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Azamgarh, major recruitment centre for Indian Muslim terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on September 23, 2008

Azamgarh, terror nursery in eastern UP
Press Trust of India
Saturday, September 20, 2008, (Azamgarh)

Azamgarh, the small town in eastern Uttar Pradesh, which is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and has earned notoriety as a nursery of terror, is said to be home to a dozen activists of the banned SIMI.

Once known for Hindu-Muslim synergy and high intellect, Azamgarh has come to be known as terror’s breeding ground, because it has provided a very fertile land for the SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) and other such outfits to flourish.

Top intelligence and police officials now say that the arrest of Abu Bashar, a top SIMI activist, from the Saraimir area in Azamgarh, was not merely a coincidence but may be the first of many such arrests.

“There are many SIMI operatives in eastern UP but about two dozen of them are quite active. They are very active at certain times but mostly they are dormant. About a dozen of them belong to Azamgarh,” the officials said.

“We cannot pick them up without direct evidence of their involvement in the anti national activities,” they added.

They feel it is not surprising that the two terrorists, Atif and Sajid, who were killed and Mohammad Saif, who was apprehended in the Delhi encounter on Friday, belonged to Azamgarh district, said a top police official of Uttar  Pradesh, who did not want to be identified.

There are a number of sleeper cells of SIMI, which can be activated at any time and they are the real problem, they said. end
Dawood to Atif, ill-famed sons of Azamgarh
22 Sep, 2008, 0259 hrs IST, ET Bureau

NEW DELHI: Even before they could recover from the shock delivered by the arrest of a cleric from one of the villages for his alleged role in the Ahmedabad and Jaipur blasts, the people of Azamgarh received another rude reminder about their district’s fast-growing reputation as an active breeding ground for jihadi terrorism by the stunning revelation that the September 13 serial blasts in the Capital too had an Azamgarh connection.

Interrogation of the Indian Mujahideen member arrested in the wake of the bloody encounter that took place at Jamia Nagar in south Delhi on Friday took the Delhi Police special branch to Azamgarh.

It led them to conclude that a module comprising 13 terrorists, all of them hailing from the eastern UP district, was responsible for carrying out the September 13 serial blasts in the Capital, which left over 25 people dead and some 100 injured.

The disclosure has reinforced the perception that Azamgarh had emerged as one of major recruitment centres for the jihadi outfits.

Atif, the alleged mastermind of the September 13 serial blasts, and Sajid, who were killed on the spot in the Jamia Nagar shootout, and Mufti Abu Basher, join a fast-expanding list of notorious sons of the soil from Azamgarh, a list that includes several high-profile names such as Dawood Ibrahim, Haji Mastan, Chhota Shakeel and Abu Salem.

At one point of time, the best sharpshooters in the Mumbai underworld too hailed from this district, and Shahid Badra, the first president of the banned Simi, too had roots in Azamgarh.

Intelligence agencies at the central and state levels now have Azamgarh firmly on their radar, even as security experts and sociologists try to unravel the mystery behind the district’s brush with infamy.

Police officials who have served in the district in the past contend that Azamgarh’s tryst with radicalism began in the late sixties of the previous century, when a large number of people made a beeline to west Asia in search of jobs.

“As their numbers swelled, the district soon began to thrive on money-order economy. Pockets of opulence started sprouting, particularly in and around Sarai Meer, and they rubbed shoulders with boroughs of abject poverty,’’ a SSP-level police officer from UP told ET.

The increase in economic prosperity of a section of the populace also led to the creation of strong hawala network. Azamgarh at one point time had become a major centre for illegal money transactions.

The increase in financial clout of the people of this areas was, however, not accompanied by any discernible improvement in the educational status. “There was good money, but no good education. Madrasas, which had mushroomed in the region in the meanwhile, occupied this space.

Jihadi outfits out on a recruitment drive found it easy to work on children receiving education in these institutions by indoctrinating them with radical ideology,’’ the officer said.

The youth, according to another officer who’s done a stint in Azamgarh, were also turned on by the `success stories’ of Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem and Chhota Shakeel. “These elements became the role-models, reference-points for the youth brigade.

Now everyone wanted to take the same route to acquire fame and wealth, and also glamour, in the shortest possible time. Of course, the absence of any industry and other employment opportunities in the region hastened the process,’’ said the officer.

