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Muslims pelt stones at Hanuman rath in Burhanpur, MP, 3 killed, 20 injured

Posted by jagoindia on October 10, 2008

Clashes break out in MP, three killed
11 Oct 2008, Times of India, Suchandana Gupta,TNN

BHOPAL: Three people were killed and at least 20 injured in Hindu-Muslim riots at Burhanpur town in south Madhya Pradesh on Friday. The district admi
nistration clamped curfew on the town and issued shoot-at-sight orders to bring the situation under control.

Rioters burned more than 60 shops in Gandhi Chowk area while houses and shops were ransacked in other parts of the town by rioting mobs. Police fired warning shots to disperse rioters.

Police said that the trouble started at 9:30 pm on Thursday when a religious procession was passing through a Muslim-dominated area of Burhanpur, a town close to Maharashtra border. Locals organise a three-day religious fair ‘Balaji (Hanuman) Mela’ right after Dussehra and a ‘rath’ with a Hanuman idol is taken out through the main thoroughfares of the town.

Police also said that the miscreants pelted stones on the ‘rath’ as it was passing through the area. This sparked clashes between the two communities. For next three hours, arson continued. The local administration tried to control the situation by organising a peace meeting of religious leaders but it did not work. Finally it imposed prohibitory orders late on Thursday night.

Fresh riots started on Friday afternoon when Muslims gathered at the Burhanpur’s Jama Masjid for prayers. According to leader of opposition of Burhanpur Municipal Corporation Nafeez Mansaab, fresh clashes started after some unidentified men threw red ‘gulaal’ on Muslims offering prayers.

Almost immediately the town turned into a battlefield. Shops in Gandhi Chowk area were set one fire by a group of rioters, while another group attacked the police. Additional policemen were rushed to the town. Later curfew was imposed on the town.

Burhanpur SP Sunil Jain said, “Whatever the police could do to bring the situation under control was done. Shoot-at-sight orders have been issued and the entire town brought under curfew.” Additional forces have been mobilised from the neighbouring districts of Indore, Dhar and Khandwa.

Burhanpur is an ancient town. Shahjahan’s wife Mumtaz was initially buried here. Her mausoleum was later transferred to Taj Mahal in Agra.

3 die in police firing in MP town after communal tension
Express news service, Oct 11, 2008
BHOPAL, OCTOBER 10 Three persons were killed in police firing and more than two dozen injured in stone pelting and firing in the communally-sensitive Burhanpur town of Madhya Pradesh on Friday.
Prohibitory orders were in force since late Thursday when trouble started over the procession of a Hindu deity in the town. Hindu organisations allege that the procession was stoned by Muslims and it could not reach its destination.

The incident was followed by arson, for which members of the two communities blamed each other.

In protest against Thursday night’s incident, Hindu organisations organised a dharna at Gandhi chowk while Muslims gathered in large numbers to offer Friday prayers.

5 Responses to “Muslims pelt stones at Hanuman rath in Burhanpur, MP, 3 killed, 20 injured”

  1. Dimpy said

    Though it suits you and violence is never justified but to set the record straight, the fact is that initially it was the provocative songs in front of mosque that led to tension early on Thursday. Stone pelting occurred later.

  2. jagoindia said

    Both the articles mention the cause.

    Police also said that the miscreants pelted stones on the ‘rath’ as it was passing through the area. This sparked clashes between the two communities. For next three hours, arson continued.

    Here the Telegraph India report
    “Bhopal, Oct. 10: Three persons died in communal clashes triggered by an alleged attack on a Dussehra procession last evening in the Madhya Pradesh town of Burhanpur.”

    To be sure, there maybe instances where Hindus may be the provocators, but generally such riots are started by Muslims. They do not like the processions to pass near their mosques and are also quick to get violent.

  3. Mystic Fire said

    Dimpy, what provocative songs were played in front of the Jama Masjid that provoked the pelting of stones on Balaji procession?

  4. shibu said

    Dimpy won’t answer. They dont need any songs to provocated. They just wanted a reason to burn the shops near masjid as they want more place around masjid for free. Also they just look for a reason to ransack… kya kare aadat se majboor hai …sari duniya me aag lagate firte hai and sari duniya me dange karte firte hai..

  5. the truth said

    u know nothing , it all starte before one month from ganpathi and ramdan the namaz was going on some guys between 18 to 25 start dj in front of masjid gate , in a loud voice people tell them to go forwarde the driver of the vahical accept it and take it forwarde the guys with the ganpati wherer drunk they asked driver to stop it , he dont they starte bitting him , some muslim standing there try to stop them and make them go forwarde , after that they blow the slogan that burhanpur ko bhi gujrat bbana daga, and more .every thing was ok till that .next day some hindhu extremist come willl 100 or more guys in gandhi chowk at the time of juma namaz, shouting slogans many people dont know wats going on , y all this happning the muslim was also going for namaz they also dont know wats going on , becoz the thing happen last night was only know by few people, after that one death body was going from there they state slogans and come near by it , then also people try to say to muslim guys that go to namz every thing get finished , after the people was returnig from namaz they saw some guys planting stons trowing bikes all that at that time they undersatnd some thing is wrong the poilce and the imam of jama masjid stop muslim guys . the imam said they guys all doing this major of them r minors so let them go . this is second time its happning after gabpati in navdurga utsav, a guy age between 8 to 10 go in a mandap of navdurga to try to eat some fruits by mistak the murti kept with the murti of durga fall down and get broken the people grap him and by chance that guy was muslim , the people starte asking him who send u here to break the murti, the guy says that i come to eat fruits i was hungry but they dont belive himn they starte bittin him and his family, this was the third insident all this make atmophear hot and the police was sleeping not taking any actions i dont know y , people of burhanpur now know the roits is going to happen herer but when they dont know, after navdurga the balaji rat come to gandhi chowk with the same song banaya ga mnadire , some woprd r not good in that song , ever year balaji come with 5 to 10 guys but now therer r many, dancing on the song firt time with dj , they stop in gandhi chowk some muslim and hindu guys age betwee 18 to 25 starte fighting on that , after taht the news take place that muslim rplanting stone on balaji rate but balaji rate was far from the place guys starte fighting no ston was there near by it, after that 1000 to 2000 hidu guys with swords and arms come to gandhi cowk and therer other side muslim was there between this police and the imam of jama masjid trying to stop them this was the fourth time this happen .the night was scary after going from there the hindu guys plant stone on some muslim house and burn two thrree of them,now the night is gone second day was jumma /firday,in morning the hindu politician come to gandi cowk starte giving dharna therer name kalash paikh becoz of him people dont open the shop agin he make atmospher dirty and asking to take balaji rate at the time of namaz this make some miuslim angry and the police siting in the lags of that pollitician who is doing alll this after he do all this at 12 noon he gate away from this, after the namaz the news come that some hindu guys plant stone on a masjid in shikar pura , the guys returning from namaz in gandhi chowk starte breaking shops and try to burn them , police was standing therer no lathi charge no asu gas nothing directly tghe y starte firing on the three guy get deadv there,after that roits take place in whole city , in lalbag majore population is hindu they burn about 100 house of muslim kill four people alll of them was above 55 of age one was female and one was disabale, two hindu guys was also get killed therer but no one get killed therer by police firing in gandhi chowk they kill three guy who burn 20 shop , y they dont fire on guys who burn 100 of houses and kill women disable now u can understand wat was going on ,the election was near by some dorty minds was planing about it no hindu comes forwarde whne a poor get died becoz of hunger they dont come when ur childrens work in hotel , after this police capture many incent and make this roits a money making machine .

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