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Bangladesh immigrants attack Bodo tribals, durga puja idols, Pakistan flag spotted

Posted by jagoindia on October 4, 2008

Communal violence in Guwahati, toll hits 15
Guwahati, October 05, 2008, Hindustan Times

The army staged flag marches in Guwahati’s Udalguri and Darrang districts on Saturday as the death toll in the communal violence between the immigrant settlers of Bangladeshi origin, mainly Muslims, and Bodo tribal members went up to 15.

Eight bodies were recovered from Bhakatgaon and Sonaripara villages of Udalguri district on Saturday.

The two districts continued to remain tense with fresh reports of violence and rioting.

Miscreants set ablaze 60 houses in Jhongapara and 40 others in Dingdong Para villages in Udalguri district.

Reports of houses being torched were also received from Bhakatpara and Garobasti area, both under the Dhula police station.

In Darang district, violence spread to new areas after a mob of the immigrant Muslim settlers allegedly targeted vehicles carrying Durga Puja idols.

The settlers also allegedly torched houses of a linguistic minority in Darrang district’s Dhula and Kharupetia areas.

“Situation in Darrang district is very tense. Besides police and CRPF, the Army was also deployed in several sensitive areas,” said Darrang deputy commissioner Dhruba Hazarika.

A red alert has been sounded in both the violence-affected districts.

The All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) demanded that the Udalguri district be handed over to the Army.

The Assam government has already transferred Udalguri deputy commissioner George Basumatary and suspended SP Vijay Kulligam for “their failure to tackle the situation”.

Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi, who reviewed the situation of both the districts, has ordered stern action against culprits.
October 04, 2008 11:04 IST
Assam: Communal violence toll 10

Eight burnt bodies were found on Saturday from two Bodo villages taking the toll in the ongoing group clash to 10 in Udalguri district where a shoot-at-sight order was on, official sources said.

The bodies were found from Sonaripara and Jhargaon villages, under Udalguri police station, which were attacked in the wee hours by illegal Bangladeshi migrants with bows and arrows. Several houses of a neighbouring village were also torched, the sources said.

On Friday, two bodies were found from a village under Rowta police station even as incidents of arson and looting in neighbouring Darrang district forced the administration to impose curfew in Dalgaon and Dhola on Friday and in Udalguri on Saturday, they said.

Meanwhile, media personnel saw a Pakistani flag atop a pole in Sonaripara village and took photographs of it. Local television channels also ran footage of the foreign flag.

Officials and security forces, however, denied any knowledge of the presence of that flag.

Over 25 serious burn injury victims were shifted to the Guwahati Medical College Hospital, while others were admitted to local hospitals.

The army had been deployed to assist the district administration and additional security forces were rushed there to maintain peace. The army men also flag-marched in various areas.

Fleeing their homes in panic, thousands of Bodos have taken shelter in relief camps set up by the administration in five places, the sources added.

The state cabinet on Saturday met in Guwahati to review the situation in Udalguri and Darrang districts. Home Minister Rockybul Hussain has rushed to the disturbed areas.

Trouble started on Thursday after a group of people belonging to the minority community allegedly stole some cattle from the Bodo-dominated Mohanpur village. The villagers attacked them and clashes followed.

The violence then spread to Darrang district, where over 30 houses were burnt down and several injured at Besimari and Balabari villages, under Dalgaon police station prompting the police to fire in the air to disperse a marauding mob and the district administration to impose indefinite curfew.

