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Why Don’t Muslims Kill in China?

Posted by jagoindia on September 15, 2008

There are certainly a few who made news during the Beijing Olympic Games, but by and large, the Chinese government has effectively taken care of this scourge. Read on

Why Don’t Muslims Kill in China?
July 27, 2005
Because the Chinese would blow them off the map. Democracies are much too kind to diversity, especially killing cults such as Islam. Freedom-based countries are used to giving in, even to those with whom they disagree.
So it is that Muslims, knowing this, make murder while the sun shines. And they will continue. There will be no let up, none, though freedom-based citizens think that it will someday cease. It won’t.

Now that Muslims are on a rampage, they will continue until the last Muslim commits suicide. And one can imagine how many eternities that will take. So in that we peace-loving citizens have our dilemma.

Not so in China.

You don’t read of Muslims blowing up anything there. Why not? Because the Chinese would bomb their holy sites, their travel routes, their prayer mats while mosques would glow splitting through the sky via Chinese whatevers.

China has no history of diversity or tolerance. China has a party line that one goes along with or finds himself in the pit. In other words, China will not be plagued by Muslim murderers global until the Muslims slay everyone else off the planet except the Chinese. Then the Chinese will see who wins the finality. It will be the Chinese, not the Muslims.

Can freedom-based countries learn from the Chinese? I wonder.

Ali Sina, webmaster and editor for, writes truth: “The hatred of non-believers and the instruction to kill them is expressed unequivocally in the Quran in hundreds of verses. True Muslims, those who read the Quran and are familiar with the sayings of Muhammad, cannot condemn terrorism because terrorism is Holy Jihad and Jihad is a pillar of Islam.”

Daily Ali Sina attempts to convince Muslims and non-Muslims that Islam is not a religion but a killing cult. It will stop at nothing. Its deceit levels are numerous. And its suicide actors are waiting in line to fly into Allahland for the eternal orgy with playboy bunnies ad infinitum.

Ali Sina should know. He was once a Muslim. Having seen the light of truth, he now spends his life on the side of fact pedaling. May his number increase. But don’t hold your breath on that count.

A friend emailed me this truth flyer on bumper stickers:

Know Islam, Know terror

No Islam, No terror.

China agrees with that saying. China knows Islam. China knows terror. China manufactures its own terror and so will not tolerate any other brand. Therefore, in China no Islam, no terror. It should be thus in America.

America should not permit one more Muslim to come into the country. No matter what credentials.

America should round up all Muslims now in the country and inter them in camps. No exceptions.

America should be that kind of example to Great Britain in particular now that Londoners are dealing with their bloody merry-go-round of Muslim bait and carry.

Once America gets rid of Muslims in present location, then America should proceed to bomb a Muslim geography every time a Muslim zealot snuffs out an innocent life.

Keep on with the bombing till there’s nothing left of Muslim hold-out locales. This includes mosques with clerics. This includes silent Muslim despots’ palaces. Blow up the Muslim telecommunications, rail bridges, and their ships in every Islamic port.

There is no other answer to this horrific problem.

Every time I hear a freedom-based politician give forth with resolve platitudes following carnage, I want to cry. It’s either that or scream at the TV. I’m beyond screaming. I’m almost beyond weeping. But not yet.

I believe there is still a chance for sanity to overrule this insane killing cult. But it can only be seen through by being absolutely aggressive on many fronts.

If there’s any question as to how to ward off the murderers, perhaps a lesson in Chinese would help. End

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5 Responses to “Why Don’t Muslims Kill in China?”

  1. 11 said

    Ridiculous nonsense.
    It’s so funny that people would say that without knowing anything about Islam or China.

  2. Allaban von Troskovoch said

    Some of your details are no doubt off and some conclusions mis-informed, but in the whole I agree, Islam does not attack China because China wouldn’t tolerate it. If Islam tried screwing with China the way they are with the rest of the globe, they’d get their asses handed to them the good old fashioned way- brutal overwhelming force!

  3. mohit said

    see moslem try to shw there aggression in china ,my dear china is not like fucking coward indian govt,i hope against hope at least 20-30 indian politician should be dead in india during parliament attack,so taht indian forces might be free to erradicate moslem pakistan for good,but see our politicians have such good luck that during there protection 10 indian protectors were dead ,& i assure you pakistan no one will do any thing against you if you can repeat mumabi style attck as we hindu indian are biggest chute of first order ,very diplomatic wont act aginst islamic pakistan ,because they have fear in thi way vote bank of congress will get angry with them you know whom moslem vote bank,IT IS UNTILL & UNLESS WE IN INDIA DONT RETALIATE TO ISLAMIC AGGRESSION OF MAGNITUDE LIKE POST GOHRA CARNAGE WE CANNOT CONTROL THEM AS MOSLEMS IN INDAI ARE SILENTLY PROCURING BOMBS,GUNS SO TAHT ON D DAY WHEN MUSLIM IN INDIA CAN CHALLENGE HINDUS + POLICE THEY WILL BUTCHER HINDU IDIOT HINDUS ON STREET AND MIND YOU THESE BEARD MULLAHS WILL NOT SPARE HINDU WOMEN CHILDREN ALSO /WAIT HINDUS you will pay price for your peace loving,progessive tolerant attitude towards islamic barbaric tyrants by 2020 + vely when they will equal hindu population and tahn watch fun of blood curdling act of them as they are known for treachery.see hindu whores in india how they are running after moslem loffers even forgetting that hindu women have worst suffer by islamic forces,god save this religion of stupid nuts like hindus who are timid ,fearful and has guts like pimps,i can say hindu women are more aggressive tahn hindu males taht is for sure taht is why they have so much beauty contest and are far superior to dumb hindu males.

  4. Gyani said

    Mohit you really have the right knowledge about the ground realities. The situation is really hopeless till each and every Hindu stand against the Muslims as early as possible.

    It’s 200% right. Only the chinese policies can save from evangelists and the Muslim terrorists.

  5. Lilkykins said

    I don’t see Chinese Hans hating on Hui muslims. I’m a Chinese. It’s only those xx Uighurs that kill the Hui muslims and Han Chinese. Ethnic Cleansing much? Maybe for the damn sake of humanity. This is what you get when you’re an uneducated xx misinterpreting the Holy Quran and going on a rampage suicide bombing.

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