Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

12 steps for Hindus to take in response to threat posed by Islam to India’s well being

Posted by jagoindia on November 13, 2008

Posted by: Infidel Pride  at April 28, 2006 2:43 PM


In order to succeed, Hindutva groups in particular, legitimately concerned about the threat Islam poses to India’s prosperity not only in Kashmir, but also in other areas, be it Bangladeshi illegal immigration (more insidious than Mexican illegal immigration to the US), separate Islamic laws, etc. should de-couple Hindu advocacy from pedagogical activities about Islam. For instance, the fact that Mosques exist on the sites of temples in Mathura and Varanasi serve Muslims as a reminder of the triumphant conquests of Aurangzeb, and should be targeted for that reason: there shouldn’t be a demand for temples in their place coupled with it.

Another thing that Hindutva groups have been condemned for is targeted violence against Muslims. They need to make Islam rather than Muslims their initial target, and only retaliate when Muslims respond violently. Muslims may do that, but that only works once – in 1992, after the riots in Bombay, Muslims knew what would happen to them if they misbehaved, and simmered down; same was the case in Gujarat later. But by pointing out that the sum total ideology of the Quran, and with it, the Hadith and the Sira, is the annihilation of Infidels, and in particular, polytheists like Hindus, Hindutva forces could make even those Hindus who are either atheists or agnostics uncomfortable with Islam.

There are a lot more things in India that they’d need to advocate, which can be done with the well being of Muslims in mind. Some ideas:

1. Ban madrasas. The question here is – what is the goal, the well being of Muslims, or the glory of Islam? If it is the latter, India has no business doing it. If it is the former, banning madrasas in India is good for Muslims. Let them go to normal schools like everybody else, and then they won’t be left behind. In fact, the more de-Islamized they become, the less likely they are to live their life under the Inshallah philosophy, and the more likely they are to prosper. And in the absence of such hate filled propaganda, they are less likely to be a threat to Hindus, Sikhs, or anyone else. Most Hindus don’t go to Ramkrishna Mission or BHU, and they do just fine.

2. Teach Muslims Islam, but from the Infidel standpoint about how it is a hate filled ideology, and in their case, how it is a vehicle for Arab supremacy. Teach them how they are really viewed by Arabs, as well as what the status is of non-Arab Muslims. Show how in Indian history, Hindus and Buddhists who converted to Islam were a class lower than the Turks, Afghans and Farsis who invaded India, and their descendants – a distinction that continues in Pakistan to this day. Use that to rebut those who falsely claim that Islam treats all Muslims as equals, in sharp contrast to the Caste system amongst Hindus (something that Hindu texts are not even unanimous about).

3. Ban theological movements, like Deobandi, which are a source of inspiration of Islamic fanaticism not only in India, but beyond. Deobandi was an inspiration behind the Taliban – no reason it should even be tolerated in India.

4. Ban all Shariah based laws that contradict Indian laws, be it apostacy, talaq-divorce, polygamy, et al. Shariah has no  place in India, and Muslims should be able to live without it, just as all Infidels the world over live with secular laws.

5. Reduce the ties of Muslims to both Pakistan and Arab countries. Disallow Arab men from their fly by night marriages to Muslim girls. Subject Muslims to not just the same laws, but also the same protections. Just as India wouldn’t tolerate Arab men doing such things to Hindu women, they shouldn’t tolerate it for Muslim women either.

6. Ban pan-Islamic groups, like the All India Khilafat Movement. Who is the candidate for Caliph? Osama? Musharraf? No matter who it is, just as India wouldn’t tolerate any Khalistani organizations in the country, they should not tolerate any organizations that encourage Muslims to have extra-territorial loyalties.

7. Regulate Islam strictly, like is done in Singapore. Monitor what comes out of mosques, and purge Mullahs who preach Jihad. This would obviously mean de-Islamizing Islam, and totally de-balling what Muslims are allowed to believe. However, since they are required to wage Jihad, dominate and not be dominated, and slaughter infidels, there is no reason that such propaganda out of mosques should be tolerated

8. Ban sectarian appeal in elections e.g. use of Osama cut-outs to appeal to Muslim voters (something that backfired anyway)

9. End government sponsored Haj pilgrimage, which is not just Jiziya, but also an indirect financing of the radicalization of Muslims. If one visits and checks out the testimonials of ex-Muslims, one will notice some where after such a pilgrimage, people who were previously agnostic about their faith became fanatics overnight. While Islam may require all Muslims to make at least one trip to Mecca, it’s not the responsibility of anybody to foot that bill – least of all infidels. Sikhs living outside Punjab don’t get their trips to Amritsar subsidized. Indian catholics don’t get free trips to Rome at government expense (One can bet they’d love that). This is nothing but another form of Jiziya from all Indian infidels to Muslims – something that must be discontinued.

