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Summary of Delhi blast Indian Mujahideen email

Posted by jagoindia on September 15, 2008

The full text of Indian-Mujahideen’s email on the Delhi blasts is now available and posted here

Indian Mujahideen email (Uttar Pradesh blast)
Indian Mujahideen email (Jaipur blast) : Not just a claim, a manifesto for jihad
Indian Mujahideen email (Ahmedabad blast blast)
Indian Mujahideen email (Delhi blast) – below

The complete contents of the 13 page email of Indian-Mujahideen will be provided, once it is available online. For now TOI and The Hindu have a summary a summary:

This time terror email was late
14 Sep 2008, 0121 hrs IST,TNN

NEW DELHI: Indian Mujahideen, the hardline splinter of SIMI that is suspected by intelligence agencies to be behind the serial blasts in Delhi, followed the routine of sending an email to the media to coincide with the blasts, it came with a difference. Unlike in the previous instances, where emails from Indian Mujahideen arrived before bombs went off in courts in UP towns, Jaipur and Ahmedabad, the latest hate message vowing “Eye for An Eye” revenge sent from Mumbai reached 11 minutes after the first of the bombs had exploded in Ghaffar Market in Karol Bagh.

While the first blast in the Ghaffar Market happened at 6.10pm, the email arrived at 6.26pm.

Also, while the IM spoke of nine blasts, the city till late evening had suffered five — a mismatch which pointed to the possibility of some of the bombs planted by the gang failing to go off or a last minute change of plan that the plotters were not prepared for while crafting the terror mail.

Preliminary investigation suggest that the email which, in keeping with the pattern had been drafted earlier, was sent from Mumbai and bears, intelligence sources are pretty convinced, the signature of Abdul Subhan Usman Qureshi, the techie jihadi from Mumbai who continues to elude intelligence personnel and cops from different states. It warns Maharashtra chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh and his deputy R R Patil of facing the consequences, a pointer to Qureshi’s deeply entrenched Mumbai connection.

Captioned “Eye for An Eye, The Dust Will Never Settle Down”, the 13-page email makes it clear that the choice of Delhi was intended to make a statement of capability to strike at prized targets just after the crackdown on the IM/SIMI activists in connection with the previous terror blasts. “To dreadfully terrorise you this time, by the Will and Help of Almighty Allah, we are about to devastate your very first metropolitan centre, your most strategic ‘hindutva hub, your green zone — yes! It’s your own capital”.

The latest email from Abdul Subhan, who uses his alias “al-Arbi”, which has the theme of revenge running through it, reads similar to the previous ones in many ways — references to scriptures to justify the attack on non-believers, warnings of more attacks against those behind “injustice and oppression” inflicted upon Muslims all over the country, boasts of capacity and reach to strike anywhere and warnings to cops, media and judiciary.

There was also the familiar stress on the indigenous character of IM, ironically with the help of the term “homegrown” which has so far been used by officials and security agencies.

Like on previous occasions, the email warns cops and agencies engaged in anti-terror operation and particularly those behind the crackdown on IM/SIMI — in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh well as the Intelligence Bureau.

The sender, as in his previous mail, calls those arrested for Ahmedabad, Surat and Jaipur blasts — from Mufti Bashar to Shahbaz Hussain who importantly has been identified by the owner of a cyber cafe as the one who sent the mail warning of the blasts in the capital of Rajasthan: a suspected ploy to mislead the investigators.

Also, there is no let-up in the effort to intimidate the cops, the media and the judiciary by warning them of retaliation. If anything, the warnings have become more ominous.

There is no regret either for the previous atrocities, with the IM even threatening to repeat the barbarity it committed by attacking hospitals in Ahmedabad.

Yet, it is different in some crucial ways. To begin with, in comparison to the emails that preceded the blasts in courts in towns of UP, Jaipur and Ahmedabad, the latest one is thin on references to scriptures — a factor which could be attributed to the imprisonment of Mufti Bashar, the Azamgarh cleric who provided the religious input for the drafts sent by Subhan till he was arrested for Ahemdabad blasts.

