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Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Indian Media report on communal riots: partial to Muslims, biased against Hindus

Posted by jagoindia on October 26, 2008

Media: A contributor in communal violence

The website, after briefly reporting the communal clash, concluded with the news of Owaisi’s visit to the troubled area and concluded that he demanded a CBI enquiry in to the incident. This gives an impression that the clashes were ignited by Hindus and the Muslim community was the worst hit. It was, infact the other way round.

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5 Responses to “Indian Media report on communal riots: partial to Muslims, biased against Hindus”

  1. Nimmy said

    Infact,i ahve experienced the opposite..Newspaper are always interested in labeeling every beard person as terrorist and never says good harmonious news..Alsom,TOI never publishes secular mpeaceful comemtns,instead publish pro hindu comments spitting communal venom..Very sad..Now hindu terrorists have started giving hinus taste of their own

  2. Not all Hindus are terrorists, but literally all terrorists are Hindus

  3. Anand said

    I will give you just one example to show how biased and anti Hindu the Indian secular media is. They repeatedly highlight the Gujrat riots and Orissa Christians plights, but for many years they have been ignoring the plight of Hindus in Kashmir. Many Hindus fled for their lives from terrorist posing as Muslim neighbours. They have to live as beggars while these terrorists hold the nation to ransom. Why is the media silent on the suffering of the Hindus

  4. hindu terrorist said

    One community attacked the place of worship of another community. This is the type of garbage that gets spewed in the Indian community. They think they are acting responsibly, and indulge in responsible journalism. But they are biased. Times of India, the biggest culprit, put one column six centimeters news about godhra train burning. Next day when hindus retaliated, both times of India and Indian express gave big bold headlines. That is the reason these people dont want FDI in print media. Foreign investment comes in media, it will give unbiased media coverage, and will win readership/TRP.

  5. hindu militant said

    More than the grudge I have against muslims, I have a bigger grudge against the media. They give absolutely biased prejudiced news coverage. They go all out against hindu right wing, and not against muslim fanaticism. They force me to think a particular way. They ram their liberal secular ideology down my unwilling throat. I have written lots of letters, not published. I have gone and argued with editors. Their response,”If yu dont like our editorial policy, stop reading our newspaper.” I once wanted to take help of right wing organisations, to break window panes of newspaper offices. The political parties are also AFRAID of media. They want positive news coverage. hence they dont take on media. I have made a decision. I am going to compile ALL the letters I wrote, write some more garbage, tear apart the media, including names of editors, anchors, etc. And get it published. It will create controversy. Controversy sells. I will become famous. And make money. By abusing media personalities. They cant complain, my freedom of expression.

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