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Delhi blast Muslim Indian terrorists wanted continuous attacks, relished maximum casualty (Islam in action)

Posted by jagoindia on September 22, 2008

IM terrorists were desperate to carry out strikes Delhi
Press Trust of India
Sunday, September 21, 2008, (New Delhi)
The Indian Mujahideen terrorists, who carried out blasts in Delhi and other cities, were so desperate that they wanted “continuous” strikes of terror and would get “restless” if this was not happening.

The members of the group would even compare with each other the “success” they had achieved in causing maximum casualty while carrying out the blasts.

This is what Delhi Police claim after interrogating five activists of the 13-member module and analysing their laptop and other documents.

“The module used to get restless when blasts were not happening and Atif (the main man in Indian Mujahideen) used to tell the members that there is a drought in newspapers and we have to do something,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) H G S Dhaliwal said on the basis of interrogation of three terrorists arrested past midnight.

Each member would be deputed to a separate place to plant bombs and after carrying out the blasts all would return to the hideout and watch news channels to see the impact of their action, he said.

“They used to flip channels to see and compare whose bombs caused how much casualty. Those, whose bombs caused lesser casualty, would be teased by others,” Dhaliwal said.

The 24-year-old Atif, who was inspired by the philosophy of Al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden, had meticulously planned these explosions to the minutest details like how the bombs would be placed, what clothes the bombers would wear and whether or not they would be clean shaven, he said.

“Their main aim was to target crowded places so that the blasts could result in large casualty…Their general feeling was that something should happen continuously and there should not be any vaccum in their activities,” Dhaliwal said.

They used to wrap the bombs in grey polythene bags and cover these with garbage like banana skin while placing in the dustbins to avoid detection, he said.

The arrested militants had at least four years of association with Atif, who usually tells them “to do just what they are assigned to do and not ask questions about future plans”.

A laptop, believed to belong to Atif, also had photographs of Tauqir and video clips of the Ahmadabad blasts, which were sent in emails shot off to various media organisations. “Interestingly, there were some photographs of Mohd Saif with a punchline ‘the most wanted’,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Speical Cell) Karnal Singh said.

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