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10 years ago, Tauqeer was arrested for Babri posters, let off after a fine of Rs 200

Posted by jagoindia on September 19, 2008

10 years ago, Tauqeer was arrested for Babri posters, let off after a fine of Rs 200
Sagnik Chowdhury Posted: Sep 18, 2008 at 0138 hrs IST

Mumbai, September 17 While Abdus Subhan Qureshi’s mother made an emotional appeal to him to surrender to the police even if he was not linked to the Delhi or Ahmedabad serial blasts, The Indian Express has learnt that the suspected SIMI Terror mastermind was arrested — the only time that he has been held — and convicted way back in 1998 for painting slogans and putting up posters condemning the demolition of Babri Masjid on the eve of the anniversary of its destruction. He got away with a fine of Rs 200 imposed by the court.

Incidentally, the terror e-mail sent minutes before the Delhi Blasts and suspected to be authored by Tauqeer, contains several references to the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) Additional Commissioner of Police Parambir Singh said today that on December 5, 1998, Qureshi, alias Tauqeer, and two accomplices were arrested by the Pydhonie police, a small, nondescript police station in south Mumbai, on charges of defacing Government property by pasting SIMI posters and writing slogans on walls.

Police knew little about Tauqeer, who was 26 then and lived in the Masjid Bunder and the ATS hopes that the two men who were arrested with him, Tariq Ismail Mohammed, then 23, and Salim Abdul Qader Sheikh, then 28, could provide useful leads. The three were convicted by a local court on November 18, 1999, fined Rs 200 or sentenced to 15 days imprisonment if they could not pay the fine, sources said.

“That was the only time Tauqeer has been arrested,” Singh told The Indian Express. “Since it was a bailable offence, he was released on a surety.”

According to the ATS, Tauqeer was also booked under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act in 2006 for distributing jihadi literature — a case in which top SIMI leaders such as Safdar Nagori and Shibly Peedical Abdul were co-accused. Besides this, Tauqeer is also wanted in a case registered at New Friends Colony police station in Delhi in 2001, in which former SIMI president Shahid Badr Falahi and SIMI activist Saif Nachen are co-accused along with four others.

2 Responses to “10 years ago, Tauqeer was arrested for Babri posters, let off after a fine of Rs 200”

  1. satwa gunam said


    Open any newspaper every muslim intelligentia blames the society for the muslim isolation. But they never do a contemplation to see that 50% mistake are with them. When they donot want to accept their mistake how will they correct it. Following are my dispassionate perception about the riase in fundamentalism including muslim, hindu and christians :

    Has any person done soul searching for the sudden raise of hindu militancy. All newspaper love to talk an utopian ideal without looking into the true reason for the raise. Common hindu has started supporting hindu radicals. That is the truth. However every hindu abhors violence. I request you to publish this as part of your letter editor making correction where ever required without removing the content of the email.

    1. Muslim does not want to be part of the society and they want to be separate in all aspect.
    2. Double standards of civil law whereever it suits and sharia where they want
    a. What did the muslim community do the shah bano case. What is wrong in a old lady getting an alimony.
    b. Sachar committee is quoted for muslim backwardness and no assistance from government. I am a son of a poor
    hindu and i have not seen any thing from government but for lip service. We were sibling of five, however
    three of the sibling have two children and two have one child. If the muslim chose to have multiple
    wife and multiple children without the capability to support what can any body do. They do the
    greatest injustice to the country in the bring up the denominator and the per capita income.
    c. Modernization of the madrassa.
    3. When hindus were killed and displaced at kashmir not even a word of sympathy and rallying, so how do u expect
    the reverse.
    4. Global village and communication : Hindus who visit all over the world see the discrimination against hindus in
    western countries and gcc countries respectively in favour of christians and muslim. That is the reason, why
    modi got maximum funding and support of NRI all over the whole for his victory. Every hindus thing that atleast
    there must be acountry for oneself. Might be an insecurity but that is the feeling
    5. Affinity of the indian muslim towards muslim ummah. However no practice neither by the ummah nor by the Indian
    muslim. Show me one case of a rich gcc girl marrying indian muslim. If a muslim in kashmir believes on islamic
    ummah he would not create just a problem which will create problem for crores of muslim in the mainstream
    india. Tribe is caste equivalent in islamic world and their affinity for that is greater than religion and
    country. That is the reason that isreal survives and palastine lands up fighting among themself fueled by rich

    6. A question to muslim, why is that the parsi’s, jews [ orginated from middle east ], jains and buddhist could
    live peacefully in india and not the muslim. India is one country which had not persecuted any religion under
    any rule, but for muslim rule where jazi was paid as tax by hindus.
    7. If hindus would work to remove bad practices like untouchability, sati etcc. what is the role of moderate
    muslims in the last few decades on reforms.
    8 You might say about the fatwa issued against terrorim in delhi. Too late, too little and it is perceived by the
    whole world as lip service.
    9. Religion mixing with politics. It was done by muslim cleric as tool of political blackmail of congress and
    secular party. Now if the whole 60% decide to vote for a party what will few percentage matters.

    These are perception and if you have fairness try to write an article on the same, even if you do i would not know whether your establishment will allow this to happen.

    Though of few word about muslim so called intelligentia :

    1. First loves to show their face to media
    2. Leave the poor to the clerics. No conviction of taking their views to the masses and get them to moderate view
    rather than they go to the hands to religious fanatism.
    3. Ask for reservation as dalit muslim where islam talks about universal brother hood and no caste.

    I tried to publish this in a forum called karuthu and was not allowed by moderate. I expect the same from newspaper also if not, i will suprised as a voice of hindu is commualism in the pseudo secular world.

  2. hi said

    please don’t kill innocent people.God(Any religion god)doesn’t told to kill the people.

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