Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Ahmedabad Muslims torch Goddess picture, attack Hindu temple

Posted by jagoindia on September 17, 2008

Another instance of Islam in action. And the muslim loving pseudo secular press will never report these news items.

Click this article and photo of 20 August, deshgujarat here


Even in 2002 riots Muslims did not touch a single Hindu temple, but this time in Shahpur riot Muslims have dared to vandalize a small but old Hindu temple near Golvad circle. Muslims even torched Hindu Goddesses’ pictures and ‘Chundadi’ a holy piece of textile. Police commissioner himself had to rush to the place. Police fired 23 shells of tear gas on crowds. Earlier on Monday police had to fire 29 tear gas shells and 5 rounds of bullets to suppress Muslim rioters. Unquote

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