10. Crack down on Mullahs or any other Muslim fanatics who threaten Muslims who don’t live life the Islamic way – be it tennis player Sania Mirza, dancer Rubaiya in Kerala, or for that matter, any Muslim who wants to openly apostate without any threat of violence.

11. Crack down heavily on activities that undermine India’s world standing. Like when Muslims demonstrate against the US for Iraq, or Denmark for cartoons, they are not only demonstrating extra-territorial loyalty, they are also undermining India’s potential ties with such partners. Therefore, treat that harshly. People who object to such things can protest by writing letters and articles in newspapers, just as Christian groups in the US do when anti-Christian activities take place.

12. Also, as a part of the exercise in demoralizing them in terms of their zeal for conquest, dilute memories of their victories during the Hindu holocaust by undoing some of their work. Restore the names of places that they renamed after their conquests (Allahabad becomes Prayag, Ahmedabad becomes Karnavati, Faizabad becomes Ayodhya, Aurangabad becomes Devagiri, et al. These name changes are far more meaningful than those inane name changes like Calcutta to Kolkata, Madras to Chennai, and now Bangalore to Bengelaru – all of which are essentially vernacular translations akin to Cologne being renamed Koeln, or Vienna Wien.) Demolish the mosques at Mathura and Varanasi, which they want to keep out of spite. Teach them Indian history, remind them who they originally were (no entertaining their fraudulent claims of Arab lineage) and encourage them to be ashamed of Muslim behavior in the past – be it Mahmud of Ghazni, Ala-ud-din Khilji, Timur, Aurangzeb, Ahmad Shah Abdali, et al. Lest one thinks that is mean, consider how in Scandinavia, for instance, people are taught to be embarrassed about Viking behavior during their conquests. What the Vikings did doesn’t come close to what the Muslims did.

Once a generation of Muslims is subjected to the above, the chances are that they themselves will shed their hate filled ideology. Whether they choose to become Hindus or not isn’t important. They can be Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, or even be atheists. What is important, however, is that they grow up without the baggage of Islam, and that bereft of the achievements of Inshallah, and the hatred of Jihad, they can become productive citizens just like everyone else. Also, none of the above make them second class citizens – they are always free to convert to anything that lightens their burden.

If this is done, the threats that exist to Hindus, Sikhs and other infidels all over India is eliminated. India would also need to completely seal its borders with Bangladesh, revamp its foreign policy to be anti-Islamic (no more voting with the Arabs against Israel, etc.). But with a combination of these measures, India would be a lot more stable than it currently is.

If Hindutva forces pull this off, they would have done a lot for both India and Hinduism. The pursuit of Hindu glory is a separate project which they can later embark on, but which would need to exclude things like attacking couples on Valentines Day etc. But it is important for them to keep these two activities separate.

Posted by: Infidel Pride  at April 28, 2006 2:43 PM

13 Responses to “12 steps for Hindus to take in response to threat posed by Islam to India’s well being”

  1. 1 step –


    BTW, good steps you have written but it will take really lot of time, because I dont think muslims have that much brain stamina to learn and understand good things.. ;)

  2. Ashwani Aheer said

    Only,Quickest and Surely way of controling the evil of islam is.




  3. R.Viswanathan said

    Police could not even conduct Batla House operations without severe harassment by Muslims and the media. And the 12 you mentioned? Just even talk in public of just one, tons of bricks would come raining on you,riots et al, apart from fatwas.

    Really we need to shock and awe the jihadi Muslims. Let us think of how.

  4. Hemraj said


    How about bringing the real ISLAM in front of all? Why just ISLAM, bring forth all religions in their real form …HINUISM, etc.?

    SAints are the real religious & spiritual ones. Let’s follow them & not get influenced by self-called “gurus” or dress-color.

