‘reasons of national security’. All said, there have been four Kashmiri Police Chiefs overall including Dwarika Nath Koul, a scholar cop and of course the present Director General Kuldeep Khoda.
    It becomes imperative to get in the Sachar Committee Report in here. As has been already specified, for fair comparison the population composition in West Bengal and the respective representation makes a perfect analogy to the scenario in our state. The population composition in Bengal is exactly the opposite to that of Jammu & Kashmir as far as the Hindus and Muslims are concerned. Now imagine, if West Bengal had only two Hindu Police Chiefs over a century. No doubt, we would have had a dozen Bengals by now instead of just two! But our very own Kashmir has been made to play second fiddle to ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’. And, we have sincerely obliged. Without a revolt. Without even a squawk. And of course, without ‘Civil Disobedience’ to keep up with the modern day protocol of protests across Chenab. The fact is that the ‘alleged discriminator’ is in fact the ‘actual casualty’. The menacing wolf has always been the vulnerable lamb. The irrelevant Kashmiriyat has been a keep of the ‘jingoistic’ Ek Vidhaan, Ek Pradhan, Ek Nishan. Eternally.
    Moving on, the current Law and Order Management deserves a ‘tribute’ considering how indispensable it is for a critical and volatile territory like ours. The entire Law and Order bandobast is manned by ‘nationalistic forces’. Of course, Kuldeep Khoda is a genuine Kashmiri but then the Pandit representation is not a part of the discourse and discrimination. One hates this comparison but it looks like an Italian management of a Libyan Law and Order situation with no local component.
    I am sure by now the bogey of discrimination fuelled by the proclamations of ‘nationalistic forces’ must have come home indeed to haunt them. But that is not our concern. For us, this dishonest unethical fallacy is done and dusted! What we seek now, are answers, some serious ones. Addressing our marginalization. Our alienation. Our estrangement. Our voiceless-ness. Our empowerment. Our representation. Our emancipation. And yes, our discrimination. We are no match on the propaganda front, no one to hear us out, no one to back us up. No Advani. No Togadia. Not even a Sonia Gandhi. No Manmohan Singh. No V P Singh. Or Jyoti Basu. Anyone who voices our desperate predicament, be it a former Home Minister of India or a former BJP ally at the Centre, no distinction would be made between them and Sayed Sallahudin. Still, for the optimists we are, we wait for light at the end of this sixty year long dark tunnel.
    With the Kashmiri representation in Judiciary and Administration already been spelled out, the representation of ‘anti nationals’ in Police is very much a give away. The numbers are just for the record, as they say. The Gradation List of IPS Cadre boasts of 7 Director Generals (DG). Only 2 are Kashmiris in the avatar of Rajinder Tickoo and Kuldeep Khoda. The rest are from outside the state managing law, order and not to forget, Kashmiris. One Kashmiri, Dr A K Bhan, figures amongst the 2 Additional Director Generals (ADG), the other being R V Raju. Out of the 22 Inspector Generals (IG), the ‘anti national’ quarter gets 4, the ‘pro national’ quarter is one up at 5 and the rest being from outside the state. For the 20 Deputy Inspector Generals (DIG), the composition is yet again uncomfortable to say the least. Jammu with its share of 8 DIGs overpowers Kashmir, which has only 5. Moving on to the SPs within the IPS Cadre out of the total 62 Jammu gets 21, the digits reverse as Kashmir gets 12 and Ladakh 2. The rest 27, all outsiders. Way to go!
    The beat goes on as we go down the hierarchy. The State Police Service employs 139 SPs. ‘Minority’ Jammu gets an overwhelming 87, ‘majority’ Kashmir a shabby 46 and Ladakh chips in with 3. The DSPs of the State Cadre stand at 224. Kashmir gets an unusual 112, Jammu nearly ‘there’ at 108 and Ladakh gets 3. Closing this with Inspectors holding the post of DSPs. Out of the total 93, Jammu gets 55, Kashmir a ‘fabulous’ 37 and 1 is from Ladakh.
    Well then. The results are out. Incredible Jammu! Standing ovation, please!
    Protesting, or even analyzing, these ‘discriminating’ figures would be futile. Look at the larger picture, stupid! Was it not for this overwhelming ‘pro national’ composition in the Police force, the atoot ang wouldn’t be atoot anymore. At least this seems to be the apprehension. There in comes the need to tag Jammu along with Kashmir in a forced, insincere and inconvenient wedlock.

