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Kerala, A Islamic terrorist haven: Training camps, hawala, Wahabbi influence, you have it all here

Posted by jagoindia on August 17, 2008

Jihadi Terrorism Training Camps in Kerala
The jihad in “God’s Own Country

God’s Own Country: Haven for hell’s angels?
17 Aug 2008,
Ananthakrishnan G ,TNN

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala appears to be fast turning into a god-send state for terrorists . The training camp held by outlawed SIMI in the tourist haven of Vagamon in Idukki district in December 2007 seems to have gone unnoticed by police and intelligence agencies in Kerala until after the arrest of a couple of hardline jihadi cadres in Karnataka in January 2008.

A case in connection with the holding of the camp, which saw attendance of over 40 hardline jihadi cadres, was registered at the Mundakkayam police station only on June 19, 2008, more than 7 months after it was held. And that was all. Investigation into the case is yet to make any headway. The case was later transferred to the Crime Detachment unit for a more thorough probe.

The FIR under various sections of the IPC, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and Arms Act was registered on a complaint made by the intelligence wing. “We put in the charges as soon as the matter was reported to us,” sources in the police department said.

According to highly placed sources, the camp came to the notice of the police after the arrest of Riyazuddin Nasser, a Pakistan trained terrorist in Davengere in Karnataka in end January 2008. His interrogation led police to the arrest of SIMI leaders, including Safdar Nagori in Indore and to Vagamon. But all they found in Vagamon were some freshly painted logos of SIMI on a rocky surface in Thangalpura.

Sources claimed that training in sophisticated arms was given to the participants, a charge now confirmed by the Gujarat police too.

But there is more to the story. At least two of those who attended the Vagamon camp – Shaduli and Ansar Moulavi- had been arrested by Kerala police on August 15, 2006 for holding a meeting in Binanipuram in Alwaye near Kochi.

Though about 18 men took part in the meeting, Kerala police mysteriously arrested only 5 and let off the rest after making one of them the complainant in the case. Even those arrested got bail a few days later. Though fingers are being pointed at the role of some senior officers who are said to have enabled watering down of the case, the state is yet to nail them.

“We are inquiring into the matter,” state Home Secretary K J Mathew told TOI.

If these seem farfetched, then confirmation of heightened terror activities in the state came from none other than Chief Minister VS Achutanandan.

Delivering the Independence Day speech on August 15, VS said terrorists were working “covertly and visibly’ ‘ in Kerala, something which security analysts have been saying for years.

They point to the increasing Wahabi influence in the northern districts like Malappuram and Kozhikode where radical groups with steady support from countries like Saudi Arabia are making their voices heard.

In Malappuram for instance, Chekanoor Moulavi, an Islamist reformist scholar was abducted from his home and murdered by some persons following “ideological differences ” in 1993. The main accused is still believed to be hiding in the Gulf. In Malappuram , Palakkad and Thrissur, at least four murders in the late 1990s were traced to the banned Al Umma. The frightening fact is all of them were from another community and were alleged to have had relations with Muslim women. Then there was the ISS. Though defunct , its founder Abdul Nasser Madani acquitted in the Coimbatore blasts case, later floated the People’s Democratic Party. The latest to make its presence is the National Democratic Front (NDF) which claims to be a socio-cultural outfit.

Another lethal factor has been the influx of hawala money. In July 2007, Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told the state assembly that hawala transactions worth an estimated Rs 10,000 crore were taking place in Kerala every year. Intelligence agencies say a good chunk of this goes to spreading fanaticism.

Pavagadh training ground for terrorists
Vadodara: The rugged forests of Pavagadh hill are a haven for trekkers, rock-climbers and camping enthusiasts. But these dense forests are in the focus after Gujarat police stated that a training camp was organized here for SIMI activists of the Safdar Nagori faction. The camp, held for three days in January, provided SIMI activists training in rock climbing, jumping over hurdles, using ropes to jump from one place to another and a series of similar exercises. Nagori, the SIMI general secretary now in a Mumbai prison after being arrested near Indore, was present during the training camp and motivated the group of 15. It is believed that four youths from Vadodara – Mohammed Usman Mohammed Anis Agarbattiwala, Imran Ibrahim Sheikh, Iqbal Kasim Sheikh and Qayamuddin alias Abdul Kadir Kapadiya – attended the camp.

While Usman, Imran and Iqbal have been arrested, Kapadiya is still at large. He has been missing ever since his name cropped up as a SIMI operative after the arrests of 13 persons including Nagori from Indore. “Nagori motivated those present at the camp. Besides physical training, the youths were also given training in firearms and escaping from a spot after committing a crime,” said Vadodara police commissioner Rakesh Asthana. Sajid Mansoori from Surat, who was staying in Vadodara when the camp was held, is also believed to have played a key role in organizing the camp. Mansoori, who has been arrested, came to Vadodara in 2004 and stayed here till June 25, 2008. Asthana said the youths had used tents and camped in the jungle for three days. “The camp was also attended by activists from outside the state. It was held after the SIMI camp in Ernakulam in Kerala in which 30 to 35 youths had participated. Persons from Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Surat had also attended the Ernakulam camp,” said Asthana. TNN

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  1. Comment by Mr.Anantkrishnan is really nonsense and he is a terrorist. He does not any thing about Islam or Muslim. This is only imagination. As I can also write about Hinduism !!! Please understand imagination and story is not relation with reality.

    This all stories made by Fascist with support of BJP government and their official. Now in Indian fascism is growing more than other country.

    Please also not that India is country of Indians , not only for Hindus. Muslim, Christian and Sikh who have the right as Hindu.

    Please remeber it.

  2. nobel said

    The author is 100% true. There are lot of training camps in Kerala. I have personally seem them. Why doesnt the govt do any thing about them? I have written many mails to the govt but have not received any response to them.

  3. MIG said

    Who allow these dogs (Mr.Krishnakumar) to bark. Govt. must shoot these bastards who speak so called secularism.

  4. murali said

    Mr.MIG please DON’T compare DOGs with this filthy Human (Unfortunately). Dogs are faithful, loving serving and saving animals, and our pets. Mr. Krishna Kumar may learn something from this animals about alertness, love, brave, honesty about our great nation. anyway dogs are greater than this filthy man. That poor old father (RIP or alive)of Mr. Krishna Kumar did a great mistake by giving him such a great name “KRISHNA KUMAR”. Remember there are many mistaken names in keralas political circles, T.P.SreeRama Krishnan, Bala Krishnan, Vijayan, Swaraj etc.

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