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Pakistan radio blames Hindus in India for hurting Sikhs and Muslims

Posted by jagoindia on November 14, 2008

Pakistan Radio targets Hindus

Chandigarh, Nov.12 : The Punjabi Durbar programme of Pakistan radio seems to have run out of ideas and is harking back at blaming Hindus in India for hurting Sikhs and Muslims.

The objectives of the programmes is to create divisions in the society in Punjab and cause rift in Punjabi society by attacking the communal harmony and brotherhood existing here for time immemorial.

The allegations contained in the Pakistan Radio’s broadcasts have angered local leaders.

Vijay Singh, President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Punjab, said: “The Punjabi Durbar programme is trying to create conflicts between Hindus and Sikhs by alleging that they are not living in harmony.”

He said: “India is the only nation in the world where Hindus are in majority but minorities have occupied important positions in the country. They have risen to occupy most dignified positions like that of the President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister and Chief Minister.”

“Hindus are very tolerant and they believe in providing equal opportunity to all, irrespective of caste or creed,” he added.

In fact, Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab always participate in each other’s festive occasions like Baisakhi, Guru Purab, Diwali, Holi with full enthusiasm. Hindus visit Gurudwaras to pay their obeisance to the holy Guru Granth Sahib just like their Sikh brethrens.

One has to visit the Golden Temple any day to convince oneself how the Hindus revere the Granth Sahib and the Golden Temple. Similarly, the Sikhs frequent the Hindu temples in Amritsar and elsewhere in Punjab.

Now that many pilgrims from Pakistan are visiting India, Pakistan Radio must ask them as to what is the reality.

Radio Pakistan must remember that people in Punjab lead their lives as per Punjabi culture, no matter if one belongs to a Hindu or Sikh family here.


2 Responses to “Pakistan radio blames Hindus in India for hurting Sikhs and Muslims”

  1. Mohit Singla said

    These filthy pakistanis first took a huge part of my motherland punjab away from me by that baseless and unnatural partition…And now they are trying to divide punjab again by such things…They tried making Hindus refugee in their own land for 2nd time by using some mad sikh extremists and terrorists…But they couldnt defeat our punjabi brotherhood like they have done in kashmir….I dont need to tell why they do like this…Everybody knows what their religion is…

  2. Nazia said

    Blames on radion is not good. Radion information is very lovely and correct. These information is very useful.

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