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Assam: Shubh Deepawali in 1947, Diwali Mubarak’ in 2010, Deep wale Ali ka salana Urus’ in 2030

Posted by jagoindia on November 4, 2008

Masses point to jehadi problem in Assam with SMS
Guwahati | Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 IST

Even as police continue to stumble for leads on the solitary SMS claiming responsibility for the Assam serial blasts, another kind of SMS is doing the rounds in the state, reflecting the anguish of the people against the government’s failure in checking infiltration and jehadi activities.

The state, still struggling to come to terms with the magnitude of devastation, has found this novel way of expressing its deep anguish at the government’s alleged inaction and the frightening dimensions of the problem.

Text messages are being sent out across the state warning of the situation Assam would face in the next five-ten years if the unabated influx from Bangladesh, held directly responsible for growing jehadi activities here, was not stopped immediately.

A popular SMS that surfaces whenever the drive against suspected Bangladeshi immigrants gains ground is one that is written in a text resembling Urdu, with the message ending with a text in English saying ‘Just practising staying in Assam!’.

Another popular SMS finds inspiration from the ‘Buy two, get one free’ offers of stores, with the SMS mentioning an imaginary phone number and address with a ‘Bumper offer’ of ‘Buy 1 Bangladeshi, get 2 Bangladeshis free’ with ‘unlimited stock’.

A new SMS that has emerged after the serial blasts runs a parody on the changing mannerisms in offering Diwali greetings due to the ‘growing Muslim population’. From ‘Shubh Deepawali’ in 1947, it goes on to become ‘Happy Diwali’ in 2000, to ‘Diwali Mubarak’ in 2010, to ‘Shab-e-deep mubarak’ in 2020 to finally end as ‘Deep wale Ali ka salana Urus’ in 2030.

Such SMS, portraying the gravity of the situation due to unabated influx with a pinch of humour, surfaces in the state whenever a disturbing situation arises due to illegal settlers.

However, the most baffling SMS this time round has been the one sent by a little-known outfit, Islamic Security Force (Indian Mujahideen), to a private TV channel here a day after the serial blasts claiming responsibility.

The nine synchronised blasts of October 30 in Guwahati, Kokrajhar, Barpeta Road and Bongaigaon have left 82 dead so far and over 800 injured.

— (UNI) — 04CA12.xml

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