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Maoists to actively support Islamic separatists in Kashmir

Posted by jagoindia on September 5, 2008

Maoists to move into J&K?

By Sanjay Basak, New Delhi

Sept. 1: India’s Maoists have decided to actively support the separatists’ “azadi” campaign in Jammu and Kashmir. The banned CPI (Maoist) organisation, in a document released on Monday, exhorted its fighters of the “People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army” (PLGA) to move towards the Valley to join the “movement.”

The document, a copy of which is in the possession of this newspaper, states: “The central committee of the CPI (Maoist) calls upon party members and PLGA fighters to mobilise in support of the Kashmiri people’s struggle for azadi.” The Maoists, who now virtually control large tracts of territory across remote parts of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa, have been looking for opportunities to make inroads in other parts of the country.

The Maoists (also called Naxalites) had earlier moved into Nandigram in West Bengal and extended support to the violent agitation spearheaded by Trinamul Congress leader Mamata Banerjee. When the state’s ruling Marxists “recaptured” control of that area, the Maoists beat a retreat. The Maoists have been targeting the rough terrain of Uttarkahand for quite some time. In the past they have expressed readiness to the insurgent movements in the Northeast.

In Kashmir, they are trying to adopt a slightly different line. The document reads: “The people of Kashmir should come up with the slogan: ‘Neither India nor Pakistan, but a sovereign, independent Kashmir’.” Sources, however, said that this was just an “ideological stance”, and the primary motive was to make inroads in the Kashmir Valley.

It may be recalled that back in the mid-1960s, the Naxalites led by Charu Majumdar had supported the Banglaldeshi guerrillas during the 1971 war against the Pakistan Army.

The CPI (Maoist) document said people should be wary of the “conspiracy of reactionary rulers (read India) to bring in the ghost of Pakistan to justify the brutal repression of the Kashmiri people’s struggle … and their sinister design to whip up anti-Pakistani hysteria and even a war with Pakistan in order to divert the people from the issue of azadi.”

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What’s the deal? US Indian Muslims going all out to support Indian Christians

Posted by jagoindia on September 5, 2008

Since when did the religion of peace handshakes with the religion of love, the jihadis with the crusadis, if you will. Strange things happen and if it gets stranger, then it is in India alone.

Then again, it is not so strange after all, if you look at Indian history. One was busy with the gory Goan holocaust, for the other, the whole cause Mohammed Ghori showed the way.

Watch out for future posting to find out more about this new jihadi/crusadi nexus.

For now here, now let’ hear from our “ummahgrants” in the US.

source: India Abroad, Weekly Indian Newspaper from New York

Despicable Pogrom
Dated Sept 5, 2008

Prominent leaders of the Indian expatriate community in the United States condemn the progrom against the Christian minority in Orissa.

We strongly condemn the attack on innocent civilians and clergy and express our outrage at the rape of nuns and burning down of churches.

We also support the demand of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India that the federal government should deploy the armed forces in Orissa and bring the state under President’s rule.

We urge the government of India to uphold its primary duty, that is, to guarantee the security of life, liberty and property of all its citizens and to uphold the rule of law.

Many of us have been demanding that the perpetrators of the 2002 pogrom against the Muslims of Gujarat be brought to justice. Had this basic demand for justice been met we would not have seen a pogrom against Christians in Orissa. The unchecked infiltration of the law-enforcement agencies and other power centers of the government as well as the education department by Hindu Supremacist groups is the major contributing factor to the spreading violence against the minorities. We demand that the government of India address these root causes of violence against its citizens immediately.

We pray for the speedy recovery of the injured and offer our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims. We promise to work incessantly to get justice and official compensation for them.

Dr. Shaik Ubaid, Shrikumar Poddar, Rebecca Kurian, Saeed Patel, Dr. Shahid Ali Khan, Nasir Chhipa, Mohammad Imran, Fahmida Chhipa, Mohmed Sarif Munshi, Mohamed Hanif Dakwala, Imran Indorewala, Imran Kukdawala, Mustak Alotwala, Dr Waheeduddin Ahmed, Dr. Syed Sohail Ahmed

Signed by 15 people.

Not one word was mentioned about the brutal death of Swami Laxmanananda and four others, nor of the traumatised girls in the ashram or Hindus attacked elsewhere. The full article is reproduced here …which once again shows the Musalman and his despicable anti Hindu motivations.

Trauma in ashram, schoolgirls witnessed Swami’s murder

Ravik Bhattacharya Posted online: Friday, August 29, 2008

Jelaspota (Orissa), August 28: While violence rages across Kandhamal district, in the ashram, where its spark was lit when Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati and four others were killed on August 24, the adults are angry, the children traumatised.

Many of the 130 girls in the Kanya Ashram, a residential school on the campus, were eyewitnesses to the killing of the VHP leader and that incident has burnt memories they will never forget.

“First, we thought someone is bursting crackers and so we ran towards the main gate. Then we saw and heard people screaming and running. There was blood all over the place. Swamiji and Mataji and others were lying in blood. I shouted and ran away, we all started running here and there,” said 15-year old Anita Pradhan. She is from Raikia and has been in the ashram for three years.

