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11 year old Muslim girl set on fire by grandad for wearing lipstick in Jaipur

Posted by jagoindia on October 18, 2008

11-yr-old set on fire for wearing lipstick in Jaipur
Swati Vashishta / CNN-IBN

Sat, Oct 18, 2008
BURNT OVER LIPSTICK: Doctors say Nazmeen’s condition continues to be critical.

Jaipur: Eleven-year-old Nazmeen can barely speak. She suffered 99 per cent burn injuries after her neighbour set her on fire – all because she dared to wear lipstick.

Nazmeen was attacked by the man she called nana (grandfather). On Friday, Saleem told the little girl not to wear lipstick. When she defied him, in a fit of rage he allegedly molested her before pouring kerosene on her and setting her on fire.

“He was beating me and when I said that I would complain to my father, he started abusing him. Please punish him,” says Nazmeen.

Police have arrested 55-year-old Saleem, who runs a shop in the Ghatgate area.

Investigating officer on the case, NS Nagora said, “We are looking into the molestation charges as well. Investigations are on and a police team has just been sent to the hospital again.”

Nazmeen is now admitted in a hospital, but doctors say her condition continues to be critical.

Superintendent of Police, Mohan Singh said the girl’s Saleem has been charged with molestation and attempt to murder.

“The accused has been charged under section 307 – attempt to murder – and section 354 – molestation. We interrogated neighbours and the family and they have confirmed what happened,” Mohan Singh said.

Meanwhile, Woman and Child Development Minister, Renuka Chaudhary said, “Lawmakers should such people a lesson. There is no law in the country that states that a girl cannot wear something unless it is absolutely indecent. It is very shocking, backward and illiterate.
Set on fire for being scantily dressed!
October 18, 2008 18:19 IST

In a shocking incident, an 11-year-old girl was set ablaze by a relative in Jaipur, who was apparently enraged with her being ‘scantily dressed’ and wearing a lipstick, police said on Saturday.

The girl identified as Nazmeen suffered 90 per cent burns and was stated to be in a critical condition, Investigating Officer Shammi Khan said.

Police have arrested Salim alias Azzi (55), who allegedly poured kerosene on the girl and set her afire at Dhanna Das Ki Bagachi in Jaipur [Images] on Friday, he said.

Khan said Salim, who runs a grocery shop from his house, took the girl into a room there and asked her younger brother to sit outside. After bolting the room from inside, he poured kerosene on the girl and set her afire.

Engulfed in flames, the girl managed to unbolt the door and ran outside crying for help.

The neighbours came to her rescue and one of them was also injured while trying to put out the flames, he said.

Khan said Salim was a distant relative of the victim’s family and the girl addressed him as ‘nana’ (maternal grand father).

A case of attempt to murder has been registered against Salim, Khan said.

The girl’s father alleged in his statement that the accused set her daughter ablaze after she resisted his attempt to molest her.Khan, however, said the girl had, in her statement, not mentioned anything about Salim trying to molest her.
Grandad burns girl after ‘rape’ bid
19 Oct 2008, 0337 hrs IST, TNN

JAIPUR: A 55-year-old man allegedly tried to rape his 11-year-old granddaughter in the heart of Jaipur. When the girl started screaming for help, he reportedly gagged her, poured kerosene on her and then set her on fire. The girl has been admitted to Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital here with 90% burns. Doctors said her condition is “very critical”.

The shocking incident took place at Dhannadas ki Bagichi in the Lal Kothi police station area on Thursday evening. The man, Saleem, was arrested and charged with attempt to murder. On Saturday, the cops also slapped a molestation charge on the girl’s grandfather from the maternal side.

“We have conducted the girl’s medical examination. She received 90% burn injuries,” said a police source. Doctors at the SMS Hospital said it would take a lot for an 11-year-old child to survive 90% burn injuries.

