Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Kali Temple in Bangladesh attacked, deities damaged and set on fire by peace loving Muslims

Posted by jagoindia on November 2, 2008

Attack on Rangpur Kali mandir in Rangpur Bangladesh: Click here

Here are a set of photos on mass destruction of temples in Bangladesh: Click

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3 Responses to “Kali Temple in Bangladesh attacked, deities damaged and set on fire by peace loving Muslims”

  1. Statham said

    Prothom Alo is a liar and has been several times proved to be lying and publishing phony news. Did you have only a corrupt and bribery-friendly newspaper to refer to? No other news agencies in Bangladesh will give you this news because this such event has never taken place anywhere and what Prothom Alo published is a despicable lie.

    Thank you.

  2. jagoindia said

    Here are a set of photos on mass destruction of temples in Bangladesh

    If the url is blocked, use a proxy server such as

  3. Statham said

    The pictures are really shocking. Whoever have been doing these, should be crucified publicly so that anybody others dare to touch such sensitive and sentimental issues like temples, mosques and churches ever.

    But its quite proud for a Bangladeshi to say that these kinds of stupidity and infamitas are rare. Its quite proud to say for a Bangladeshi that no major communal conflicts have ever taken place here and none will take place in future.

    Keeping all Islamic extremists, all other stupid things aside, the people of Bangladesh (also the Bengal in India) are quite moderate communally. They are usual to live with many communal populations for quite a long time, consider timeline before sufism (1200 AD), most of the population was believers of Hinduism under reign of Palas and Senas. After the Sultans started coming in 1338 and their patronage to the Sufism, the mass conversion began to take place. The present larger Muslim population is originated into that turning point. Ultimately if you look back, Bengals, may be has Muslims majorly, but the overall Bengali culture refers to the ethnological habits those are originated into the centuries of Hindu rules of Pala and Sena. So, there a bunch of cultural similarities of both the religions, Islam (Bangladesh) and Hinduism. These similarities have led both the religions to have a moderate view to each other. You can take this as the reference of a very low rate of communal tensions in this region.

    Now about the Prothom Alo. Prothom Alo is a newspaper, being self-considered as the voice of a self-centered and hypocrite civil society in Bangladesh, that is aided by many of foreign organizations and is committed to play a supporting role to those foreign agendas directly or indirectly, doesn’t matter that is to the interest of Bangladesh or not. I have spoke on though the population here is majorly Muslim and most of the people are found to be pious, Prothom Alo counts this as an spread-out of Islamic extremism and they derive an upsurge of Islamic extremism out of the situation, where none of these really exists. Having very strong allegations of being funded and financed by ULFA and having the owner Latifur Rahman who is brother-in-law of Anup Chetia (ULFA second-in-command, exiled in Bangladesh after escaping bars in India) evidently, Prothom Alo is completely scared of the upsurge of Islamic spirit in Bangladesh, which they want to be attended oppressively under their given name, “Islamic Extremism”. Prothom Alo has been alleged to be a direct finance of ULFA by many of Indian security strategists, analysts and finally a lot of East India based journalists. Some of their articles have been published in newspapers of Bangladesh but the defense there have played complete deaf, overlooked all those allegations. This leads us to be suspicious about if there exists any secret tie in between. Prothom Alo is indirectly or unofficially owned by an anti-India organization, where this is believed Prothom Alo plays this of their source of money as a key to be under a friendly relationship with the defense of Bangladesh.

    I hope I have been able to provide a clear shape of these things.

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