According to Anita, it was around 7 in the evening, prayer time in the students’ quarters. Swamiji and Mataji Bhaktimoyee, head of the girls hostel, were inside Swamiji’s room adjacent to the main entrance.

According to eyewitnesses, 10 to 15 men climbed the wall and started firing indiscriminately. They first shot dead Amritanandji, a disciple of Swamiji. The attackers then entered a small room, home to Prabhati Ganta, the guardian of one of the students who was living there. They shot him, too. Later, Kishore Baba, a resident of Boudh, was shot just outside this room.

It was then that they broke open Saraswati’s room. “Swamiji ran into the toilet to save himself and shut the door. Mataji, who hid behind the door, was shot first. The miscreants then broke open the toilet door and sprayed bullets,” said an eyewitness.
Vijaylaxmi Mullick, a Class X student at the ashram, is too traumatised to narrate the incident. Her voice trembles and falters as she remembers. “I rushed towards the main gate along with others only to see some men running around and loud cracking noise. I heard the cries of Swamiji and others. I saw other Swamijis running here and there. I was scared and ran inside the hostel room with another girl. We sat huddled together. Until after a long time, one of the Swamijis came and escorted us out of the room.”

Kusum Pradhan, a Class 6 student, could not venture out of her hostel room after dark following the incident. “I too rushed out after hearing the noise. I saw bodies lying in blood. I touched Swamiji’s feet, who was lying in the bathroom. It was still warm but he did not move. Nor did Mataji, who lay inside the room,” was all Kusum could say.

The 130 girls, who now reside inside the hostels of the sprawling ashram, now cannot venture out. The ashram is guarded by CRPF and Orissa police constables. The girls’ relatives are unable to visit the ashram and take them home because of the violence and the ongoing curfew in the district.

Brahmachari Shankar Chaitanya, who is now in charge of the ashram and is always escorted by police constables and CRPF personnel, seethes with anger against both Christians and the state government. “We had written 30 times to the state government that Swamiji’s and our lives were at stake, that we were being threatened by Christian leaders. Before the incident, we got a letter threatening to kill Swamiji. We formally complained to the police and district authorities. They sent only four baton-wielding constables,” said Shankar Chaitanya. “Not a single minister visited us after the incident, not even of our BJP. The Collector comes sometimes. He gave us rice, dal and sugar for the children.”

Chaitanya alleged that it was Christians, not Maoists, who were responsible for the incident. “The Maoists can never do this. It is Christians who threaten us everyday and they did this,” he said. He alleged that the ashram has been kept out of the peace process. “No one called us for any meeting or to take part in any peace process. As long as are kept out, the violence will continue.”

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Terrorist SIMI obtained finances from US, Indian Muslim organization (Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims (CCIM)!

Posted by jagoindia on September 5, 2008

Cops had SIMI email intercepts in 2001
23 Aug 2008, 0233 hrs IST, Paul John,TNN

AHMEDABAD: The Surat SIMI conference, it is believed, was organized by an assistant professor in Jodhpur University, Abdulhai Abdulsattar Silavat, with two others whose names are still not known. The prime objective of this meet was the recruitment of Muslim youth after the ban was imposed in September 2001.

During the course of the investigation, the police intercepted emails by a SIMI activist from Ahmedabad, Suhel Patel. Suhel was a US-born Indian from Paguthan village in Bharuch district of south Gujarat, living in Ahmedabad for nearly 15 years.

The email messages revealed vital information on the financial support being provided by two US-based organizations: the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Chicago-based Consultative Committee of Indian Muslims (CCIM).

One of the messages dated December 11, 2001 contained a Rs 1.24-crore proposal forwarded by Suhel to one mehman (guest) for sustaining the SIMI movement following its ban in September that year. The break-up of the fund was thus – Rs 48 lakh for the families of the arrested SIMI leaders and Rs 25 lakh as legal aid for fighting their court cases.

Suhel had asked for Rs 12 lakh for offering scholarships for thoseworking for the “cause” and another Rs 7 lakh to launch a magazine on “Muslim brotherhood and making Muslims aware of the fast-changing situation in the Islamic world”.

In his confession to then Surat joint commissioner of police Ashish Bhatia, Suhel confessed to drawing up the proposal following a directive from the then SIMI President Shahid Badr Falahi.

Suhel revealed that one of his brothers-in-law Yasin Ghulamrasool Patel, who owned a printing press in Ahmedabad had travelled to Chicago for collecting funds for SIMI. Suhel was one of the many recruited by Badr to amass funds for SIMI.

Other e-mail messages in Suhel’s account show how money is being transferred from the US to India. Rafik, his Chicago-based brother-in-law, has written to him about an ISNA conference in the US attended by delegates from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore and India on August 31, 2000.

Rafik’s email to one Chicago-based Professor Munnawar Hussein “of the Jamaat” explains the new operations for SIMI which was to target universities, unions, women, farmers and local field workers and create a political wing of SIMI. Rafik’s email to one Chicago-based Professor Munnawar Hussein “of the Jamaat” explains the new operations for SIMI which was to target universities, unions, women, farmers and local field workers and create a political wing of SIMI. Rafik had also advised Patel to delete every message as soon as it has been read.

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