    With regards to all

  5. Ravindra said

    Massive rally at Chicken Neck (Kishanganj) against Bangladeshi infiltration

    ABVP declares war on illegal migration

    Massive rally at Chicken Neck against Bangladeshi infiltration

    By Pramod Kumar from Chicken Neck (December 28, 2008)

    “Save Chicken Neck today, save India tomorrow.”

    The atmosphere of Kishanganj town of Bihar was full of patriotic fervour on December 17 when the entire region reverberated with the slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram shouted by ABVP activists. Carrying tricolours and saffron flags, over 50,000 students warned the government against providing shelter to the Bangladeshi infiltrators and appealed to the government to take concrete steps to deport them. They demanded fencing of the entire Indo-Bangladesh border with electric supply, wide powers to BSF and cleansing of all the mosques and madrasas illegally came up in large number along the international border.

    The students, including over 3000 girls, carrying tricolours, pictures of Bharat Mata and Swami Vivekananda, had started gathering in the town on December 16 from across the length and breadth of the country including the Andamans, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, etc. The youth from the north-eastern states came in good number. Majority of the students were from Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and West Bengal. The students were so energetic that a group of 300 youth reached Kishanganj in the form of a bicycle rally covering a long distance in two days and educating the local people about the problem of infiltration.

    Over 700 Vanvasi archers from Bihar came with their traditional bows for security of the rally. Besides all ABVP leaders, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Sah-Bauddhik Pramukh Shri Dattatreya Hosbale, Akhil Bharatiya Sahpracharak Pramukh Shrikrishna Motalag, RSS national executive member Shri Indresh Kumar, BJP Yuva Morcha president Shri Amit Thakar, Shri Atul Kothari and Shri Bal Apte were also present at the rally.

    Before the formal beginning of the rally, the students took out three processions from different parts of Kishanganj town. Shouting slogans like Bangladeshi Bharat chhoro, Chhatrashakti ki hai lalkar, ghuspaithiye bhejo seema paar, Janmanas ab badala hai, ghuspaith nahin yeh hamala hai, save eastern Bharat today—save entire Bharat tomorrow; the processions converged at the Ruidhasha Grounds at 11 am. At the same time, the ABVP activists who could not reach Kishanganj that day staged dharnas and demonstrations at all district headquarters all over the country. The students who had stuck at railway stations, mostly at Howrah, Allahabad and Patna, due to delay in trains staged dharna at the stations themselves.

    The students also formed a human chain at Kishanganj-Dinajpur road in Kishanganj on December 16. This road provides connectivity to the Indo-Bangladesh international border and it derives its name from Dinajpur district in Bangladesh. Before the Partition in 1947, it was a good link between Kishanganj and Dinajpur. Down the years and after the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971 this very route has been found to be the conduit for trans-border crimes and infiltration.

    The students appeared in the mood of giving a clear message to the government. They pledged at the rally to continue the agitation in their respective regions till the government deports all the infiltrators. “Our agitation is not against Indian Muslims. We just want the Bangladeshi infiltrators to be deported without wasting any time since their activities are anti-India. We feel the infiltration is an invasion on India and keeping in view the involvement of the infiltrators in terrorist activities the government must handle it accordingly. They have created a severe demographic imbalance in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand and some of the districts of these states have become Muslim dominated,” said Tikku Burman, a BA final year student of Guwahati.

    The population of Kishanganj district is about 14 lakh and 76 per cent of them are Muslims. But the number of Indian Muslims among them is hardly 30 per cent. The infiltrators, known as ‘Bhatiya’ here are more militant and violent than the Indian Muslims who are known as ‘Surjapuri’. The infiltrators have grabbed not only the agricultural land of the local people but also their residential properties, business and employment opportunities. Not to speak of Hindus, the dignity and women-folk of even Indian Muslims are not safe here. Women are kidnapped in broad daylight. “Since the day Bangladeshis have become majority here we have completely become insecure. We have to be vigilant even while sleeping. We have no other option but to migrate from this place to save our honour and earn bread for our children,” said Mohammad Afzal, who runs a shop in Kishanganj for the last 50 years.

    If local Indian Muslims feel so insecure here the condition of local Hindus can be imagined easily. “The situation has deteriorated to the extent that the day is not far-off when we too would have no other option but to leave this place like the Kashmiri Hindus who migrated from Kashmir Valley,” said Rupam Shah, a shopkeeper near Kishanganj Club. The situation in rural areas is said to have assumed an alarming proportion.

