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Mumbai blasts wi-fi hacker, email sender arrested

Posted by jagoindia on October 6, 2008

Serial blasts: Mumbai cracks terror e-mail case
6 Oct, 2008, 1720 hrs IST, ECONOMICTIMES.COM

The Mumbai police have cracked the terror e-mail case by arresting the person responsible for hacking the wi-fi network and sending out e-mails before the serial blasts that rocked the country recently.

Md Mansoor Asgar Peerbhoy, 24 year old, earns Rs 19 lakh p.a. and is reportedly working with a top MNC in Mumbai at a senior position and is part of the Indian Mujahideen cadre.

Suspect belongs to a highly educated family and has been an employee with the MNC for several years. The Indian Mujahideen cadre had broken into the wi-fi network and sent out e-mails before the blasts.

Police say they have seized the laptop from which he sent the e-mails. Md Mansoor runs Indian Mujahideen media cell.   End

‘Professional hacker sent mails’
22 Sep 2008, 0656 hrs IST,TNN

AHMEDABAD: In the first e-mail sent minutes before the serial blasts in Ahmedabad on July 26, 2008, it took the security and intelligence agencies al
most five hours to locate the exact place from where the mail was sent.

It was then that the cops zeroed in on the Wi-Fi connection of Kenneth Haywood, a resident of Sanapada , Navi Mumbai.

In the second mail, Guru Nanak Khalsa College’s computer lab was used for sending the mail. The tech-savvy terrorists had outdone security agencies again here. According to cyber experts, “The intruders had even hacked into the administrator’s rights to wipe out the entire internet surfing history along with cookies, important e-links that could have led the cops back to the terrorists. The email sender is a professional hacker and knows his business.”

The third mail received just before the Delhi blasts was no different. Designed in the same fashion, the mail even contained a video. However, considering the size of an attachment, the sender has used .wmv format that takes less space than traditional .mpg or .avi or .mov.

Officials have already seized the router used for sending the mail and sent it to experts to find out the Machine Access Code (MAC) of the machine used for sending the mail. This time, terrorists had used the vulnerable Wi-Fi connection of Kamran Power, a factory in Mumbai.

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