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Govt provides shocking 700 crores Haj subsidy to Muslims in 2008, but a mere 40 acres not available for Amarnath Hindu pilgrims

Posted by jagoindia on October 27, 2008

Hindus are being taxed 700 crores for Muslim pilgrimage. But what a ruckus the Muslim in Kashmir created for 40 acres for Hindu pilgrims.  Compare Facilities at Amarnath vs. Haj: An Analysis. or video: haj pilgrims versus amarnath pilgrim

The total cost of Haj Operations in 2008 is estimated to be around Rs.847 crores. With the pilgrims fare remaining at Rs.12,000, an amount of Rs.147 crores will be received from the pilgrims. The subsidy will be around Rs.700 crores for Haj 2008 operations. Here is the source

The Indian government has deputed five senior government officers as coordinators, 135 doctors, 146 paramedics, 51 assistant Haj officers and 171 Haj assistants to take care of the pilgrims. source
Record 168,000 Indians to go for Haj this year
October 27th, 2008 – 2:56 pm ICT by IANS –
Dubai, Oct 27 (IANS) The Indian consulate in Jeddah is gearing up its resources to receive a record 168,000 Indians coming for the Haj pilgrimage this year.India’s Consul General in Jeddah Sayeed Ahmed Baba told the local media that of the around 168,000 pilgrims, 123,211 would come through the Haj committee, while the rest would come through private tour operators.

“The first flight of Indian pilgrims will arrive in Saudi Arabia Oct 30. The Indian mission is fully geared to provide them with the best possible services,” Baba was quoted as saying.

He added that Indian pilgrims would be flying in on Air India and Saudi Arabian Airlines flights from 17 Indian cities.

The Indian government has deputed five senior government officers as coordinators, 135 doctors, 146 paramedics, 51 assistant Haj officers and 171 Haj assistants to take care of the pilgrims.

The consul general said his mission has been able to arrange accommodation for all pilgrims from India within the traditional boundaries of Mina.

While 51,171 Indian pilgrims will stay in the vicinity of Haram, 31,422 will be put up in Aziziyah.

Hai Al-Hijra, a new area, will accommodate 12,876 pilgrims.

Dawar Khudai will accommodate 9,522 pilgrims, Shisha 9,426 in Shisha Nuzha 460.

On an average, 12 flights daily would be carrying about 3,600 pilgrims per day till Dec 2 from the following embarkation points in India: Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, Srinagar, and Varanasi.

Last year, 157,000 Haj pilgrims came from India to Saudi Arabia.

7 Responses to “Govt provides shocking 700 crores Haj subsidy to Muslims in 2008, but a mere 40 acres not available for Amarnath Hindu pilgrims”

  1. Nimmy said

    A single question

    “Why didn’t BJP remove this ‘subsidy’ when they were in rule?

    Bottom line is that every party wants this as a tool ot bash muslims..If this is abolished,you people will find some other reason…Also,we muslims ahve been asking to remove this ‘subsidy’..

    We have been begging governemtn to take away the unislamic subsidy and instead spent this money on education and health..Why are you not listening

    Haj subsidy indeed began in the early 70’s after the oil crisis which caused recurring losses to the Moghul Line, a subsidiary of the Shipping Corporation of India, which operated a Haj service initially with 4 ships.and its all political and internal ecnomical reasons that they are still carried forward today..

    Why isn’t governemnt not listenig..So,it may be better of these blog posts are sent to governement,well if intentions are true..Else,these posts just serve to add more to communal hatred..Its your choice..

  2. Beena said

    Muslims accuse Hindus as idolators and circumambulate the two black stones in Mecca forgetting that those very stones are idols!
    They call the subsidy ‘unislamic’ but continue to avail of it! Bloody hypocrites. And our sickular UPA is happy to give more and more subsidy to these fanatics.

  3. Nimmy said

    A complete answer to Hajj subsidy drama

    Pls share your thoughts on the article..

  4. Gypsy said

    Why do people call it Haj subsidy? It is a modern day Jiziya. The kafirs HAVE to pay it. But in this age and time, is it valid? Call it by any name, it remains to be what it is: Jiziya, so why not give it its true name?

  5. sunil said

    Actually india is a islamic state by UPA
    and hindus sikhs are second class people

    go to hell with ISLAM!

  6. deepusankar said

    hindus want subsidy for Amarnath & sabarimala pilgrims, and stop jaziaya tax from muslim rulers in kashmir, our india is not a muslim State. secular states stop discrimination against hindus. temple income flows to govt. for hujj subsidy. stop these discrimination.

  7. deepusankar said

    In kerala, UDF and LDF always against Hindus.Please Stop these discrimination,because it should goes or rise hindu Racialisam.

    1. Hujj subsidy 700 crore but no subsidy for sabarimala pilgrims. income from temples goes to govt.

    2. Govt. School which is 40% muslim students converted to Mappila Schools. but Having 60% hindus not a hindu schools. that schools following muslim culture,but hindus follows hinduism.

    3.3500 crore Aligargh muslim university for muslims with mosque in govt. fund. but not banarus hindu university for hindu students.

    4.Govt provide Rs.6000 to Madrassa teachers pension,who is teaching relegios classes. but re. 1 not for hindu priest.

    5. stipend rs. 10000 to Muslim students (girls) ,and rs. 5000 as hostel fees. but non for Hindu girls.

    The Secular govt. may consider that all citizens are same, not divided on the basis of religion. please not follows British Divide and Rule.

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