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Muslim BSP MPs face ire of community

Posted by jagoindia on October 24, 2008

Muslim BSP MPs face ire of community
BY Amita Verma


Oct. 23: Muslim MPs in the Bahujan Samaj Party are in deep distress with their own community mounting pressure on them to stop victimisation of Muslim youth in the name of terrorism.

Muslims want the BSP MPs to ensure that the state police does not target Muslim youth — a guarantee which the state government is unwilling to give. Though chief minister Mayawati has repeatedly asked the state police to ensure that innocent Muslims are not targeted for action, the police officials says that if they receive preliminary proof (of involvement in terror activities from their counterparts in other states, they cannot avoid action against the suspects. A conclave of Muslim clerics held in Azamgarh earlier this week, has already warned the Muslim MPs that they would not be allowed to enter Azamgarh if they did not raise their voices against these “atrocities” in Parliament.

The clerics further announced that they would now guide the community to elect its own representatives who did not have any political affiliations. “This will ensure that our representatives do not have to toe any political line and will remain faithful to the interests of the community,” the clerics said.

Muslim BSP MPs are apparently perturbed over the announcement. One of the BSP MPs, while talking to this correspondent on condition of anonymity, admitted that the Mayawati government had failed to convince Muslims that it would protect their rights.

“The Samajwadi Party has scored a lead over us. Their leaders rushed to Azamgarh and indulged in rhetoric that found an echo even in Delhi whereas our BSP leaders did not go beyond issuing cursory statements. Naturally, Muslims are viewing our party with suspicion and we may have to pay the price in the coming Lok Sabha elections,” the BSP MP said.

The MP further said that the recent Muslim convention had failed to impress the community in the state. It is this that has prompted BSP MP Iliyas Azmi to write a letter to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi saying that the killing of Atif and Sajid in the Jamia Nagar encounter will tear off the mask of secularism from the face of the Congress.

One Response to “Muslim BSP MPs face ire of community”

  1. hindu militant said

    Atleast the hindus wear the mask of secularism. the muslims are outright communal.

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