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Profile of the 15 educated and professional Indian Muslims terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on October 8, 2008

New face of terror: Educated and professionals
Smita Nair, Oct 07, 2008

Mumbai, October 7: The arrest of 15 more men by the Mumbai police in connection with a string of bomb blasts across the country and the busting of the “media wing” of the Indian Mujahideen has laid bare a network of “educated men from respectable families”, some of them with “highly paid salaries”, working in tandem to wreak havoc, officials said on Monday.

Prominent among the 15 are Mohammed Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy (31), a computer engineer who worked for an MNC, and Mubin alias Salman Kadar Shaikh (24), a computer science graduate. Both allegedly travelled all the way from Pune to Mumbai to send Terror e-mails. The Indian Mujahideen had spent around “Rs 70,000 in training these two in hacking” said Rakesh Maria, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime).

While investigators were probing the terror e-mails, it was an interrogation report of an Azamgarh accused, Shahbaz, by the Rajasthan Police which first indicated the presence of a separate media wing. “It was in the third e-mail that the group emphasised that they had a media wing working purely on the publicity front,” said Hemant Karkare, Joint Commissioner of Police, Anti-Terrorism Squad.

The idea of sending e-mails was to claim credit for the terror blasts, which, they have allegedly told investigators, was Riyaz Bhatkal’s way of getting more attention and thus more funds from people with similar criminal intentions. The media wing’s second threat e-mail sent from Khalsa College’s unsecured wi-fi network was “to deride authorities and get them off track (from investigation),” adds Maria.

While Peerbhoy worked with an MNC and earned Rs 19 lakh per year, Mubin comes from a very educated background and his English skills were used to polish the final copies. Peerbhoy and Mubin took briefs on the content from Riyaz Bhatkal and Iqbal Bhatkal before they drafted and converted them into PDF formats.

According to Maria, the three had earlier conducted separate recces looking for unsecured wi-fi networks across the city on five occasions in areas like Sion, Chembur, Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Sanpada. On July 26, the day of the Ahmedabad blasts, the group had been told to send the terror e-mail at 18:40 hours. The three were taken to Mumbai from Pune by Indian Mujahideen member Mohammed Akbar Ismail Chaudhary alias Yakub (28) in a blue Esteem.

The second e-mail was allegedly sent to divert attention and delay the investigation. The brief for the third e-mail, timed for the Delhi blast, was also given in the same manner with the despatch time at 18:20 hours, adds Maria. The same vehicle was used in all three instances, he adds. The group would split up and take the laptops with them in state transport buses to avoid checking after their task was accomplished.

Five laptops, including the ones used for sending the e-mails, six central processing units, three pen drives and equipment for tracking radio frequency and wi-fi routers were seized from the group.

Nineteen-year-old Javed Mohammed Ali is the youngest among the 15 new faces of terror and according to senior Crime Branch officials, he is among “the highly indoctrinated”. “It was Javed who led us to all the Mangalore arrests,” said Deven Bharti, Additional Commissioner of Police, (Crime), “His statement is crucial as he has admitted that Riyaz Bhatkal even stayed at their home.”

Javed, according to the Crime Branch, had been in touch with many of the other accused, and it was he who led the investigators to the other module members. He has been accused of being a criminal conspirator. While many of the older men were foot soldiers and were involved in transporting cars and gelatin sticks, Javed was also actively involved in training programmes, investigators said.

The group had assigned him the role of a “courier” as his age was an advantage. He was used many times to transport essential items and also act as a communicator between group members. His father, Mohammed Ali Ahmed (44), a civil contractor in Mangalore, has been charged with harbouring terrorists.

Javed, who is proficient in Arabic studies, participated in the conspiracy sessions, according to the crime branch. The training literature used instances of atrocities against Muslims and evidence collected included Jihadi literature, allegedly in Javed’s handwriting.

