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Is Orissa a target of Indian Muslim terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on September 15, 2008

Is Orissa too a target?
Express New Service 15 Sep 2008
BHUBANESWAR: The-mail sent to media houses during the serial blasts at Delhi warned of more such attacks. Going by reports, the mail said it is ‘not at all difficult for us to attack you in States like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.’

Does Orissa figure in their list? Or is it that the terrorist outfit made an indication what a soft target the State could be.

Indian Mujahideen, version two of Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), is stated to be behind the act. It is SIMI which is a cause of concern though the State Police continues to maintain that it has been dormant all along. The security and intelligence agencies have come across the activists of this outfit just a couple of times in the past.

Top police officers, however, do not rule out sleeper modules in communally-sensitive pockets of Orissa. ‘One cannot be complacent because such modules come to fore only when a mishap occurs. Just don’t rule them out.’

Given the porous borders and the sea routes which have no surveillance, such apprehensions cannot be taken lightly.

Sources said the State’s vulnerability is multi-fold. The Left extremists are on the offensive already and Orissa is fast emerging as an economic destination.

Besides, Puri, one of the four Dhams in Hindu religion, makes for another one for the terror perpetrators.

An emerging concern, however, is that Left wing outfits, which have spread their base to large parts of the State, have lately been taking a strong religious stand, mostly against Hindu organisations. It is out in open after the Kandhamal violence. Police apprehend that this could be a cause of worry since any understanding between the organisations can prove dangerous for the administration still trying to match up to their terror tactics.

In its e-mail, the IM made profuse mention of ‘anti-Christian’ activities in Orissa and same was the stand of CPI(Maoist) State organisation committee. The latter had also talked about Hindu organisations targeting minorities, such as Muslims.

Meanwhile, the State Government has asked the police to remain on high alert in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri and Rourkela.

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