  4. lakhan said

    Dear Sunderesha

    Deabate is not regarding the plight of Muslims but mis-information campaign started to show that there is a discrimnation between jammu and kashmir.and a massage is bieng carried forward to show that jammuiets are bieng discrimnated.

    lets see that figures :
    Kashmir population 10% more than Jammu
    Jammu gets excess allocation of Rs 737 Cr, Valley doesn’t complain

    Regarding the much talked about discrimination with Jammu there is a marked contrast in fact and faction. Fact is that the population of Kashmir exceeds that of Jammu’s by 10 percent; and the fact is that during past 17 years the per capita expenditure in Jammu has been estimated at 30 percent more than Kashmir. So the discrimination against Jammu is fiction and Kashmir being discriminated is a starker yet underplayed fact.
    The official figures reveal that a set pattern had been adopted in discriminating with Kashmir region. Looking back at these figures in the financial year of 1992-93 the per capita expenditure in Jammu region was Rs 775.62 crores as against Rs 701.58 crores in Kashmir. It was Rs 1486.92 crores in the Ladakh region in the same year. However, the expenditure in Ladakh has been always on higher side given the difficult terrain and much more overhead costs than both Kashmir and regions.
    The trend has further been strengthened in 1993-94 as the figures in Jammu touched Rs 802.48 crores and for Kashmir the same was slightly hiked to Rs 725.33 crores. From 2000-2001 the difference in spending the government funds has touched an amount of nearly Rs 300 crores. But it has touched a whopping Rs 533 crores in 2006-2007, Rs 691 crores in 2007-08 and on the top of it Rs 737 crores in current financial year of 2008-09. According to projected figures of the planning department the population of Kashmir region stands at 6755366 while the same in Jammu would be 5464255.
    Apart from these allocations the investment in the sectors like Power are not on region-wise basis. Like the Baghliar Power project falls in Jammu region but it will cater to whole state. Sources clarified that in absolute figures the higher expenditure for Kashmir province is on account of reconstruction of infrastructure like bridges, hospitals, school buildings etc destroyed during the turmoil period and projects like Dal Development which considered as a National Project.
    More over all the major power projects under PMRP like Pakul Dal, Bursar, Keeru, Kirthai, Baghliar are all in Jammu province. A township of Kashmiri migrants is coming at Jammu at the cost of Rs 345 crores. Under NABARD the road projects sanctioned for Jammu are on higher side than Kashmir. Sources disclosed that departments do not share region wise funding under Centrally Sponsored Schemes as these are always lopsided in favour of Jammu.

  5. KP said

    Mr Lakhan first i dont feel ur hindu u have changed ur name u r muslim guy.

    Let me fresh your mind with certain information.

    Firstly you were saying about their is no discremination with jammu peoples and kashmiri pandits.

    Now tell how my Chief ministers are from who ared hindus.

    secondly the figure u have given is wrong saccher commette is a puppet of congress so what ever they will ask to write he has to put in records.

    which population do u talk in kashmir, there are 10 lacs tibetian muslims who lives in the forest land at hari parbath and idgah how do comment on now article 370 kick them out and there 3 lacs bangladeshies and 1 lacs pakistani insurgents and ten thousand afghani and sudaneses.Now coming to the recent medical test in jammu look out of 560 seats jammu got 101 kashmiris pandits got 2 seats and muslims got all.

    coming to recent recrument in jammu and kashmir out of all departmental postes is 1.6 lacs out of which 20,ooo posts being alloted to jammmu region isit discrimination.

    Lakan sahab please make ur statice correct as their lacs and lacs peoples who are not kashmiris throw them out.

    you will never suceed in ur evil thinking we will kick u out to muzfarabad .

  6. lakhan said

    Hi KP,

    Hope KP stands for Kashmiri Pandit, i m not annoyed on ur comments bcoz you are a self exiled community. it were kashmiri muslims who have given thier blood to make the jammu and kashmir a part of India. How many Dogras or kashmiri pandits were killed by Maharaja. None, it was kashmiri muslim who uprooted Maharaja and paved way for India to grab J&K. Maharaja and his PM( Kashmiri pandit) never wanted J&K to be part of India, but a soveriegn state.
    he even wanted to sign a stand still agreement with both of countries so that J&K state remained indepedent. Uprising of Kashmiri muslims made it possible and now J&K is a part of India. you poeple shout Bharat Mata ki Jai,, where have these sentiments when kashmiri muslims were kiled by Dograsfor want of accession to India.
    your comminity has always been a ********. thats why you are a suffering lot.

    hope you dont mind becoz truth is always bitter.

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