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Blinkered Indian Muslim organisations see US-style war in India

Posted by jagoindia on September 26, 2008

So what else is new?  The same humbug, awash with platitudes of conspiracy, blaming others, and then go on to demand this demand that crap. These slimeballs do know how to live in a peaceful, secular India.  Let them to to Pakistan and lead their Islamic lifestyles there!
Minorities see US-style war in India

New Delhi, Sept. 22: A conglomeration of Muslim organisations today accused the UPA of “duplicating the American war on terror” and put forward a charter of demands that included a probe into Friday’s encounter.

The Co-ordination Committee of Indian Muslims, set up recently to counter the “targeting of Muslims in the name of war on terror”, has also sought an immediate ban on the VHP and the Bajrang Dal and a probe into “all possible angles of terrorism”. It has also pressed for a high-level judicial inquiry into Friday’s Delhi encounter.

The conglomeration comprises the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, Jamaat-e-Islami, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, All India Milli Council and the Muslim Political Council of India.

“After the nuclear deal, the Manmohan Singh government is aping the American model of fighting terror to please Big Brother (the US). This is bad for the country,” said Mujtaba Farooq, the committee’s convener.

The panel is giving final touches to a sermon to be sent to imams across the country and read out on September 26, the last Friday before Id. Apart from explaining the circumstances behind the formation of the organisation, the sermon describes how the Congress-led Centre is targeting Muslims in the name of terror. It also includes a list of youths arrested on terror charges.

The committee will hold a rally in Delhi on September 26 where it will demand the dismissals of home minister Shivraj Patil and the chief of the Intelligence Bureau.

On the Jamia Nagar gunbattle, the leaders alleged the government had “sacrificed a good police officer… to save the skin of the home minister”.

The tenants of Batla House, the shootout scene, had placed all documents before police for verification, the leaders claimed, adding that the police could easily have avoided the incident if they had done their duty properly.

“We fail to understand why the alleged terrorists were not caught alive,” asked S.Q.R. Illyas of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

T.A. Rahmani of the Muslim Political Council appeared to echo him, saying “provocative” searches and encounters “smack of a pre-planned conspiracy and betrays the police’s inability or unwillingness to face courts”.

The committee has said that at least a third of the officers in a team combing a Muslim locality should be from the community and minority leaders from the area should be made part of the interrogation team.

“Such steps will restore some credibility to the discredited police and security agencies,” said Zafarul Islam Khan, president of the Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat.

A legal team of the committee has visited the shootout spot in Jamia Nagar and prepared a report that apparently points out a number of loopholes in the police story.

One Response to “Blinkered Indian Muslim organisations see US-style war in India”

  1. Ashutosh Kumar said

    For how much longer will Muslim organizations such as these continue to have their proverbial ‘Head in the sand’.When will they recognize that there is a problem called Terrorism and that it is a world wide phenomenon.That of late its most enthusiastic participants have been misguided Muslims.How can they ignore the fact that for many preceding years motley collections of self appointed leaders of the Muslim community are adding fuel to a fire that is consuming and dividing the planet.Instead of providing wise guidance and enlightened leadership they are, on the contrary, sowing the seeds of their own further alienation.

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