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Muslim mob attack Hindus in Kanavalli village, Karnataka

Posted by jagoindia on September 16, 2008

First the pseudo-secular report, then the VHP report.

The cowardly pseudo-secular media generally gives out hints as to how is the aggressor, but fight shy of naming them directly. In this case, “As many as 110 persons, including Ibrahim Mulla, have been arrested for disturbing peace.”  indicates it is the vile Muslims as usual the aggressors and Hindus are the victims

Communal clash leaves 1 dead in Haveri village
14 Sep 2008, 0701 hrs IST,TNN

HAVERI: One person was killed and 13 were injured in a communal clash at Kanavalli village, 14 km away from here, on Friday night.

SP Vikas Kumar said prohibitory orders will be in place till Sunday night and the situation is under control. District magistrate Prashant Nalwar along with a strong posse of police are keeping vigil.

Trouble started over disputed sports meet results on Thursday. Though the issue appeared to have died down, the next day, it erupted with one group setting fire to houses of the other.

Hanamantappa Sotteppanavar (60) died on the way to hospital after being seriously injured in the clashes during which sickles and iron rods were used. Shivappa, Siddappa and Shivu are undergoing treatment at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hubli. The other 10 injured are at Haveri district hospital.

Savitravva told reporters that her houses have been ransacked, cash and gold ornaments looted.

She and her children have taken refuge in Samudaya Bhavan. The house belonging to gram panchayat member Tippanna Mailannavar and four others were ransacked and cash, gold ornaments have been looted, said the sources.

As many as 110 persons, including Ibrahim Mulla, have been arrested for disturbing peace.

DC P S Vastrad said Rs 1-lakh compensation has been given to the dependents of Hanamantappa, and Rs 25,000 to each of the three who were seriously injured. End
Muslim mob attacks Hindu settlement in Karnataka: VHP
Submitted by editor on Mon, 09/15/2008 – 21:19
Terrorism Correspondent
In Kanhalli, a village about 20 kms from the Haveri district place in North Karnataka, a mob of about 1000 Muslims attacked a small settlement of unsuspecting Hindus on 12th September, in the night. Actually some people are claiming that this was result of some earlier sports dispute. But the truth seems to be otherwise. It seemed to be a premeditated attack as just before the attack started, the electrical lines were cut.

Incidentally, all the homes that were purposely targeted by the Muslim mob belonged to the Hindus belonging to the Scheduled Castes. Over 100 homes were completely destroyed. One Hindu aged around 60 years, has unfortunately died in the attack by the looting and rampaging Muslim mob. Over 10 Hindus are now admitted in the hospital with serious injuries.

VHP karyakartas have reached the spot forthwith. Already the police have arrested over 130 Muslims. Many of them have been charged with murder charges as well as have been booked under the Atrocities Act. A temple was destroyed and a lot of looting has taken place during the attack. Many bulls as well as cows have been stolen as well as killed during the attack. A curfew has been imposed in the area. Already VHP team has offered a helping hand to the Hindus who have fallen victim to the sudden and unprovoked attack.

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