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Attendance dips at Jamia Milia depts as two Muslim students arrested on terror charges

Posted by jagoindia on September 29, 2008

Attendance hit in Jamia depts
Irena Akbar
Sep 26, 2008 at 0007 hrs IST

New Delhi, September 25 Following the arrest of two Jamia Millia Islamia students — Mohammad Shakeel and Zia-ur-Rehman — for their alleged involvement in the recent serial blasts, the university has seen a steep fall in the attendance of students in its Urdu, Arabic and Islamic Studies departments.

Professor I M Khan of the Islamic Studies department and a member of the university’s Academic Council said the attendance had fallen to just about 25 per cent of what it was before September 13 — the day the encounter at Jamia Nagar left two suspected terrorists, including Atif who too was a Jamia student, dead.

“In my class, just about 15 of the 50 students attend lectures now,” he said, pointing out that the shortage was unusual considering the fact that attendance had always been higher during Ramzan when “students don’t indulge in frivolous activities such as idling at coffee kiosks or bunking classes to catch a movie”. “They have either been called back by worried parents or asked to vacate accommodations by insecure landlords,” said Prof Khan.

The attendance shortage is specific to the three faculties. Prof Ravindran Gopinath’s History department has seen no dip in the number of students. “Almost all students of Urdu, Arabic and Islamic Studies are Muslims. Secondly, many of them belong to eastern UP, which is getting a bad name as most of the arrested suspects belong to Azamgarh,” he said. Attendance has also been unaffected in the Architecture department, according to lecturer Ayla Khan.

Prof Farhana Siddiqui of the Arabic department said: “Even though the university has a predominantly Muslim enrolment, students of my department fit the stereotypical terror suspect profile — beard, a skull cap and chaste Urdu.” She said only five students were attending her class that had a strength of 55.

Faculty members are now busy counselling traumatised students, especially boys. “Students are complaining that while their Jamia I-cards earlier helped them use Internet cafés and public libraries, the very same cards now work against them. We are telling them to focus on studies, forget the heavy police presence, and avoid the media,” said Gopinath. Students, they said, were now not stepping out after 7 pm.

The fear was palpable during the peace march organised by Jamia on Thursday. There was no slogan shouting. Most students refused to speak to the media and instead expressed themselves through placards that read, for instance, “Why can’t Sonia visit Jamia in bad times like she visited DU” and “Islam condemns violence”.

A few of them, however, did speak up. “We are with Shakeel and Zia till they are proven guilty in the court of law,” said a B.Tech first-year student from Bihar, pleading anonymity. Another student, who even refused to reveal his department, said: “This university was founded by freedom fighters. It is now being branded as a hub of traitors. We want to correct that image.”

The procession included the alumni too. IT engineer Samia Bashirduddin skipped office to be a part of the march. “Being an alumnus of a university whose image has taken a beating puts me under the radar too,” she said. The university is reaching out to the residents of the area too. “Every one in Jamia Nagar is associated with the university in one way or the other. We have to be there for them,” said Professor Archana Prasad of the Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies.

Gopinath defended the university’s decision to use UGC funds for providing legal aid to the arrested students. “There is nothing wrong in helping the two till a judicial probe proves them guilty.” Prof I M Khan said: “We are also telling the landlords who are turning away students for want of documents to check up with our proctor office for verification.”

Prof Prasad said: “Some of my students come from the families of landless labourers in Kerala. They are all here to build their future. The media and the police shouldn’t destroy their dreams.”

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Indian tax payers to fund Jama Millia’s legal support to Delhi blast Islamic terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on September 29, 2008


Gopinath defended the university’s decision to use UGC funds for providing legal aid to the arrested students. “There is nothing wrong in helping the two till a judicial probe proves them guilty.” Prof I M Khan said: “We are also telling the landlords who are turning away students for want of documents to check up with our proctor office for verification.”

Prof Prasad said: “Some of my students come from the families of landless labourers in Kerala. They are all here to build their future. The media and the police shouldn’t destroy their dreams.”

Here is a letter in Central Chronicle summarizing the this atrocious a act of Jama Milia vice chancellor.
central chronicle, september 26

A questionable decision
This refers to the report Jamia to provide legal help to two arrested students. By any yardstick, it is a perplexing decision. Just because the two suspect students happened to be students of the Jamia Millia Islamia, it doesn’t entitle them to have any association with a terrorist group. The matter is under investigation and the police has the unfettered right to interrogate the terror suspects and their associates. There is, however, no logic in the University’s decision to provide them legal help under pressure from religiously motivated group sympathetic to the two students. It will become well-nigh impossible for the state to take action against any suspect and the Police to interrogate any terror suspect if institutional support is forthcoming in such cases. Already, ii is being alleged by the coreligionist neighbourhood that the Jamia encounter in which 2 terror suspects and an Inspector of Police lost their lives was a fake encounter…

RJ Khurana, Bhopal

Jamia University to provide legal aid to Delhi blast suspects
Tuesday, September 23, 2008  21:28 IST

NEW DELHI: The Jamia Millia Islamia University would provide legal aid to two suspended students who have been arrested by Delhi Police for being allegedly involved in the serial blasts in the capital.

“Legal aid would be provided till they are not found guilty,” varsity spokesperson Rakshanda Jaleel on Tuesday said.

The varsity had yesterday suspended the students prima facie for their alleged connection with the serial blasts that claimed over 20 lives.

The suspects are subject to verification by disciplinary committee of the university comprising the Vice Chancellor, Dean and Proctor. The committee was supposed to discuss the issue on Tuesday but could not meet.

Meanwhile, the varsity vice chancellor Prof Mushrul Hasan has appealed to students to exercise restraint and maintain dignity in the wake of the developments.