Officers working in the state intelligence claim that organisations such as Simi and Huji had been active in the area for quite some, scouting around for young impressionable minds.

“We had Abu Basher under surveillance for the last six months. We had inputs that, being a Maulvi, he was actively involved in the process of screening candidates for terror activities,’’ an officer pointed out.

2 Responses to “Azamgarh, major recruitment centre for Indian Muslim terrorists”

  1. Renjith Nair said

    The new argument by certain new founded intellectuals,Pseudo Secularists and certain politically (chronic) biased media like CNN-IBN and NDTV India arguing that poverty and opression of minortiy community is the root cause of the Islamic Terrorism.

    Being a fellow citizen of this country,I absoultely rubbish those arguments.It is again just an escapism to put the blame always on Hindu Majority.

    India remains one of the poorest countries in the world today.750 Million people are in utter poverty in this country. Does it mean that all of them are terrorists or they think adapting to terrorism can take away their poverty??

    Look at Pakistan, A purely Islamic nation, today that country is flooded with terrorists and extremists.Bombs are exploded there and human lives are being lost everyday. Is it because of poverty? Is it because of so called “oppression of minority there”? People should think about it.The root cause of this terrorism is Dirty politics being played in respective countries for personal gains by certain section of politicians and religious fundamentalists. Nothing else.

    Pakistan initiated the terrorism for political bargaining and they will end with it because it is now out of any one’s control. “Those who live with Sword would die with it”

    Contradictory, being an Islamic nation Malaysia is a good exemption why because the prosperity in that country and there development and national integrity comes first Not crooked politics.

    Just by comparing Malaysia and Pakistan one could easily differentiate why terrorism sustains and why not. Even being autocratic, in certain GCC (not the whole Middle East) countries, do bomb explodes there??? Is there human lives are lost so freely and intermittently???

    As long as you appease and appease a certain community for political gain this phenomenon will continue. No doubt. India is the best example.

    Implement the UNIFORM CIVIL CODE and treat all citizens equally irrespective of their religion,cast,creed etc.thereby appeasement,
    vote bank politics ,accusations of oppression,suppression etc. will stop, till then it will bleed.

    That day I can say India will be a Superpower.

    Pseudo Secular Congress politicians, comic politicians like Lalu,Paswan,Mulayam etc.(there is no shortage in this country)and Shabnam Hashmi,John Dayal like crooked social activists should stop abusing people of Hindu religion or the so called

  2. annu said

    Dear readers and authors and editors.

    Good afternoon

    It is to appreciate what very easily and happily you masterminded people have conclude the love story of terrorism and muslims. How glad are the world to know the fact that muslims all over the world are the culprit minded of all the incidents taking place.


    This seems to be very fine by you people to make all kinf od stories and conclude muslims are the destroyer of peace and security throught the humanity.

    But dear let me and all of the worldy innocent speak teh truth about the fact of delhi blasts and Atif SIMI. Please stop attcking we muslims every where. dont put our name in all the wrong doing of the world. Its you stupid minded people who play all the role and attack us unnecessarily. ATIF is not masterminded behind any scene. Its you HINDUS and JEWISH politician and caretaker of the world who make all the attacks and terrorism and attack us. you dont have any prove to conclude your research. ATIF is innocent not only him so many such others like him are not in the list. ITS, RSS, BAL THACKERAY and MODI and others are behind all the terrorism in INDIA. you have unneceassarily killed that innocent child, in BATLA HOUSE, in DELHI. the fact is that the home minister was afraid of losing his seat in the ministry and parliament and the election was approaching. in order to win the seat and preserve himself he needed some issue to tackle himself, wanted some innocent children to be killed so that he shows the media that his governemnt is working for the society. BULLSHIT

    ALLAH and the real caretaker will reward you for all this. HE will punish you and your future severly. Its you people have killed innocent in TAJ MAHAL hotel and in MUMBAI city. why?

    why? you kill us and then name as we did. its you. you stupid mined people are the destroyer of humanity and peace. please stop it, else nature itself destroy u. remember it, we will not do anything, only the nature itself will destroy u. you will regret for what you are doing. stop balming, Azmies , muslims, and such like people.

    i have to say so many things, but my words are meaningless, i have no time for your kameeni stuffs. i cant swear at you lot to have myself into all these mini stuffs, which may effect my image and heart. all i have to say it dont dig hole for yourself.

    take care for your future

    best regards


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