Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Kerala police admit to islamic terror menace in the state

Posted by jagoindia on October 21, 2008

With a huge Muslim population, a pliant marxist government and trampled Hindu populace, Kerala is rest and recreation for Islamic terrorists. Police are very weak here.   This is the only state where the Muslim party NDF is openabout its extremism.  Kashmir to Kerala: A seamless terror network exists

Kerala cops eat their words, admit to terror in state
Naveen Nair / CNN-IBN, Published on Mon, Oct 20, 2008

TACKLING TERROR: Cops say Jaleel’s interrogation will unearth information on how wide terror has spread in Kerala.

Thiruvananthapuram: The arrest of 38-year old Abdul Jaleel from Edakkadu in Kannur has forced the Kerala Police to acknowledged the truth.

Two weeks ago, when the Army claimed a Kerala connection to two terrorists killed in Kashmir, the state police had rubbished the report, but now they admit the tentacles of terror have spread to God’s Own Country.

SSP of Kannur, P Srijith says, “We now have clear evidence to show that Jaleel was in some way connected with Kashmiri militants. He has infact got many calls from the Valley including the militant who was slain while trying to cross the border.”

Jaleel’s phone records show he had recieved several calls from Kashmir before the militants were shot dead. Police also say Jaleel was active in the hardline Muslim outfit National Development Front.

The police also said that he had been under the scanner for sometime now for voicing fundamentalist ideas.

Jaleel’s family, however, says he is being framed.

His brother, Saleem says, “The police is trying to falsely incriminate us. There is no evidence against my brother. He is not involved in all this. But still the police keeps coming to our house.”

However, police say Jaleel’s interrogation will unearth a mine of information on how wide terror has spread in the state. His arrest comes even as the State Home Ministry has announced plans to set up a special cell to tackle terror.

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