    The objective of the rally was not just to raise a voice against Bangladeshi infiltration but also to boost the morale of the local Hindus and Muslims who are facing the brutalities of infiltrators everyday. “Apart from sensitising the government about the menace of infiltration, we are in Chicken Neck today to extend support to the local Hindus and Muslims who are the worst victims of this problem. We have told them that the entire country is with them in their fight to save the land of their ancestors,” said Shri Milind Marathe, national vice president of ABVP.

    The 30-km-long stretch between Kishanganj in Bihar and Islampur in the adjacent West Bengal is known as Chicken Neck. It is strategically an important region that connects the north-eastern states with the rest of the country. It is a narrow area with an average width of 21-40 km. It is also called Siliguri Corridor. The boundaries of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and China are very near from here. The recent reports confirmed the presence of over 50 lakh Bangladeshi infiltrators in Assam alone and they have encroached 90 per cent of the area nearby this Chicken Neck. Both Bangladesh and China have their eyes on this region for a long time. Smugglers too want to convert it into a paradise for various smuggling activities.

    Before organising this rally, the ABVP had conducted a nationwide awareness drive beginning in August. From August 7 to 14 an Anti-Infiltration Week was observed at 915 places, 2135 colleges and 1896 memorandums were presented to the local authorities for Prime Minister. Sankalp Diwas was observed at 653 places on August 14. Rallies and demonstrations were held at 139 districts. Colleges all over the country remained closed on November 12 at 2965 places. Apart from it, various seminars, discussions and round table conferences were held to educate different sections of the society.

    ABVP has been fighting against the problem of infiltration since 1979 when it extended support to Assam Movement to drive out the foreigners. It also organised huge strike in front of the Parliament House on this issue. Its national meet organised in New Delhi on January 4, 1981 discussed the issue in detail. On October 2, 1983, thousands of ABVP activists participated in satyagraha movement in Guwahati and the activists faced unprecedented police brutalities. Besides conducting various activities in previous years the largest student organisation conducted a detail study of the Indo-Bangladesh border in Meghalaya, Assam and Tripura and visited 1074-km border in 2007. The study report was presented to the then President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and Home Minister Shivraj Patil.

    Addressing the massive gathering of students, the ABVP national president Dr Ram Naresh Singh said the agitation was a warning to the power-hungry politicians who are silent on this threat just for some votes. He demanded the constitution of an independent Task Force to detect and deport the infiltrators and also the constitution of fast track courts in all the states to hear the cases related to infiltrators. He also stressed the need for enactment of a stern law to punish the people who provide shelter to the infiltrators. About the Chicken Neck, he said the area should be freed from illegal constructions, be declared special protection zone and also be handed over to the army for further security.

    ABVP organising secretary Sunil Ambekar said through the nationwide movement the ABVP would aware the people and awake the central government about the gravity of the situation and continue its efforts to deport all the Bangladeshi infiltrators from Indian soil. ABVP general secretary Sunil Bhatt said the problem of infiltration is not a tsunami that struck suddenly but it is there for the last three decades. Convener of the rally Sunil Bansal said the general public must question the political leaders as to why they are silent on this sensitive issue related to security of the nation. Later, under the leadership of ABVP national president Dr Ram Naresh Singh, a delegation met the local District Magistrate Feraque Ahmed and handed him over a memorandum for Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

    The ABVP rally definitely stormed the Kishanganj town for two days but the attitude of the local administration remained unchanged. When the ABVP delegation met the District Magistrate he said there is not a single Bangladeshi infiltrator in Kishanganj. The local SP M.R. Naik too said the district administration has no figure on illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators in the district. This is basically the same approach that has been adopted by the power-hungry politicians in the country. As long as the local administration remains a friend of the infiltrators it is difficult to deport even a single infiltrator from the country.

  6. Deepti said

    Do you know Muslims are growing with 3.2 kids per househld in India as compared to 2 kids per Hindu household? I don’t recommend population increase, but fact is diffrent marriage laws in Muslim world and ‘No condom rule’ of Koran has opened the path for growth of insects. Hindus were exploited by Muslims who imposed Dhimmi taxes. British divided us as Aryans and Dhimmis. Congress divides us in castes. From last 3 years India is paticipating as observer in Arab League. So I guess, not only Muslims but also Hindus will be forced to follow Shariya rules.