* Afzal Mutalib Usmani | 30
BACKGROUND: Trained in Pakistan, arrested on 23-09-08
ROLE: Involved in providing stolen cars

* Mohammad Sadiq Israr Ahmed Shaikh | 33
BACKGROUND: Trained in Pakistan twice, arrested on 24-09-08
ROLE: Involved in various bomb blasts in India

* Mohammad Arif Badrudin Shaikh | 38
BACKGROUND: Trained in Pakistan, arrested on 24-09-08
ROLE: Involved in various bomb blasts in India after 2005

* Mohammad Zakir Abdul Haq Shaikh | 26
BACKGROUND: Trained in Pakistan, arrested on 24-09-08
ROLE: Involved in Surat bomb blast

* Ansar Ahmed Badhshah Shaikh | 35
BACKGROUND: Computer mechanic, arrested on 24-09-08
ROLE: Involved in Hyderabad Bomb blasts

* Asif Bashir Shaikh alias Hassan | 22
BACKGROUND: Mechanical engineer, arrested on 28-09-08
ROLE: Active role in Surat bomb blasts

* Mohammad Atique Mohammad Iqbal | 25
BACKGROUND: Graduate in Computer Science, arrested on 28-09-08
ROLE: Active member of IM module

* Dastagir Pheroz Mujawar | 25
BACKGROUND: Commerce graduate arrested on 4-10-08
ROLE: Involved in imparting training to Jihadi activists

* Anique Shafique Sayyed alias Khalid | 27
BACKGROUND: Runs a computer and mobile shop, arrested on 5-10-08
ROLE: Involved in Surat and Ahmedabad bomb blasts

* Yasir Anees Syed alias Huzefa | 20
BACKGROUND: Works in mobile repairing shop, arrested on 5-10-08
ROLE: Active member of IM module and trained at Bhatkal

* Farrooq Sharfuddin Tarkash alias Abdullah | 25
BACKGROUND: Commerce graduate, arrested on 5-10-08
ROLE: Active member of IM module and trained at Bhatkal

* Fazal-e-Rehman Mus Khan | 23
BACKGROUND: Robber of record, arrested on 5-10-08
ROLE: Involved in Surat and Ahmedabad bomb blasts

* Mohammad Ali Ahmed | 44
BACKGROUND: Civil contractor in Mangalore, arrested on 5-10-08
ROLE: Runs a safe house for members of IM

Javed Mohammad Ali | 19
BACKGROUND: Arabic studies in School of Koranic studies, arrested on 5-10-08
ROLE: Active member of IM module and took part in criminal conspiracy

* Syed Mohammad Naushad alias Syedna | 25
BACKGROUND: Civil contractor in Mangalore, arrested on 5-10-08
ROLE: Involved in Surat bomb blasts


* Mohd Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy (31
Arrested on September 28
Principal software engineer, worked in an MNC for an annual salary of Rs 19 lakh; part of the ‘media wing’ of Indian Mujahideen and former SIMI member.

Peerbhoy’s primary responsibility was to collate information and prepare fresh drafts for terror mails. The detailed brief for the mail came from Riyaz and his brother, Iqbal Bhatkal. He also conducted recces of Mumbai on five occasions to search for unsecured wi-fi networks in the early part of the year.

* Mubin alias Salman Kadar Shaikh (24)
Arrested on September 28

Graduate in computer science, held a senior post in support administration at a reputed software company. Peerbhoy’s associate and also responsible in “brushing” up the terror e-mail drafts with “correct English”. Mubin had accompanied Peerbhoy to look for unsecured wi-fi networks in Mumbai areas like Sanpada, Sion, Chembur and CST.

* Mohd Akbar Ismail Chaudhary alias Sayed alias Yakub (28)
Arrested on October 5
Driver, fairly conversant with computers. Yakub, as he was known in Indian Mujahideen, used his driving skills to travel across state borders and carry equipment needed for bombs, including ball bearings used in the Surat bombs. He also drove down Peerbhoy, Mubin and Mohd Arif Badruddin Shaikh (among the five earlier arrested) in a blue Maruti Esteem from Pune to Mumbai on July 26. Similarly, he drove them to Mumbai on two other occasions—to Khalsa College and also to Chembur from where terror e-mails were sent after unsecured wi-fi networks were hacked.

* Ahmed Bawa Abubakar alias Abu (33)
Arrested on October 5
Worked on a farm; he was responsible for transporting gelatin sticks from Karnataka to Surat

* Majid Akhtar Shaikh alias Naseem (26)
Arrested on October 5 End

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