Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Almost all non muslim countries with significant muslim populations have muslim problems

Posted by jagoindia on October 26, 2008

Muslim problem in Israel is similar to Muslim problems in other countries like Russia , India , Thailand ,Philipines , Nigeria , France ,etc

Reader comment on article: Israel’s Domestic Enemy
Submitted by Bengal (India), Dec 19, 2006 at 22:43

Israel has a big muslim problem , Which country doesn’t have muslim problems ??

Almost all non muslim countries with significant muslim populations have muslim problems. For example : Russia , France , Spain , India , Thailand,Philipines , Nigeria , Kenya , Tanzania , Former Yugoslavia , Lebanon,etc.

Wherever there are muslims , Problems , Poverty and Terrorism will follow.

We have to realise that Muslims are driven by allah’s orders in Koran which continuously motivates them to wage a Jehad and fight non muslims everywhere they live.

Muslims are only peaceful when they are weak and not able to do anything. As soon as they are in position to damage you they will strike you by all possible means . Muslim tribesmen have beheaded western jounalists by knives. Whereas Mohamad atta crashed aeroplanes into World Trade Center and murdered thousands. So Whenever they will get chance or means , they will use it against kaffir non muslims.

We have to go to the roots of problem , that is ideology of Islam in Koran.

Without recognising our real enemy , there is no sense in firing few laser guided missiles on few tents and caves. Enemy is Islam and which is in hearts & minds of 1.5 billion muslims which is getting stronger after every Terror attack and Friday sermons by Imams.

Any ways to counter , contain , combat and control this ?????

5 Responses to “Almost all non muslim countries with significant muslim populations have muslim problems”

  1. Nimmy said

    :-) so what about muslim majority countries like Indonesia and middle east..That in itself prooves wrong the so called violent Quran..

    Sorry,no offence meant,but i can’t stop laughing at your ignorance..

    You say “Muslims are only peaceful when they are weak and not able to do anything” and almost all countries you listed have muslims in minority..ROFL…

    And oh yeah,there are 1.5 million muslims and if they were so called followers of violence,maybe… :)

    so,peace..Learn and then talk..Wouldn’t that be better..

    Oh my god..I just noticed this..”motivates them to wage a Jehad and fight non muslims everywhere they live.”

  2. hrothar said


    with regards to your reply i wish to bring certain points to your attention. Points that you might not find so funny.

    Muslim majority countries – indonesia & middle east – take a look at the population %age of religious minorities there. Less than 1% at best. (the immigrant workforce as it is has no citizenship rights and their stay is tghtly regulated in middle east.) Each muslim majority country has reduced over a period of time its non muslim population. Just take a look around you and tell me one muslim majority country that has a religious minority population of more than 5%.

    All muslim majority countries have continously reducing religious minority populations.

    Muslims as soon as they reach a %age of above 10% start agitating for enforcement of muslim laws and regulations and as they keep on growing they start a struggle (jihad??) against the mother country for establishment of a islamic way of life.

    This 1.5 billion muslim population sad as it is, is guided by hadith and eve certain other portions of koran justify jihad against kafirs (nonmuslims) while promising rewards to the mujahids in the after life.

    So before being so flipant about the most serious threat this world has ever faced give a thought to what the other person is trying to say.

    Most of the people are not very capable at putting down their thoughts and getting across their point of view. so please think and then try and add something that would take a discusion forward.

  3. Nimmy said

    Hrothar.just a single qstn..

    Quran has been heer since 1400 yrs..Why do you think muslims grew ‘religious one fine morning’ a few years ago,and started to “obey” God by slaying all infidels..Do you feel those people who got direct message were ‘bad’ enough not to ‘obey’ Quran!!

    Oh well,i dind’t know that immigrant workers in our country can get citizenship here..If we don’t allow it,why poke at somebody else’s nose?

    Muslim majority nations are not stuffed with angels..They are just normal human beings like you and me..Is our nation a heaven?Well,atleast they do have low crime rates..Whatever,i am no fan of any nation except my India..

    If we are to talk on ethnic cleansing,maybe we could take into consideration those cases where muslims are massacered in groups..These things happen for political and cultural reasons and i wonder how you came into conclusion that Islam as a religion is responsible for all this..

    And oh yeah,i am one of those “Most of the people are not very capable at putting down their thoughts and getting across their point of view”.. :-)

    You can visit my post and read my answer for ‘slaying infidels’ ,if you are interested to know..

    Also,i didn’t know that you guys would hug and kiss your enemy if they were attacking you..Wow,you are so peaceful and broadminded..Sadly,Islam is a practical way of life where we have solutions and not theories..

  4. preg brown said

    All Muslims are not “Islamist Terrorist” BUT all”Islamist Terrorists” are Muslims. No doubt about that. These people should belong in Guantanomo Bay for life.

  5. preg brown said

    Terrorists are uneducated looser they don’t even love their own “life”. I wonder why they are Muslims 99% of the time?

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