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Pakistani radio: Our Kashmiri brothers, the Almighty desires the public beheading of Indians

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Behead Indians in public’
Vikram Sharma, 27 Oct 2008

NOWSHERA (Rajouri): “As salam aleikum,’’ an elderly Qasi Afzal Masood greets this correspondent and leads him into his hut in Nowshera village close to the Line of Control (LoC).

A small-time farmer, Qasi has no means of entertainment in his dingy hut except a radio which he says has been his prized possession for years now.

So what does he listen to on the radio? ‘‘Sometimes news and otherwise Hindustani songs,’’ he says with a smile.

But what he says next, rather casually, comes as a surprise: ‘‘One can also tune in to Pakistani radio programmes as their signals reach our village. Many other villages also listen in.’’

While the Army and police machinery are already worried about signals of Pakistani mobile service providers reaching the Indian side, Pakistani radio programmes have become yet another cause of concern. Had these only to do with songs and other entertainment it would have been a different matter. But some programmes talk of Kashmir’s ‘‘aazadi’’ and how blood should be spilt in all cities in India.

Qazi, 55, who has seen militancy grow all these years in Nowshera, considered to be a stronghold of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Hizbul Mujahideen (HM), tunes in his radio to the frequency 102 MHz. After a few minutes of static, on comes ‘‘Voice of Kashmir’’, a programme on Pakistani radio. A few advertisements follow (about soaps and washing powder) and then begins a 30-minute programme aimed at the Kashmiris in India.

‘‘Hamare Kashmiri bhaiyon ko Allah-tallah ka hukum hae ki Hindustaniyon ka qatal karo, sare aam unki gardane kato. Hindustani hukumat ko bata do ki unki koshishen humko juda karne ki kabhi kamayab nahi hogi. Kashmir hamara hai or rahega….’’ (Our Kashmiri brothers, the Almighty desires the public beheading of Indians. Show the Indian Government that its ‘‘efforts’’ to keep us separate will never succeed.)

After 30 minutes of such incendiary exhortation, the speaker winds up with: ‘‘Kashmir zindabad, Allah hafiz.’’

‘‘These people provoke us to pick up arms but I can tell you that most of us want to remain with India. We too are keeping track of what is going on in Pakistan,’’ says Qazi, who has witnessed fierce gun battles in his village, the most recent being the killing of two top HM members who were trying to infiltrate into India. But it is not only 102 MHz that is spreading the anti-India propaganda, another such frequency — 106 MHz — too has the same agenda. Star Radio has also taken up a ‘‘Hate India’’ campaign.

Asked how the radio signals are being picked up in India and what they plan to do about it, police officials say they are helpless. ‘‘Earlier, the Pakistani mobile phone towers and radio towers used to be far from the LoC. Of late, they have brought them much closer to the LoC and now all signals reach Indian villages,’’ a police official said, adding that most of the content on the 15-hour radio broadcasts was anti-India.

According to him, 60 per cent of the residents of Rajouri, Poonch, Nowshera, Deragali listen to the highly provocative speeches. ‘‘This issue has to be addressed by the higher-ups in New Delhi. We cannot do much except for monitoring the programmes,’’ he remarked.

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  1. Beena said

    And Manmohan hear wants a ‘talk’ with them about aiding terrorists! Muslims are simply not to be trusted. Period.

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