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The Muslim Demography Of India: Sachar Committee Report

Posted by jagoindia on November 8, 2008


The Sachar committee report has a whole chapter dedicated to the politically controversial issue of Muslim demographic trends in India.The relevant pages in the document are from Page no 48 to 68.

The report says that according to the 2001 census the Muslim population in the country was enumerated at 138 Million. The report estimates that as of 2006 it must have crossed 150 Million people.

The report confirms that Muslims have higher population growth rates and higher fertility rates than the rest of the population even when adjusted to regional variations such as the North(with a higher population growth rates) or south(with near replacement level growth rates). In both instances the Muslim Population growth rate is slightly higher than that of the other Socio-religious communities in the said region.

The report also says that Muslims have the most favourable child sex ratio among all Socio-religious communities in the country. An average of 986 females to every 1000 males compared to 927/1000 for the general population.

They have a lower rate of Infant mortality compared to the rest of the population but paradoxically have a higher incidence of child under-nourishment cases.

Muslims have a younger age profile compared to the general population.

The Muslim Population has for historical reasons a more urban profile than the rest of the population. According to the 2001 census 35.7% of the Muslim population was urban compared to 27.8% for the overall population.
Spatial distribution– Numerically, the majority of the Muslims in India are living in four states UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra which had atleast ten million Muslims each. UP has the largest Muslim population in India with 22% of India’s muslims living there according to the 2001 census i.e., around 30 million people.

The other states with a significant Muslim population are Kerala, AP, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka with a population of between five to ten million Muslims each. Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu have a Muslim population of between 3 to 5 million each. Delhi, Haryana and Uttaranchal have one to two million each.

With regard to the district wise distribution. The report says that of the 593 districts in India only 20 had a Muslim majority. Of them 9 are predominantly Muslim, i.e., with over 75% Muslim population; these include Lakshadweep and eight districts in Jammu & Kashmir. The other 11 districts have between 50 to 75% Muslim population.These districts are six from Assam, two from J&K, and one each from WB, Bihar and Kerala. Numerically about 13% of India’s Muslims i.e., nearly 18 Million people lived in these districts.

A further 38 districts had a significant Muslim population of between 25% to 50%. These were distributed in a number of states as follows. UP- 12, WB- 5, Kerala- 5, Assam- 4, Bihar- 3, Jharkhand- 2, Delhi- 2, and one each in AP, Haryana, J&K, Uttaranchal and Pondicherry. Numerically these districts accounted for 22% of the Muslim population i.e., around 30 Million people.

In about 182 districts the Muslim population was between 10 to 25% of the population. These districts accounted for nearly 47% of the Muslim Population ie., around 65 Million people.

So of the 593 districts in India, 240 districts with a significant Muslim population of atleast 10% and above have nearly 82% of India’s Muslim population, i.e., nearly 113 Million people.

A further 77 districts have most of the remaining share of 18% i.e., nearly 25 million

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6 Responses to “The Muslim Demography Of India: Sachar Committee Report”

  1. Nimmy said

    So,what is the moral of the story?I don’t get the messsage you intend to convey…

    Is it that all people should start taking care of new born baby and mother as to decrease infant mortality?

    Do you mean that all indian should learn from muslims that we should get rid of the skewed sex ratio as of today where we ahve 3.5 crore surplus million men in india..

    I guess you missed the point somewhere..Sorry..

  2. jagoindia said

    You did not get the point because you are not the intended audience of this blog. Your intrusion is a distraction and a waste of time.
    The goal of this blog is to save the Hindu race from the decimation it has faced in Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere.

  3. I think the message in this is about the rate at which the muslim population is growing. Thats one of the area where muslim needs to work on . As, most of them dont believe in quality but believe in quantity. They think new born childrens are the gift of allah to them, even if they dont have food to eat. They will alway live in poverty and will never be able to reach the standards of other religion .

  4. BrahmaSwarup Varma said

    Eternal Vigilance is essential for the survival of Hindus against Muslim and Christian aggression. This report is like a wake up call.

  5. Shaan Sen said

    India needs tough laws to stop muslim population growth as it is becoming a threat to security unlike other minorities.

  6. The Islamic fertility rate will come down much faster if educational and workplace opportunities for Muslim women are expanded.

    Educate Hindu families about not devaluing female children and make dowries socially unacceptable. Reduce inflexibility in labour markets so professional Hindu women can leave work to have kids without worrying if they will ever work in their chosen career again. “Maternity leave” is only useful if a woman wants to go back to work immediately – it is much more flexible for them if they can decide to take a longer break from work and part time and flex work must not be discouraged by government bureaucracy. And Hindu fathers need to take an active role in child care if they want more kids. Women often report wanting more kids than they actually have but find the time and effort and other stresses too dissuasive.

    Follow these suggestions and the Hindu fertility rate will rise while the Islamic rate falls.

    And let the Christians work in Muslim areas. Christians do spread fast and this can be alarming but their faith is easily corroded by prosperity and secular trends – especially among their kids. The moment they are not a persecuted minority they wither like late grapes on the vine.

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