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SIMI uses ingenious methods of communication to evade police

Posted by jagoindia on August 29, 2008

How Simi avoided being tracked by the police
Harish Chandra Singh
Friday, August 29, 2008 04:40 IST,

JAIPUR: The proscribed Students Islamic Movement of India (Simi) used ingenious methods of communication to evade tracking by security agencies. And that was one of the main reasons why investigating agencies took so long to detain Simi leaders, said an official related to the investigations.

Usually intelligence agencies track electronic or phone records to tap suspects.
However, in case of Simi this method failed initially.

The email system used by Simi members was a unique one. The top brass of Simi knew each other’s email login and passwords. Instead of sending an email, they would open the email account of the would-be recipient, paste the message and then close the account. The recipient would open his account and could check the message. As no mail was sent, through any server, it was near impossible to track the communication.

This method of communication using the Web first came to light after the arrest of an ISI agent in Jaipur. During interrogation he revealed that ISI used this method to send messages. This clue can give new way to the police investigation. In case of mobile phones, investigating agencies and police faced hurdles. Ahmedabad police searched thousands of mobile phone calls but did not get proper leads. The answer to this baffling problem came only with the arrest of Sajid Mansoori, the main accused in the Jaipur serial blasts. During interrogation he told investigating agencies that he would rarely use a mobile phone. And especially after the arrest of Simi members in Indore he never used a mobile phone. Whenever required he would use a public phone or the mobile phone of an acquaintance. The medical intern of Kota who had been interrogated during investigation had informed the investigating agencies that Sajid Mansoori alias Saleem had used his mobile phone for communicating with his accomplice. More than one lakh phone calls had been searched by investigating agencies to track the terrorists behind the blasts, but only a few of them were found suspicious, said an official of a central intelligence wing who is involved in the investigation. In Jaipur alone the special investigating team (SIT) had searched details of 15,000 phone calls.

Simi also used traditional methods of communication such as sending messengers. The messages would be broken up and sent in bits using code words in such a manner that it is difficult to connect all pieces to prove it, he said. Meanwhile, Shahbaz Hussain alias Shanu, the main co-conspirator of the Jaipur serial blasts fabricated his answers around Simi and national level issues and did not disclose anything related to the May 13 blasts in Jaipur during interrogation by the police on Wednesday.

The police are also allowing him to take his time. Calculating on the basis of 15 days per case his remand can be extended up to four-and-a-half months in the nine cases pending against him. Investigative agencies interrogated Shahbaz on Wednesday but he did not accept blame for the Jaipur blasts and pleaded innocence, said an investigating official. Shahbaz was brought to Jaipur from Lucknow on Monday.

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