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Delhi needs a Modi: Where there’s a will,there’s a Gujarat and there’s a Narendra Modi

Posted by jagoindia on September 13, 2008

In view of the Delhi blasts… it will be useful to know how Modi handled the Ahmedabad blasts.

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Where there’s a will,there’s a Gujarat and there’s a Narendra Modi
by Rupang Bhatt

here are some parts:

In Delhi, jobless Congressman Digvijay Singh said in his interview that whenever BJP was in trouble, bomb blasts happened in the country. Digvijay Singh claimed that VHP and RSS were involved in bomb making.

And plenty of fashionable secular media persons too jumped in to telecast and publish Abu Bashr’s parents and brothers and villagers ‘our man is innocent’ brand statements.

Our Terrorist

Now look at the Irony. When our Congress men and their allies were passing all nonsense statements like these and more and section of our media was generating sympathetic stories about Abu Bashr and his family to woo Muslims, the man Abu Bashr whom they were trying to project as ‘The Great Indian innocent Muslim-2008 targeted by fascist Narendra Modi government’ was himself confessing his involvement in Ahmedabad blasts in presence of a resident judge.

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