Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Islamic leaders: Let’s have surrender policy for Muslim terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on October 17, 2008

Remember the Deobandi fatwa against terrorism. It did not work. Nor would this policy. For the same reason that they don’t treat the root of Islamic terrorism which is Islam itself. Click here. But moron Hindus would sure fall for such gimmicks.

Let’s have surrender policy for terrorists
Danish Khan

Admitting that the youth of their community had been led astray, top
intelligentsia and Islamic leaders have decided to press for a
‘surrender policy for boys who have strayed’ in a bid to bring them
back into the fold.

At a conference organised at the sea-facing ground of Islam Gymkhana
on Friday, prominent leaders, lawyers, educationists, Ulemas and
social workers of the Muslim community gathered to debate on
“Secularism and Terrorism”, during which they agreed in no uncertain
terms that the time had come for decisive action.

“We want a mechanism through which our boys who have strayed can be
taken into confidence and brought back home.

The authorities should draw up a plan for this,” said former minister
Nawab Malik, who set the tone of the meet.

Congress MLA Yusuf Abrahani said, “We have to accept that there are
certain youth from our community who have gone astray. But why and how
this is happening is a question which needs to be addressed urgently.”

Malik said, “In the early ’90s, when a lot of members left SIMI due to
a change in its working style, no policeman or intelligence officer
cared to find out the reasons.

“The boys who left the organisation openly said that Pakistan had
started taking an interest in the organisation and the boys are being
trained. But nobody from the police did anything,” said Malik.

A former housing minister in the state, Malik said the ISI could also
be blackmailing the youth. “The ISI is asking them (youths trained in
Pakistan) to carry out the attacks or else they would pass on their
details to the Indian government,” said Malik.

Maulana Zaheer Abbas, a prominent cleric, said while killing people is
no solution to any problem, the involvement of educated and
well-placed individuals shows they have no confidence in the
administrative mechanism.

“Maybe they are thinking that risking and sacrificing their lives is a
better option,” said Abbas.

“Let us raise our voice against terrorism. Mumbai crime branch chief
Rakesh Maria has said that many of the arrests would not have been
possible without the help of Muslims who supported the police in their
operations,” Abbas added.

Muzaffar Hussain, Congress MLC from Mira Road, chided the Urdu media
for focusing too much on international conflict.

“While the English press should be more responsible, the Urdu press
too should stop focusing on America, Israel, Pakistan, Hindustan,
Musalman and Kabrastran. There are other burning issues too,” he said.

One Response to “Islamic leaders: Let’s have surrender policy for Muslim terrorists”

  1. Yes, many other Islamic internal issues need to be addressed. Like getting rid of stoning ANYONE to death. Or how about getting rid of the “most common interpretation of jihad as being ARMED struggle for the defense or advancement of Muslim power.” (B. Lewis) Or how about dropping the idea of “killing the occupier”. Occupier is ANY non Muslim force “occuping” ANYTHING that was ever Muslim. Or the idea of a poll-tax. (Tribute) Or getting rid of the Islamic idea of electoral policy: “One man (Men only) one vote, once.” Or how about the idea that it takes two women to equal one man in court.

    History has shown that these types of issues will trigger warfare. Like getting rid of the evil of slavery, these issues must be resolved in our favor, or else the war will continue. Time is not on our side. Sooner or later WMD will be obtained by our enemies. The war will become much larger despite our best efforts.

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