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Muslims rampage in Thane over Navratri pandal, 50 hurt, 1 killed

Posted by jagoindia on September 30, 2008

This pseudo secular link gives the statistics: 1 dead, 50 injured in Thane communal clash

Below Times of India report throws up a clearer version exposing the violent Indian Muslim. When he acquires some numbers, you get to see his real colors, his transition from secular to terror. Will Hindus ever learn how evil Islam and its adherents are?

“People from the minority community are not allowing entry to anyone. Fire brigade personnel watched helplessly when the vehicles were set ablaze,” a police official said.

Riots in Thane over Navratri pandal
30 Sep 2008, 0206 hrs IST,TNN

THANE: The Rabodi area here witnessed tension between two communities over a Navratri pandal on Monday evening.

Police said though the issue was sorted out, tensions developed yet again in the evening. A huge mob gathered in the area, stoned the Rabodi police station and set fire to three cars and a bakery.

Thane police commissioner A P Dhere said, “A group was erecting a pandal and an arch. People from one community objected and there was stone throwing. When police reached the spot, they were attacked.”

The police did not fire, he said, but resorted to a lathicharge. The exact number of injured is not yet known. Dhere said an additional commissioner and other officers had been rushed to the spot. Three companies of the State Reserve Police have reached the site. “We will contain the tension and restore normalcy,” Dhere said.

NCP MLC Jitendra Awhad said, “The VHP and Bajrang Dal are quite active in this area. They insisted that the pandal be constructed at the same spot. The police were trying to bring about a compromise, but matters took a turn for the worse late in the evening.”

VHP leader Shankar Gaikar said, “The trouble erupted over a small temporary gate set up for Navaratri. Some of the rioters were carrying swords.” He blamed a senior police officer for the trouble.

Police have sought the help of senior NCP leader and deputy chairperson of the state legislative council Vasant Davkhare and VHP leaders to help reduce the tension. “People from the minority community are not allowing entry to anyone. Fire brigade personnel watched helplessly when the vehicles were set ablaze,” a police official said.

Additional commissioner of police (crime) Prashant Burde and deputy commissioner of police Bhujangrao Shinde are camping at the spot to sort out the issue. end

5 Responses to “Muslims rampage in Thane over Navratri pandal, 50 hurt, 1 killed”

  1. Beena said

    If Hindus had objected to some Ramadan function this way, it would be called ‘communal’ and even if one Muslim person is hurt in the clashes, it would be called a ‘Pogrom’. There is no end to Islamic madness and media fakery.

  2. An Indian...A proud Indian said

    It seems dat d owner of this website is quite literate and talking all this abt hindus and muslims will still widened the gap…Infact literate people shd b more matured enough to stop communal riots and not give space to Communal disrupcy…
    Amazing website to start a War…..the Tag line itself says..

    Think Big..Think Matured….

  3. jagoindia said

    Under the banner of Muslims rioting during Navratri festival, why don’t you tell us how to act matured, instead of shooting the messenger.

    Your problem is what besets many half Hindus, ie, you don’t know your Quran … a terrorist document which details the worst atrocities to be done to non-believers and exactly what we notice happening to Hindus in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan.

    Get a copy of Quran. Make yourself knowledgable. You can be ignorant of Hinduism, but being ignorant of Quran is a very threat to our existence and India’s, the last refuge for toleration, respect for all beliefs, live and let live philosophy.

  4. K.t. rao said

    Pls read these blogs and comments at
    etc etc to realize how bad neo-colonial forces are ruining India while Hindus are getting poor or very poor ..b/c of exploitation and losing dignity b/c of sexploitation…

  5. K.T. rao said

    Quran has 3 options for infidels- either to be killed or pay infidel taxes – jizya or become an islamic savage/slave. Those who killed with bomb blasts in A’bad were new converts who adopted former role.


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