But what is more significant is that it is decidedly more political marked by a determined effort to court the “liberal/secular” opinion by accusing the cops, the media and the judiciary of double standards in their approach to terrorism: the argument being that the activists of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad are not treated as terrorists even after they are caught making bombs in Kanpur and Nanded, and in Tamil Nadu. The IM disdains the Bajrang Dal activists who were killed while making bombs as “apes”, but the desire to achieve parity with the Hindu right is significant, coming as it does in the wake of suggestion from politicians that Hindutva outfits are as worthy of a ban as SIMI.
“The word terrorism is never used when a story on Sangh violence is told, no matter how large scale the violence is. The violence unleashed by the Sangh Parivar in Gujarat was defined only as expression of communalism and the same is case with what happens in Orissa at moment”, complained the IM.

The political content is conspicuous also by an effort to appear as custodian of Muslim interests by taking cudgels for issues — from Babri demolition to Amarnath protests — issues which have a resonance among mainstream Muslims too. But more crucially by making a common cause with other victims of ‘Sangh terror’ — Christians and Dalits. The idea of a broad coalition of all minorities and Dalits in a broad anti-Hindutva coalition is not new, but its use amid clear signs of unease within Muslims about the radicalisation of sections within it is immensely interesting.

The calculation to isolate BJP and other Hindutva outfits — RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal — comes off clearly with the Indian Mujahideen declaring, “Let us make it clear to all the enemies of Muslims, especially the Hindus of India, that the BJP backed RSS, VHP Bajrang Dal, and the entire Sangh Parivar would be the only responsible factors for whatever horrifying tragedies you are to face in the nearest future. The cause will be these wicked bastards and the effect will be on the entire nation”. End
From The Hindu
NEW DELHI: In the fifth in a series of manifestos issued by the Indian Mujahideen since it began a series of nationwide urban bombings in 2007, the terrorist group has said Saturday’s serial bombings were intended to “stop the heart of India from beating.”

“We the Indian Mujahideen, ask Allah, the Almighty, to accept from us these nine explosions which were planned to be executed in the holy month of Ramadan,” states a 13-page manifesto and video slide-show e-mailed by the Indian Mujahideen to media in the midst of the bombings.

Charging Indians with harbouring “never ending hostile hatred in your hearts against Islam and its people,” the manifesto says that the bombings are intended to “prove to you the ability and potential of [the] Indian Mujahideen to assault any city of India at any time.” It promises that more terror attacks fill follow “to punish you even before your earlier wounds have healed.”

Much of the manifesto is devoted to holding out threats to the police and media. It states: “Be it the ATS [Anti-Terrorism Squad] of Maharashtra, the ATS and ACB of Gujarat, the OCTOPUS [Organisation for Countering Terrorists] of Andhra Pradesh, or be it a psychological propaganda war by the biased media, none shall be spared when it comes to vengeance – the Qisas.”

For the first time, the Indian Mujahideen makes reference to the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir. “The injustice and pain inflicted on Kashmiri Muslims during the Amarnath crisis has once again landed you in great trouble,” it warns.

Describing the Delhi bombings as “a tribute to all our brethren martyrs in Kashmir,” the Indian Mujahideen says, “We announce that from now on, Inshallah, the Muslims won’t cry alone, our women won’t be widowed alone, our children won’t balone [sic., be alone] and scores will be settled evenly.”

Interestingly, in an evident response to anti-jihadist clerics who have in recent months attacked the Indian Mujahideen, the e-mail lays claim to the legacy of famous regional jihadists. “We have carried out this attack in the memory of two most eminent Mujahids of India, Sayyed Ahmed, Shaheed and Shah Ismail, Shaheed (may Allah bestow His Mercy upon them), who had raised the glorious banner of Jihad against the disbelievers in this very city of Delhi.”

Sayyid Ahmad of Rai Bareilly and Shah Ismail died at Balakote, Pakistan-administered Kashmir, in May 1831, in what is present-day Pakistan-administered Kashmir, while waging an unsuccessful jihad against Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s kingdom. Ahmad’s followers went on to set up the Jamaat Ahl-e-Hadis — a neo-fundamentalist order that has drawn million of mainly-peaceful followers, but has also inspired south Asia’s largest terrorist group, the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Pakistan-based Lashkar units are thought to have trained several members of the proscribed Students Islamic Movement of India, from which the Indian Mujahideen has drawn its cadre.

