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64 blasts, six states in six months, 200 dead, 900 injured: Large Islamic plot to destabilise Mother India

Posted by jagoindia on November 12, 2008

Is it a plot to destabilise India?
Josy Joseph
Saturday, November 01, 2008  04:32 IST

NEW DELHI: Is there a large conspiracy to destabilise the country? Some in the security establishment believe so, given that there were 64 blasts in six states in less than six months, which left over 200 dead and almost 900 injured, besides communalising society.

These blasts would also shake up international investor confidence and the common man’s trust in the country.

At least one international risk analysis group today said India was the biggest victim of terrorism among the major investment destinations. Outside of Afghanistan and Iraq, the country was among the biggest victims of terrorist attacks in recent months, the group said.

What is making it worse is the extreme inefficiency of the police and intelligence agencies, and the warring political leadership. Instead of getting caught up in the nitty-gritty of the blasts probe, some sources in the security establishment pointed out a major trend unfolding across India: Of locally powerful networks such as criminals and those with grievances being used to plant bombs made of locally available material to strike terror in city centres.

The official pointed out that most recruits in this “new wave of terrorism” in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala and elsewhere were mostly Muslims with criminal background, or with grievances.

In western India, the masterminds recruit underworld elements, in Kerala it is criminals for terror training in Pakistan, in Gujarat it is the victims of the riots, and in the northeast probably local insurgents. “For each locality a separate group, but the overall strategy remains the same,” says an officer.

“Some money and a lot of anti-state propaganda will do the trick,” he points out. While killing many and injuring more, these attacks are beginning to achieve a bigger strategic target: Of shaking up the confidence of international investors and domestic audience in the capability of the Indian government to run a law-based peaceful society.

“The message they want to send out is that India is a lawless country, your investments are not safe and its economic boom is not perpetual as is generally believed,” says a senior official who has handled several blast cases, and who is beginning to wonder if the “real masterminds” would ever be arrested. His frustration at the inability of the political leadership to come together to put their weight behind the security establishment to resolve the crisis is visible.

“We must let the law take its own course. But we need a broad-based counter-terror strategy that would address genuine grievances,” he says.

A senior officer in another establishment says he is convinced that a “large scale” conspiracy hatched abroad and involving a huge amount of funding is underway.

Convinced that the ISI is behind it, he explains, “They have mastered a new strategy.
They are heavily paying off whoever is strong (criminal element or insurgents) in a particular city,  They pass on the money and let local groups do the action. The motive is money and the operatives local, so there is very little proof to point fingers at them,” he says, arguing that these blasts are doing “much more strategic and tactical damages” to India than an all-out war along the border “which would be much more costlier.”

The source points to the high level of communalisation that is seeping into the politics and society in recent days. “Half a dozen serial blasts and suddenly communal disharmony has become our biggest challenge,” the senior official said.

One Response to “64 blasts, six states in six months, 200 dead, 900 injured: Large Islamic plot to destabilise Mother India”

  1. Ishaal Zehra said

    Every time a bomb goes off in India, the needle of suspicion invariably turns to a “Muslim outfit’s terror network” (stressing on the Muslim part) which, interestingly, always has a link with the Intelligence agency of Pakistan, whether it is the historical event of attack on the Indian parliament or the blast in Samjhuta Express. But the original face of Hindu Terrorism is well exposed with the arrest of serving Lt. Col Purohit who was working with the Army Liaison Cell (a front of Military Intelligence),and a retired Major in connection with Malegaon and Modasa blast… the terror storm in India is the out come of her own indiginous dynamics actually… and yet they have a courage to blame all their ills on Pakistan… BRAVO!!

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