5 Responses to “Bangladesh immigrants attack Bodo tribals, durga puja idols, Pakistan flag spotted”

  1. daram veer said

    the more growing of islamic terrorism, the less existance of Islam as a Religion

  2. 49 killed in Assam clashes; 86,000 people homeless

  3. Shantanu Tamuly said

    The violence in Assam is really a shocking incident. And perpetrators of this should be handled roughly. But it is highly unfortunate that the Govt of India as well as subsequent governments of Assam have turned a blind eye to bangladeshi immegration issues. The incident in Udalgure indicates that the time has arrived when these immigrants who are having soft corners for Pakistan would evacuate the indegenious people of India in order to establish the long time dream of Pakistan of installing “Islamic state” carving out of India. The begening would take place from Assam. I we remain silent now also then better we abandon our land and settle somewhere else in the world before these immigrant Bangladeshi forcibly evacuates us.

  4. rakhi said

    For ages upper castes Hindus hated the lower castes so intensely that many converted to Islam. That was the reason of creation of our neighbors Pakistan & Bangladesh beside we have 20% & 7% population of Muslims & Christians respectively.

    Unlike the Hindus who believes all religions are true and inside every person there is a divine soul irrespective of caste & religion and one needs to lead a pure life & meditate in order to realize God (Supreme soul) Islam & Christianity preaches that there is only one God that is Allah or Jesus & others are worthless & therefore they are to be hated. Christianity & Islam both preach violence like killing of heathens & Kaffirs respectively. On the Judgment day or Quamat (death) eternal hell is stored for the unbelievers (Hindus) whereas the believers (Christians & Muslims) will enjoy heaven.

    The Christian missionaries are converting dalits & tribal by giving them money & showing tricks which shows Hinduism in poor light.

    The New Testament & Bible sanctions killing of heathens (Hindu idol worshipers) from earth that’s why they are always hungry for their blood.

    Wherever the Christian have gain majority they have stopped the entry of Hindus like in the states of Nagaland, Mizoram & Arunachal Pradesh where one needs permit In Kashmir no Hindus (under law) can buy any land or property whereas Kashmiri’s can buy properties anywhere in India. All Maoist & Naxals violence which targets the innocent policemen & corrupt ministers crops up wherever missionaries begin their work.Desmond Tutu the famous black south African Nobel prize winner once said when the whites arrived in South Africa they had bible in their hand while we had diamonds but today we have bible & they have diamonds.

    In Koran the idol worshipers (Hindus) are called Kaffirs & Muslims are encouraged to kill kaffirs which will please the Allah & thus they can enter paradise after their death where they will get heavenly beauties for sex.

    Indian parents send their children to Christian Schools like Xavier’s, Thomas or Columbus where they get catholic (Jesus) education which ruins them of their Hindu culture & gradually cannot relate to Hinduism and thus the entire family becomes rootless.
    Therefore I appeal to everyone to learn Sanskrit & do some regular pujas. One should also read the Vedas & the Bhagwad Gita. Further every Indians must wear their traditional dresses when in home or in a social gatherings.

    We are in a mission to reconvert everyone back to Hinduisms through love & persuasion but for that we need money & people.
    Therefore I appeal to everyone to contribute for this noble cause. We want to build Schools, Orphanage center, Vocational training institutes & medical unit in every district.

    Pl also open your home to the poor Hindus, educate them & help them financially & spiritually which will help them to stand in their own feet.
    Pl forward this mail to everyone & save our motherland

  5. rakhi said

    For some time the CPM is slowly losing its grip in Kannur in Kerela.
    The comrades fearing losing election to BJP in the near term has started wiping out by killing them.

    They attacked & killed senior members of RSS some whom are above 65 yrs.
    They have been attacking & killing opposition for the last 30 years whether they are from Congress,RSS,BJP or Trinamool in all the CPM ruled states namely West Bengal,Kerela & Tripura.

    Stalin & Lenin from erstwhile Soviet Union & Mao Tse Tung of China along with their comrades killed & raped millions of there own country men & the communist in Bengal raped & killed thousands farmers in Nandigram

    The Book Das Capital written by Karl Marx sanctions comrades to kill all oppositions as Karl Marx thought that Communism is the supreme form of governance & he hated democracy

    The election commission should take firm steps against them & should even think of derecognizing them

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