Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

The biggest grievance of Muslims

Posted by jagoindia on October 6, 2008


Vir Sanghvi, in The balancing act (Counterpoint, September 28), rightly pointed out that no society can survive if it negotiates with terrorists or addresses their agenda. Sanghvi could have elaborated the truth that the biggest grievance of Muslims is that the whole universe, created by Allah, is not governed by Islamic laws. Terrorism is just a political term to keep distance between the practicing jehadis and the rest. The bombers relish when they watch the devastation caused by their jehad, which to them must make Hindus and other non-Muslims yield to Islam. The only balancing act would be to generate a resolve to defeat the nefarious designs of these criminals.

Balram Misra, via email

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