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Out of Kashmir Valley, Indian Muslims are cool?

Posted by jagoindia on August 23, 2008

Here you see the secular facade of Indian Muslims. This facade is worn when muslims are in minority. This is not the real Islam. The real Islam comes into force when Muslim become majority and powerful. Only then you will get to see what is Islam really all about.  Its intolerance towards minorities, violence, hatred are in full display when Muslims take over.  Kashmir Muslims, who have evicted the minority powerless Hindus are the face of real Islam,  the secular talk of Indian Muslims represent the face fake Islam. Don’t be fooled!

Out of Valley, Muslims cool


New Delhi, Aug. 16: Muslims living outside Jammu and Kashmir are largely neutral to the raging violence and the state’s divisive politics and most blamed their Valley counterparts for bringing things to such a pass.

Leaders of mainstream community organisations said Valley Muslims needn’t have raised the Amarnath land “bogey” and voiced fears of slipping back into the Babri era if the BJP joined local episodes with the larger political theme of Hindutva.

“The Valley is basically against India’s secular ethos,” said Maulana Khalid Rasheed, Lucknow-based president of the national Ulema Council, as he articulated a dominant view among clerics on the Kashmir crisis.

“For decades, the government has been giving land and creating facilities for religious purposes for all communities,” the All India Muslim Personal Law Board member added.

“When crores of rupees were given for the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, did you hear a single protest from Muslims? When the state made arrangements for Bakri-Id and the Prophet’s birthday, did any Hindu object? Or when land was given to house Haj committee offices? The secular law that applies to the country must cover Kashmir as well.”

The point Rasheed was trying to make was the protests over the land transfer to the Amarnath shrine board had reinforced the stereotype perpetuated by the RSS-BJP that this was how Muslims behaved towards Hindus in a state where they are in a majority.

“Kashmiri Muslims with their distorted perspectives don’t realise that disrespect towards a religion is un-Islamic,” he added.

While the maulana, an influential voice among north India’s theologians, reflected what it felt like to be in a community under political and social duress, others sounded more blasé about Kashmir.

“Why should we stick our neck out for Kashmiri Muslims?” said another law board member who didn’t want to be named. “They brand us Hindustani Muslims, they never sympathise with our problems. Issues like Ayodhya didn’t move them. We cannot buy land in the Valley. They don’t have social relations with us.”

Kashmir is not represented on the board or in any major Muslim organisation. Nor have these groups ever taken up Kashmir-related matters. “With their separatist mindset, we dare not induct them,” said a cleric, unless a person qualified as a “mainstream” Muslim like central minister Saifuddin Soz, who was a member of the Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat.

Majlis-e-Mushawarat chief Zafarul Islam said he had “learnt” from sources that Muslims living in Jammu were “targeted” because of their religion. “So we cannot remain indifferent to such humanitarian issues,” he said, but clarified that barring an expression or two of “sympathy”, his organisation was unlikely to do anything more.

Asked why Muslims didn’t react to human rights violations in the Valley, Syed Nizamuddin, the president of Patna’s Imarat Sharief, said “this business is dicey”.

“There are violations on both sides, of civilians and security forces. It’s a battle between the people of the Valley and the Centre in which we can’t be expected to take sides.”

4 Responses to “Out of Kashmir Valley, Indian Muslims are cool?”

  1. C S Sundaresha said


    You are misleading the nation. India government is not funding Kumbh Mela, It is only creating some facility like roads and lights for pilgrims, and providing some security for pilgrims. Government providing these facilities to all the functions. In fact government earns several time more than what they spend for Khumbh Mela! In Karnataka alone government earns about 700 millions from temples!! In turn how much government is spending for Hindus?? Can you tell me how much government is earning from Churches and Masjids?

    On the other hand, government spending on Haj is direct subsidy on air travel and other expenses involved, are there any earnings to government in this? Now Andhra government is giving subsidy to Christians for going to Vatican and Bethlehem!! India is a haven to minorities and hell to majority community.

    Now other non Kasmiri Muslims are silent!! This silence should not be interpreted as a secular act; there is nothing secular in it. When Muslims population substantially increases in other states of India, they will become more Jihadi than Kashmir Muslims. Only two types of Muslims are existing, terrorists and potential terrorists!!

  2. SadIndian said

    Muslims are the parasite consuming India and yet we Hindus are bending backwards to please them even at the expense of our own interests. Majority Muslims are quiet on Amarnath yatra, meaning they are providing silent support to the separatist forces, otherwise any patriotic person’s conscious will be bothered and Muslims should consul ‘their brothers’. But, behind closed door, they are no doubt celebrating eid of yet another victory against Hindusm. India should study how great nation of Israel deals with these animals. They deliver heavy dose of suppression at the slightest mischief by the muslim animals, and it appears to be working fine. I wish we could clone Gujrat CM Modi for every state. Muslims are truly “Namak Haram” bastards and should be treated as such, without any mercy.

  3. Ashok said

    Just found on another place here is the cut and paste…….NICE ANALYSIS>>>

    Kashmir problem is a serious problem….. it is not the problem that has started recently. It has existed since Islam first showed its face in Kashmir. And it will also vanish once people understand the basic fundamental problem is not with the people or India or Pakistan or Muslims or Pandits but the problem is with ISLAM. Have u interacted with muslims without islam they are humans and good people, but the moment you add Islam they become Killers in the name of allah. Kashmir my homeland and Birth place is not the only place that has this typical problem…. it is almost any where and every where Muslims are there.

    Problem is very clearly within the roots of Islam…. Understand muhammad to understand Islam…. “In allah hu musabrin” god is with the people of patience…… but if the islam is indeed religion of peace that it claims why IS EVERY MILLITANT THE TRUE FOLLOWER OF ISLAM….. Islam teaches them to kill anyone that doesnot beleive in Islam and Allah or muhamad and is not ready to converyt to Islam.

    In what way is a kashmiri pandit different…. when it comes to kashmiri muslims they are just being tru muslims who follow quran…….
    Islam says:
    Love thy neighbour because he will come to your help first……
    But if he follows another faith try to convert him to Islam…….
    And if he doesnot then Kill him…………

    My brothers and sisters learn that if we want to have peace all over the world help our muslim brothers and sisters to overcome the fundamental problems with Islam…. Direct them to ….

  4. Ram Sharma said

    This Radhika Ramasheshan is disgusting. She known very little, but still writes, making mostly pro-muslim, anti-Hindu and casteist comments. Shame on the newspapers who encourage her non-sense.

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