According to the police, the victim was allegedly burnt by Saleem when she had gone to his shop along with her brother on Thursday evening. “The shop is located a few metres away from her house. Some people saw the girl rushing out of the shop in flames. People rushed to her rescue and somehow managed to douse the fire. She was then admitted to SMS Hospital,” a police official added.

The incident shocked residents of this densely populated area when they saw the girl screaming in pain and running. “When the women standing nearby could not help her fearing the fire would harm them, the girl frantically entered a nearby house. The owner of the house – Mohammed Qureshi – took her back outside on the road where neighbours poured water on the burning girl. In the effort to douse the fire, Qureshi also received minor burn injuries,” a police source said.

Saleem disappeared from the shop after the incident. “In her statement to the police on Friday, she alleged that Saleem burnt her when she tried on a lipstick in his shop. Her relatives, however, alleged that Saleem had taken the victim to a room at the back of his shop and tried to rape her. When she protested, he was infuriated, poured kerosene over her and set her on fire,” the police said.

The police have recovered charred clothes of the girl and a bottle of kerosene from Saleem’s shop. “We have recorded the statement of the girl and her relatives who alleged that Saleem tried to rape the girl. However, he probably could not commit the act as the girl fought back. We have booked him under section 354 (molestation) of the IPC,” Asharma Chaudhary, circle officer (Adarsh Nagar), said.

9 Responses to “11 year old Muslim girl set on fire by grandad for wearing lipstick in Jaipur”

  1. peter said

    Unbelievable. I habe a girl that is 7 years old. I cannot even imagine how sick one has to be to do this….

  2. […] 11 year old Muslim girl set on fire by relative for wearing lipstick in Jaipur 11-yr-old set on fire for wearing lipstick in Jaipur Swati Vashishta / CNN-IBN Sat, Oct 18, 2008 BURNT OVER LIPSTICK: […] […]

  3. catitude said

    Hey wait — before pointing the finger at any particular culture or religion, did the man lock this girl up in a room? What else has he done to the girl?

    This crime makes my blood boil, but for justice to prevail, truth must be upheld. I’ve read several posts and news reports on some Indian media. I can’t see where the religion reference comes from. Altogether it seems to me it’s more like a case of a man trying to abuse a young girl and then cover up the previous evil act in a even more evil way. In fact, many Indian netizens who left comments to online news reports on Indian media while condemning the act don’t make any religious references at all.

    So, please do investigate before you post.

  4. jagoindia said


    The two reports are not my creation but from reputable mainstream English media in India. Now one more report from the Times of India which emphasizes the rape angle has been added.

    Usually Hindus use the Indian identity. Indian Muslims usually append their religion to their Indian identity. In many situations the religious identity is more important.

    While it is true that aggressor can be of any race/religion, it has been noted that Muslims tend to be more archaic in their outlook. With regards to rape, here are three references:

    Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden

    Fjordman: Rape: Nothing to do with Islam?

    Sydney Gang rapes
    (The attackers texted such messages as “When you are feeling down …bash a Christian or Catholic and lift up)

    Indian netizens tend to be naive and politically correct, like their Western left liberal counterparts. Their knowledge of Islam is next to zero. These are the same Indians who blame Hindus for Islamic terror attacks.

  5. Aisha said


  6. mission accomplished said

    And former US Attorney General defnded the attack, saying anti-Islamic stories hindered prosecutions at Guantanamo.

    His former Deputy, Paul McNulty, concurred and expressed distaste for President-Elect Barack Obama’s plans to close the controversial facility.

  7. Atif said

    Does anybody know how that little girl is doing? Please provide update on her condition.

  8. Luke said

    I have an 8 year old niece, when I went home for Christmas I noticed that she had make up on, I can’t see myself setting her on fire over it, in fact I would never set a human being on fire, in fact I would never intentionally harm another person at all, basically this guy is criminally insane, and needs to be forcibly removed from society… with a bullet.

  9. Ulfserker said

    That man was crazy and gone mad.

    How this concerns Islam? Only because that man’s neighbors think he is moslem?

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