  7. Deepti said

    Do you know Muslims are growing with 3.2 kids per househld in India as compared to 2 kids per Hindu household? I don’t recommend population increase, but fact is diffrent marriage laws in Muslim world and ‘No condom rule’ of Koran has opened the path for growth of insects. Hindus were exploited by Muslims who imposed Dhimmi taxes. British divided us as Aryans and Dravidians. Congress divides us in castes and languages. From last 3 years India is paticipating as observer in Arab League. So I guess, not only Muslims but also Hindus will be forced to follow Shariya rules.

  8. Nimmy said

    Lol..Deepti speaks of fertility rate..Maybe she doesn’t know that without providing links citing sources,these numbers just means one’s skill in creativity :) good luck..

  9. jagoindia said

    We are not here to spoonfeed you of basic facts. You can do the surfing yourself. You don’t do because you are not into truth but into shielding the violent, repressive, Islamic cult.

  10. Manoj said

    This is a very thought provoking article. This is similar to the strategy implemented by the USA after the second world war to demilitarize the Germans and the Japanese. You have to get into the mind of the enemy to understand what makes him tick and then devise your startegy to defeat him. I think that this article does exactly that. Of course few more could be added like appointing Mullahs trained to teach the sufi way. Congrats. But of course the question is who will do it for the Hindus? BJP/RSS ? Unfortunately they have no clue and was running around like head leass chickens during the five years when they ruled.

  11. Arc Zone said

    Yes, implement all steps.

    One more: No Hindu should vote for parties like Congress, that are prostitutes of Muslims….for their votes

    Long Live Narendra Modi, Hindutva, Hindus.

    This is the land of Hindus for over 5000 years and we will not be bullied

  12. Infidel Pride said

    Thanks for publishing this article. I wrote this in April 2006 as noted above, and since then, some of my views have changed, which for the record, I’m noting here.

    The main thing I’ve changed is the distinction between Islam and Muslims. In the past, I was with people who tried to maintain that they were anti-Islam without being anti-Muslim. After tossing this about in my mind, I realize that it’s a meaningless exercise. There would be no Islam if there were no Muslims, and whatever problems we have with an abstract entity called Islam exists because of Muslims, period! There is no other way of slicing it. Muslims are the enablers of Islam. Islam is the shotgun, Muslims are the assassin. Islam is the E-coli, Muslims are the spinach. I don’t mind saying it – I WAS WRONG to give Muslims a pass 3 years ago.

    The other thing I’ve realized over the last 3 years is that given the impossibility in distinguishing benign Muslims from fanatical ones, Muslims don’t belong in non-Muslim societies, be it the West, or India. In post WWII Czechoslovakia, the Czechs, in the wake of the support that the Sudeten Germans had given the Nazis, instituted an edict called the Benes decree, by which all Germans, who had lived there for generations, were deported to East Germany. The Czechs recognized that those people had a loyalty issue, and in order to prevent such a future recurrance of such treason, and stamp out any future German claims to the area, they went ahead and deported the lot of them.

    I am in favor of deporting all Muslims back to Islamic countries, regardless of how long their ancestors may have lived in the US, India, Israel, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, et al. This will be looked at with horror by people right now deeply infected with a politically correct multi-cultural outlook, that holds that all cultures (and religions) are equal. Some other people will also re-coil at the idea of millions of Muslims being expelled from these countries, and while I appreciate the practical difficulties in implementing such policies, I am more interested in protecting Infidel lives everywhere – Indian Hindus, Israeli Jews, Serb Christians, Russian Christians, as well as other Infidels in other countries, particularly in Europe, who are increasingly threatened by Mohammedans. As noted above, given the impossibility of telling apart benign Mohammedans from the warriors of the various types of Jihad – violent, demographic, stealth, etc, if we are serious about our safety, we need to assess the exact nature of our threat (i.e. Muslims) and determine how to eliminate it.

    So the above 12 points that I wrote then, while good, is no longer a substitute in my mind for expelling Muslims as much as possible from India. If there were no Muslims in India, there would be no Muslim terrorism or Jihad in India either.

  13. shekhar said

    Lol..Deepti speaks of fertility rate..Maybe she doesn’t know that without providing links citing sources,these numbers just means one’s skill in creativity :) good luck..

    Nimmy,Goodluck to u as you are the victim of falsehood.

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