Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

The peace religion’s Afzal planted car bomb at Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital: Islam in action

Posted by jagoindia on September 28, 2008

Isn’t this ample proof that Islam is a religion of terrorism.  Even a normal criminal has some boundaries. But Islamic terrorists have no such qualms in murderous attacks on hospitals, of all places.

‘Afzal planted car bomb at Civil Hospital’
25 Sep 2008, 0309 hrs IST,TNN

AHMEDABAD: Afzal Usmani (32) was the one who had put together the bomb that was meant for Civil Hospital.

According to city police officials, “Afzal had not only stolen four cars, but had also driven one which was explosive-laden to Ahmedabad. Afzal had also accompanied Zahid Shaikh of Juhapura while planting the car bomb at Civil Hospital, which killed 29 of the 57 people who died in blasts in Ahmedabad on July 26,” said police sources. Zahid has already been arrested by the city police.

“After planting the car bomb, the two had waited at a safe distance till the explosion took place. Some of the pictures that were part of the third email of Indian Mujahideen, sent just before the serial blasts in Delhi, were taken by Afzal and Zahid,” police sources added.

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