Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Muslims have alienated themselves in India

Posted by jagoindia on November 14, 2008

Muslims have alienated themselves in India

From  kamala
October 13, 2008
Hi, I am also from hyderabad and have studied my engg from one of the reputed minority colleges affliated to osmania university. When in college , the whole crowd of the college was divided into muslims and non-muslims.It was simple.At that age no one told us ( atlest most of us) that muslims would jell only with muslims and not with hindus.But the scenario was just that. The muslim girls would not accept even small sweet when we told them that it was ‘prasad’.They openly showed their disrespect for any lesson in english related to hindu mythology. I remember that lesson to be between the lives of Seeta and draupadi (Actually that lesson was a critical analysis between the lives of the two women. nothing to do with religion.but still i remember they saying that it dod not concern them and one guy argueing in the class thast it was disrespect to the muslims to teach it there. Sir , the hindus have not alienated them , the muslims have alienated them selves , with the belief in just one thing : ‘ that they have a superior religion’. Actrually i haven given sundry details here , but the real problem lies in their attitude. thanks.

4 Responses to “Muslims have alienated themselves in India”

  1. aliens from mars find it difficult to mix with people from earth ;)

  2. Deaf Leopard said

    Hyderabad muslims are the biggest fanatics in the world. They try to appear secular but are ruthlessly communal.

  3. Jai Shri Ram said

    Muslims aren’t alienating themseleves in India, they are actually trying to force you into alienation, when we join their colleges, Minority Colleges. These minority colleges, which were said to be created for the benefit of Minorities is actually used as a platform to spread hatred amongst people.

  4. Ajay said

    shooo these muslims to Arabia and let them dry their assholes by doing nammaz

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