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Bangalore: Violent Muslims pelt stones, at Ganesha immersion

Posted by jagoindia on September 24, 2008

Cops fail to pre-empt Ganesha route clash

According to a Gangondanahalli resident, the police failed to clamp down on a group of trouble-makers who had instigated an earlier communal clash in the area

By B K Lakshmikantha
Posted On Tuesday, September 23, 2008,

Is it too much to expect pro-active, pre-emptive measures by the city police, especially in the present communally surcharged situation? Even before the initial shock caused by the attack on three city churches could die down, the communally sensitive area of Nayandanahalli and Gangondanahalli in the Chandra Layout police limits witnessed a clash on Sunday evening during a Ganesha idol immersion procession.

The violence spilled over to Monday morning and more than 10 policemen, including a DCP-rank officer, sustained injuries in the stone-throwing resorted to on both days. Prohibitory orders under Section 144 have been imposed in the area for the next three days.

The police are being blamed for letting things get out of hand under their very nose. They allowed a Ganesha procession playing loud music to pass by a mosque during the Ramzan evening prayers. One thing led to another and the inevitable clash followed.

“The Chandra Layout police could have averted the clash between the two communities on Sunday night if they had taken note of our complaint against four persons in the area who are behaving like goondas,” said Raju, a resident of Gangondanahalli.

Idol attacked

A similar clash between the two communities had occurred on Sept 5 during a Ganesha procession in Gangondahalli, when members of one community threw stones at the idol. The police and local politicos intervened to calm tempers and took note of the residents’ complaint against four persons who allegedly instigated the violence. “But the police did not take any action against the miscreants, and this time the same persons, along with others, threw stones and eggs at the Ganesha idol and the processionists,” Raju said.

There were also reports of a mild lathi-charge on some members of one community. On Monday morning, at 9.45 am, local MLA Somanna visited the place to calm tempers but his visit only aggravated the situation, with some members of the Muslim community shouting slogans against the police and hurling stones at them.”Around four to five police personnel sustained minor injuries in the incident. The police had to resort to a mild lathi-charge and a few persons were taken into custody,” a police officer deployed in the area said.

Prohibitory orders

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror on Monday, DCP (West) B Shivakumar said one ACP, one DCP and four Inspectors were injured during Sunday’s clash.

Following the imposition of prohibitory orders, the streets of Nayandanahalli and Gangondanahalli wore a deserted look and there was an air of tension in the Masjid-Ul-Ansar mosque area.

Meanwhile, four fire tenders were pressed into service to douse a fire started by miscreants in a wood godown near the Ganesha temple in Nayandahalli. A large complement of police personnel from the west division and four KSRP platoons are camping in the area to keep the situation in check.

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