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Tripura’s 856km border with Bangladesh: major corridor for militants, Bangladeshi infiltrators and criminals

Posted by jagoindia on October 14, 2008

Agartala, Oct. 2: Senior officials in the special branch (intelligence wing) of the state police, who had initially identified Bangladesh-based Harkat-ul Jihadi Islami (Huji) militants as responsible for the mayhem, today said “no attribution” was possible unless investigations made progress.

However, a senior police officer said West Bengal police had informed them last month that militant outfits of the Northeast, specially Ulfa, the All Tripura Tiger Force and the Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO), backed by Huji, had decided to unleash terror in the urban areas through bomb blasts.

“The matter apparently came to the fore after the arrest of a KLO militant leader in North Bengal last month. The information was passed on to the state police, but it was not acted upon possibly because of complacency as the Tiger Force seems to have weakened over the past few years,” he added.

The officer said activists of the outfits were trained by the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) and the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) of Bangladesh in remote Maksingcherra near Chittagong in the use of explosives and urban terror.

Though police officials were loathe to admit it, Tripura’s 856km border with Bangladesh has emerged as a major corridor for transborder movement of militants, infiltrators and Bangladeshi criminals over the past few years.

Barbed-wire fencing over 690km of the border since 2004 has acted as a deterrent against free transborder movement, but militants still manage to sneak in and out of the state. Besides, there are stretches of unfenced areas.

The inherent danger in the situation was exposed by the arrest of Mamun Mia, a Dhaka-based Bangladeshi criminal and gunrunner with suspected connections with the Huji.

The officer said four Huji militants had halted here last month. Two of them proceeded to Karimganj in Assam and Manipur and two others simply “melted away”, according to information shared by central agencies this morning.

“The scenario is complicated and there is no point in hazarding guesses without getting full details,” he added.

“Lax vigil along the border and complacence on the part of police over decline in insurgent attacks in the state may have emboldened terrorists to go for the serial blasts,” another police officer said.

He added that securitymen would have a tough time managing the Pujas this year.

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