Indian Mujahideen operatives had issued the first of five similar manifestos in November, 2007, minutes before the bombing of three trial court buildings in Uttar Pradesh.

Police in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan believe that this e-mail was drafted by Lucknow-based businessman Shahbaz Husain and cleric Abdul Bashir Qasmi, both of whom were arrested earlier this month. Both the address used to send the e-mail,, and the pseudonym used to sign ‘Guru al-Hindi’ bore interesting similarities with Husain’s personal e-mail address,

Sources involved in the investigation of the May serial bombings in Jaipur said they believe Husain, with some advice on theological issues from Qasmi, also drafted the e-mail issued by the Indian Mujahideen in the wake of the attacks. Like the court-complex e-mail, this document was also signed by ‘Guru al-Hindi’ and sent out from an e-mail address containing his name, guru_alhindi_jaipur@

Later Indian Mujahideen manifestos are believed to have authored by Abdul Subhan Qureshi — a Mumbai-based software engineer-turned top Students Islamic Movement of India bomb-maker who was profiled in The Hindu on Saturday.

Qureshi, police sources say, designed the graphics-rich Portable Document Format manifesto attached to an Indian Mujahideen e-mail issued by its most ambitious terror operation so far, the attacks on Surat and Ahmedabad in July. This third e-mail manifesto bore the signatures of both ‘al-Hindi’ and ‘al-Arbi’, or ‘the Arab,’ and was sent out from Forensic specialists have established that the handwriting used in the signature for ‘Arbi’ closely matches that of Qureshi.

Later, ‘al-Arbi’ sent out a fourth e-mail to decry the arrest of key suspects alleged to be involved in the Indian Mujahideen, including Qasmi. In this last e-mail, he promised to execute further attacks.

Saturday’s terror manifesto bears the signatures of both ‘al-Arbi’ and ‘al-Hindi,’ but the writing used for the second name is significantly different from that used in earlier Indian Mujahideen documents — a fact which could bear out police claims that the individual it refers to has been arrested.

5 Responses to “Summary of Delhi blast Indian Mujahideen email”

  1. […] Summary of Delhi blast Indian Mujahideen email The complete  contents of the 13 page email of Indian-Mujahideen will be provided, once it is available online. For […] […]

  2. Lunte Samte said

    Meanwhile, attacks on Christians and Churches continue unabated. It’s time to think who is our REAL enemy?

  3. ANAND said

    Friends let us understand the root cause of these blasts all over india.

    If there is anyone to blame i first blame the R.S.S ,Bajrang dal and other political groups who claim to be hindu protectors.

    The gujarat pogram =3-5000 muslims were killed ,raped and burnt for political reasons!.It was a state sponsered massacre .I as a hindu feel ashamed. They went to the police but recieved no help..When a person does not get justice from the law he takes the law into his own hands. Victims of all the riots all over india who did not get justice are ready recruits for these terrorists. To stop terror we must not let our politicians take advantage of our faiths and provoke us to kill each other..
    Iam not saying that the blasts are justified. it is a cowardly act and the people who did it will go straight to hell!. But this is the truth. Now Christian churches are being attacked ,nuns raped,looted and killed ..soon there will be christian terrorism because the politicians are biast.they dont want to take action against the rioters because they feel they will lose the majority vote bank.
    When the British ruled us they adopted a policy “DEVIDE AND RULE” it is the same policy our politicians use today and it will destroy the country.
    Let us not fall prey to the political drama created by these parties for votes. Please my friends we are all one….we are Indians
    Therefore i conclude for every mishop,riot,blast there are 3 groups of people to blame =politicians,politicians and most of all politicians ..

  4. test said

    ur comment is an eye opener for everyone

  5. daram veer said

    See borther anand,

    When the bomb goes off it will not see who is RSS and whos is bajrang dal because the bombs are placed under your own seat.

    you will not have second chance to think.

    better you think how to erase the terrorism.

    the islamic vengence is there in india for the past 700 years in the name of jihad. so , RSS and VHP cannot make much difference. It is a natural path for muslims to go in jihad .

    or if you plan to be a muslim then it make a sifference as you will also become one of the terrorist or suppoerters and then be safe.

    THINK ABOUT IT . think for the goodness of your children.

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