“There are, doubtless, difficult times for each one of us, but we must stand firm against the attempts to defame and malign the reputation of our university. We must maintain the secular and pluralist tradition of Jamia Millia Islamia and reiterate our commitment to the values enshrined in the Constitution and reflected in the world view of the founders of our institution,” he said in an appeal to students.

The vice chancellor will address the varsity students on Wednesday. The interaction, which will not be open to press, aims at holding free and frank exchange between students and authorities, a release issued said.

A peace march will be taken in the campus on Thursday which be led by the vice chancellor. Teaching staff and students will participate in the march.

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Muslim Engineer arrested for Bangalore blasts, cops claim breakthrough

Posted by jagoindia on September 29, 2008

Sami behind blast at Madiwala: Anti-terrorist Cell
Naveen Ammembala | ENS27 Sep 2008 08:25:00 AM ISTBANGALORE: The Bangalore blasts case is finally getting solved as the Anti-terrorist Cell (ATC) has legalised the arrest of Mohammed Sami (23) and police have charged him as the main accused in the Madiwala blast case on July 25.

The ATC team led by ACP KN Jitendranath had shown the arrest of Sami and produced him before the ACMM court here on Thursday evening as an accused in Madiwala case. Sami has been taken into police custody for another 14 days.

He was charged as one of the suspects in the blast in Madiwala bus stand which claimed the life of a woman Sudha Ravi.

Incidentally, the first blast took place in Madiwala and was followed by seven other blasts in the city.  An architecture student, Sami is suspected to have supplied the IED (improved explosive device) which ripped through the bus shelter.

Sami, a 7th semester student of Bijapur’s SeCab Institute, had visited Bangalore with his friends several times and stayed in Bangalore with one of his friends at the time of the blasts.

Sami is a close follower of Abdul Subhan Khureshi alias Tauqeer, who is believed to have taken shelter in Muzzafarabad in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

The Anti Terror Cell (ATC), headed by joint commissioner of police (Crime), Gopal B Hosur and Jitendranath  took him by flight to Pune for further investigation on Thursday night. Sami had, during investigations, revealed that he had ‘links’ in Pune who provided him shelter while he trained for the execution of activities undertaken by the Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), police said.

Sami was later escorted to Bijapur, his native place, on Friday evening. Details of his friends who might also be involved in such activities are expected to be gathered from there.

The ATC also sought custody of Afsar and Tareeque for further investigation.

Engineer in custody: B’lore blasts: Cops arrest student, claim breakthrough
CNN-IBN, Sep 27, 2008

New Delhi: The Karnataka Police claim they have made a breakthrough in the Bangalore blasts case with the arrest of a 23-year-old student of architecture.

Mohammed Sami was picked up from Bijapur a few days ago. He is alleged to have been in touch with Indian Mujahideen mastermind Tauqueer, before and after the blasts in Bangalore.

Reports say the police also suspect he was the man who planted the bomb at Madiwala.

Sami has been taken into police custody for 14 days. A seventh semester student at Bijapur’s SeCab Institute, Sami was staying in Bangalore with one of his friends at the time of the blasts.

Nine bombs exploded on July 25 in Bangalore killing two people and injuring six others. The intelligence agencies suspect the hand of local militants behind the low-intensity blasts. End

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Bitta criticizes Jamia’s move to give legal aid to Islamic terror suspects

Posted by jagoindia on September 29, 2008

Bitta flays Jamia’s move to give legal aid to terror suspects

Indore (PTI): Anti-Terrorist Front President Maninderjeet Singh Bitta on Sunday criticised Jamia Milia Islamia University Vice-Chancellor Mushirul Hasan for extending legal aid to two students arrested in connection with the Delhi serial blasts.

“I strongly condemn the decision of Jamia VC to extend legal aid to those arrested in connection with the Delhi serial blasts,” Bitta told reporters here.

The students had been arrested in connection with the September 13 blasts after an encounter in the national capital, in which two suspected militants were killed.

Hasan had extended legal assistance to the duo.

Bitta criticised the Union Ministry for reportedly speaking in favour of SIMI and alleged that due to vote bank politics there has been a spurt in terror incidents.

“Till such politics continued, terrorism will continue to thrive in the country,” he said.

Bitta said there is a strong need for creation of Anti-Terrorist Courts on the lines of military courts to try anti-national elements and once such court convict a person, not even the President of India should have the power to entertain his/her clemency petition.

He said that the present government lacks the will to fight terrorism and added that like Punjab it should be fought unitedly by pursuing aggressive policies.

Praising Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, Bitta welcomed his statement that the country needed tougher laws to deal with terrorism.

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Extremist Kerala Muslim organization starting pan india party

Posted by jagoindia on September 29, 2008

Fundamentalist Muslim outfit in Kerala plans a pan-Indian political avatar
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Rating:   Posted: Sep 27, 2008 at 2230 hrs IST
Shaju Philip
Thiruvananthapuram, September 26 The Popular Front of India (PFI), a right wing Muslim organisation in south India, is planning a pan-Indian outfit to plunge into electoral politics. The PFI is an umbrella body of Kerala’s National Development Front (NDF), Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) and Tamil Nadu’s Manitha Neethi Pasaria (MNP).

The PFI’s move to form a political party — if it materialises — would have serious implications in Muslim-dominated areas, especially in southern India. At present, the Muslim voters are attracted towards parties like the CPI(M), Congress and Indian Union Muslim League.

The PFI was formed in November 2006 as a common platform of the NDF, KFD and MNP, which have made inroads into Muslim belts in three southern states.

In Kerala, the NDF — a key constituent of the PFI — has been involved in political clashes with the CPI(M) and RSS. Two NDF men had lost their lives in recent violence. Many NDF activists were allegedly involved in the recent political murders in Thalassery and Thrissur.

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