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Muslim University defends Muslim terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on October 2, 2008

Tomorrow’s news: Jamia student caught with pants down, VC to provide legal support support!
Father can’t abandon child: Jamia varsity V-C
25 Sep 2008, 0139 hrs IST, Manash Pratim Gohain,TNN

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday Jamia Millia Islamia made it official that the university will stand by its students till they are proven guilty. Vice-chancellor Mushirul Hasan informed the ministry of human resources development about the university’s decision to provide legal aid to the students who have been arrested on charges of indulging in terrorist activities.

According to sources in the MHRD, Hasan wrote to the ministry regarding the legal aid being offered and also informed them that this would be done from the students’ welfare fund. The sources clarified that the ministry has no objections to the decision as similar aid has been given to students in the past.

The university administration had on Wednesday organised an interaction between Hasan and the students at the Ansari auditorium. Though attendance in the university has dipped to a meagre 25%, Hasan’s address was attended by more than 5,000 students. Most faculty members stayed away.

Speaking to the students about the university’s decision to stand by the two arrested students, Hasan said: “Does a father abandon his child in times of crisis? Till the time suspects are proven guilty in the court of law they are innocent for us and we will provide legal aid to them. On previous occasions too we have bailed out our students and later they were proved innocent.”

He urged students not to be defensive. “We owe no explanation to anyone except ourselves and to our faith that unambiguously eschews violence. Our commitment is to the rule of law and to the Indian Constitution.” He further asked the students to uphold the secular values of the institution and to condemn any act of terror and violence. He advised them to steer clear of politics within the campus as that is “often exploited by people with vested interests.”

Speaking to the media immediately after the address, Hasan said: “We are not concerned with the police or the legal process. All we know is that an individual has certain constitutional rights and by providing legal aid we are upholding that.” He said none of the boys had had any past records of indiscipline. “Atif (one of the two killed in the encounter) took admission only in August,” he said.

Hasan in his address to the students said: “This is an isolated incident being blown out of proportion. It is being needlessly associated with the university or to a community. Are attacks on Christians in Orissa and Karnataka being linked to an institution?” he asked. The address was followed by anti-media slogans from the students. End

So we pay to get killed

By announcing that it would provide legal aid to its students who have been arrested on terror charges, Jamia Millia Islamia has affronted the nation and the taxpayer. Mohammad Shakeel, a second-year MA student, and Zia-Ur-Rehman (third year BA) were arrested by Delhi Police for their alleged involvement in serial blasts in the national capital. Jamia’s media coordinator Rakhshanda Jalil said, “The university has now decided to provide legal help to the two students caught on Sunday.” He argued that since the two are students of Jamia, “the university feels it is a responsibility to safeguard them until they are proven guilty.” This is the most brazen support to jehad. Since when did the varsities begin fighting the cases for their students? It is not the first time that the students of an Indian university have been arrested, but there is no precedent of the academic dons providing legal aid to criminals. So, why do the Jamia bosses feel that it is their “responsibility to safeguard them until they are proven guilty” is open to interpretation. Unfortunately, it is not just the Jamia authorities which are sympathetic to Shakeel and Zia. “Jamia does not have a students’ body that can fight for the students’ rights,” an agitated professor said. “After Friday’s encounter, no one can now speak openly about the students.” Hence Jamia’s intervention.

A large section of Muslims seem determined to believe that Atif, Shakeel, Zia and their comrades in arms were innocent students who have been unreasonably killed and arrested or are being hounded by the security agencies. Earlier, it was said that the shootout was a cock-and-bull story created by the police. But the death of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma practically buried the charge—at least for some time—for the charges of ‘fake encounter’ are still being made by many Muslims. The actions of Jamia dons will bestow some authenticity to the wild rumours doing the rounds in the community. And, pray, what are the moderate Muslims doing? Jamia Vice-Chancellor Mushirul Hasan said that he would take steps to look into the “well being” of his students. This is the reaction of a most suave Muslim scholar, who waxes eloquent about the country’s ‘composite culture’ and the Sufi tradition and quotes Mahatma Gandhi. And what does he do? He makes the public exchequer pay for the sins of the alumni of his varsity. In fact, it is double whammy for the taxpayer: he pays for the running of Jamia and other Muslim institutes; and when they breed fundamentalism, he is also made to pay for the jehadis’ lawyers. The war on terror has become a cruel joke.

Here is Swapan Das Gupta from The Pioneer

The conflict between “town” and “gown” is an intractable problem that has plagued academia. In obliterating the distinction between the mood of neighbouring Jamia Nagar and the aloofness of Jamia Millia Islamia, Hasan has sullied the relationship between an academic institution and the nation. His combative speech to the students on September 24 is a case in point. According to the report in Times of India (which to my knowledge hasn’t been contradicted), Hasan urged students to not be defensive about the arrest of two colleagues. “We owe no explanation to anyone except ourselves and to our faith that unambiguously eschews violence.” Of course, he added by way of a postscript that “Our commitment is to the rule of law and the Indian Constitution.”

What Hasan has purportedly said is preposterous. He has suggested that a publicly funded institution isn’t accountable to anyone but the Jamia community and “our faith”. I have no theological expertise to pronounce a judgment on whether this faith “unambiguously eschews violence”. It is, at best, a contested assertion. It is also not my case that a religious institution cannot exist. But such an institution cannot be run on public funds. The Constitution forbids it. Either Jamia is a Central University or an institution answerable primarily to “our faith”. Hasan obviously feels it is the latter.

What this incident tells us is disturbing. It suggests that a traditional liberal like Hasan no longer feels the need to maintain a healthy detachment between a rarefied institution and the radicalisation of Indian Muslims. Ironically, it was a willingness to swim against the tide of community consensus that distinguished an earlier generation of nationalist Muslims such as Maulana Azad and Zakir Hussain from the well-bred Liaquat Ali Khans and Khaliquzzamans. In those days, the choice was between a united India and Pakistan; today, it is between democracy and terrorism. If Hasan makes a wrong choice out of personal choice it is a footnote; it is a commentary on his fickleness. If, however, he is moved by community pressure it is a sure sign that the community is totally out of tune with the rest of India.

Bitta flays move to give legal aid to Jamia terror suspects

Indore, Sep 28 (PTI) Former Youth Congress leader and Anti-Terrorist Front President Maninderjeet Singh Bitta today criticised Jamia Milia Islamia University Vice-Chancellor Mushirul Hasan for extending legal aid to two students arrested in connection with the Delhi serial blasts.

“I strongly condemn the decision of Jamia VC to extend legal aid to those arrested in connection with the serial blasts,” Bitta told reporters here.

Bitta criticised the Union Ministry for reportedly speaking in favour of SIMI and alleged that due to vote bank politics there has been a spurt in terror incidents.

“Till such policies are continued, terrorism will continue to thrive in the country,” he said.

Bitta said there is a strong need for creation of Anti-Terrorist Courts on the lines of military courts to try anti-national elements and once such courts convict a person, not even the President of India should not have the power to entertain his/her clemency petition.

He said that the present government lacks the will to fight terrorism and added that like Punjab it should be fought unitedly by pursuing aggressive policies.

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