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Huji’s islamic plan in Assam: Foment trouble and bleed India

Posted by jagoindia on November 3, 2008

Why HuJI has found a new hotbed

Manan Kumar
01 Nov 2008

When clashes erupted between ethnic Bodos and ‘immigrant Bangladeshi’ Muslims in two rugged-terrain districts of Assam early last month, many predicted that it was only the manifestation of a simmering issue, and the worse was coming. They didn’t get it wrong: a deadly serial bomb blast ripped through the state on October 30.

The blasts were preceded by shrill anti-India war cries from several Bangladeshi Muslim-dominated villages of northern Udalaguri and Darrang districts where Pakistani flags were hoisted. The incident exposed the damage that a vote-hungry government can do to its people even as the virus of communal hatred was spreading wide and fast. The retaliation came this Thursday as several Upper Assam towns were rocked by explosions.

The scale and precision of the latest blasts and the steady flow of intelligence point a clear finger towards the involvement of Harkat-ul-Jehad-al-Islami (HuJI) of Bangladesh,  born in 1992 with the assistance of Osama bin Laden’s International Islamic Front.

But the warning that India’s Northeast, particularly Assam, is going to the next target of HuJI’s jehadi terror has been on the wall for quite some time. Worried conflict analysts had been pointing to the brisk demographic changes occurring in parts of Assam and the increasing infiltration of ISI-backed HuJI-B into that state’s Bangladeshi Muslim pockets. Terror would be exported from the eastern borders rather than the west, they had cautioned.

With Pakistan under pressure from the US to bring an end to its association with jehadi outfits, the Northeast, with its 200-odd insurgent groups and a clutch of weak governments, becomes an automatic choice for the ISI to exploit the region’s fragility. The Pakistani intellegince agency also found a natural ally in Bangladeshi fundamentalist elements.

From late 1990s onwards, Bangladesh has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of madrassas. The aim of these schools, originally meant to impart Quranic education, has been to create a large base of fundamentalist youth. The same period also saw the HuJI-B and other fundamentalist outfits like Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir making increasing efforts to destabilise Bangladesh and establish Islamic rule in Dhaka.

In June 2001, about 25 al Qaeda activists visited HuJI training camps to prepare its cadre for much tougher terror tasks. It is no coincidence that during the same time, Bangladesh was alerted to the cries of Amra Sobai Hobo Taliban, Bangla Hobe Afghanistan (we will all become Taliban and we will turn Bangladesh into Afghanistan). The HuJI, having created a strong base in Bangladesh by then, turned its focus to the troubled Northeast following instructions from ISI and al Qaeda. The immediate motive was obvious: foment trouble and bleed India by penetrating Assam’s migrant Bangladeshi Muslim population and preparing them to undertake terror attacks.

The long-term objective of HuJI, security agencies believe, is to cut supply lines to the Northeast by severing India’s Chicken Neck corridor. Even Census 2001 shows that the migrant Bangladeshi Muslim population on both sides of the corridor had increased manifold.

Sources in the intelligence agencies claim that HuJI-B has since then not only forged alliances with groups like United Liberation Front of Asom, Muslim Liberation Tigers of Assam, Kamtapur Liberation Organisation, Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council and Peoples’ Liberation Army. It also established bases and sleeper cells in Kokrajhar, Naugaon, Karimganj, Bokaghat and Lumding.

Latest intelligence reports indicate that ISI has provided more men and material for military training to HuJI and its agents, including men from Taliban and al Qaeda. They are training both Bangladeshi and Indian cadres of HuJI in Kurigram and Rangpur areas of Bangladesh.

One Response to “Huji’s islamic plan in Assam: Foment trouble and bleed India”

  1. rohit said

    When the Foreigners Agitation against the illegal Bangladeshi migrants started in Assam in 1979 almost all of India critised the All Assam Students Unoin and the Asom Gana Sangram Parishd and accused them of being sessionist forces. Their call to “SAVE ASSAM TODAY TO SAVE INDIA TOMMOROW” was dismissed as a farce. The harshes critics were from the neighbouring state of West Bengal. The situation in West Bengal today is worse than Assam. The reality and the gravity of the situation has now dawned on the Indian masses. The country which was liberated by India has become our worse nightmare. Jago India Jago . Lets join hands and fight this menance unitedly irrespective of our differences.

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